Severe Trauma to Both Legs (US Serviceman in Iraq)

Severe Trauma to Both Legs (US Serviceman in Iraq)

I don’t suppose there is any better way to caption photos like these than with “What Goes Around, Comes Around!” I’ve heard someone use a touching reference of “A Gift to the World” which is pretty appropriate too cause each time a child rapist gets incapacitated, the world becomes a better place. Though only by a half circle.

State of the art medical facilities often manage to keep them alive, giving them an opportunity to think long and hard about lives they ruined. And as remorse slowly eats into them, and Karma comes knocking at their door, we’ll watch them as they enclose the circle of justice by committing suicide, giving the world a new gift by ridding us of their stink.

I don’t know anything about these photos other that they are of a US serviceman wounded in Iraq. Given the trauma to both his legs, we could speculate that the source of damage came from below. An improvised explosive device perhaps?

Strangely enough, one photo has the serviceman’s genitalia censored out, yet another photo from the same set shows tube coming out of his pinky. Whoever doctored these pictures needs to learn how to fail less at life. Any similarity with 2 Kids 1 Sandbox is strictly coincidental.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. when i was in banana republic’s military high school, we were marching in columns through some old maneouver camp and all of the sudden, a BOOOOM and the column ahead of us was suddenly engulfed in a sulphurous smoke…the guy who stepped on the explosive device only got minor wounds, and we were never told about the results of the investigation (if there was one in the first place), but we found out years later that the place was used decades (or centuries) ago as an artillery practice field…so watch out were you step your FLIP FLOP next time you take a stroll around the countriside, you never know if you are stepping on some old WW1 mortar shell….

      1. im something more inclined towards the old Decadent school of D’Annunzio and the onomatopoeiaism of Futurism, but well, surrealism and dadaism are effectively sprung out from decadentism, so yes. Now, I have to draw Il Duce dressed like the terminator.

          1. i actually think that many gorelings would enjoy a stay in Tulio’s military high school: they made you kill, peel, bleed and cook your own chickens, and even a goat sometimes….the most ‘pussy’ cadets were always chosen for the ‘funnier’ parts, like cutting the hanging goat’s neck, or breaking the chicken’s neck…..i try not to think about the possibility that some of my classmates could had gone to sell his talents to LOS ZETAS….., :oP

        1. Listen @aked and tilio, were not gamers here, were about real life, so if ya can’t get into that GET THE FUCK OUT, we are into what’s goin’ on in the real world , so all you kiddies see what’s in store for ya’s {so ya can take care of yourself, asshole!}

          1. luna, we’re not talking about video games, sir, we are simply sharing our thought’s on avant-garde/ surrealism art, since i find it fascinating how he mixes it with his comment’s.. part of being in the real world is also living in a crafted world, sorry if it offended you, or any gorians in anyway, not my intention.

          2. I was bein’ a drunk asshole guys, I put myself in check,It’s monday night now and I’m finally sober! Thanks to all you guys and girls for puttin’ up with my bullshit ramblins. All you guys rock!!!!!

  2. ouch.. catheter.
    that’s no joke, it doesn’t hurt so bad though, it’s lubed up thin tube end, infact you get jitter’s as it goes through the urethra, but you can always say it hurt’s and the nurse might give you maybe 30mg of morphine, or 20 mg.just make sure you dont have the catheter for urinary reason’s, because opiates cause urine retention. i’m sure the doctor will be aware, but you never know.
    i want to rewrite this comment, but i feel as if someone will learn from this…whatever.

        1. Some of these people havent got a clue including the dumb bass that posted the comment under the pic. If you were any kind of man you would be over there fighting for your freedom instead of acting like your better than those defending your dumb ass! Your not any better! In fact your hiding like a whore behind your computer like a whore! Keep hiding bitch!

          1. apparently some gorian’s aren’t as sickly humorous as you and I, tulio. But i am taking this desatre thing a little far, lol. i want to stop, but its not my fault she’s a craft of god.

  3. seeing injuries like this are one reason i got the fuck out of the army. 4yrs and out. this guy will never be the same. thing is nobody in the civilian world gives a fuck. his sacrifice was for nothing. where are the protests in the streets? these fucking wars will go on forever until the fleshy virus is no more. man is his own worst enemy. let’s give the planet to the apes.

        1. I got to see the Great
          George Carlin at the Silver Legacy (a casino in Reno, Nevada) about 9 moths before his death.

          The look on his face was squinty-eyed, full to the brim with complete apithy and sick to death of dealing with the fleshy virus….the look of hate was unmistakeable.

          He said something to the effct of…
          “something something the human race is complete shit and completly numb to reality, but people in this room are the exception”
          Not the exact words, but he expertly EXCLUDED the sheep in his midst to be aware that he was most cirtenly talking shit to every single one of us, in a way that I’m sur, many didn’t catch.

          He had a way of pleeding to the people in person, to either include them, or exclude them, however he needed to manipulate them to prove his point time and time again……
          that nearly 100% of people, are incredably stupid and able to be mentaly manipulated.

          It was worth the $100 ticket price

          1. You truely have mastered the power of the internet!

            Let it do as you will it to do……I summon….Miss. Landmine!!

            and so miss landmine was summoned

            Thank you for th

    1. you should’v asked for morphine @grofaz.
      you see? my comment’s are informative, what if i posted this up before you got you’re catheter.(if bg was around by then)
      you wouldn’t had been in such pain.

  4. this is one of the bits where I actually dont poke fun. I hope he regains the use of his legs, as he is a hero. I know we have many hippies and conspiracy theorists prowling around here… But he is a hero nonetheless

      1. @fino…no offence but ive seen hundreds of video where they do not serve with honour…they shoot people for fun and target practice…the rape the women in villages they are supposed to be protected….the abuse and torture animals to pass the time…i can go on and on

        1. The gnomes sometimes cause a strange delayed reaction, that, sometimes hours after comment was posted and it has still not re-appeared, we write a replacement comment, JUST IN TIME for the original coomment to come back and cause us to look like annoying over-talkitive shit-rivets……however.
          I do not NEED redunduant comments to become my decriptor, do I.

    1. Being called a hippie by someone who considers a murderer a hero? Yeah, I can take that.

      I would say I hoped that piece of shit died, but Mark is right, he’s better off living so he can soak up the regret. May he never get peaceful sleep ever for the rest of his worthless life and die a diseased sorry beggar on whom rats take piss.

        1. It’s arguable, like most things, and it’s all based on the individual dudes’ conduct.

          If he was a rapist or one who shot at what and whom ever he wanted, then sure, his legs getting blown to shit is a great karma-in-effect cause-and-effect.

          I caution you all on one point though…..

          How JUST is this shit hole?

          This was most likely the one GOOD dude in a platoon of assholes, who may have tried to stop some shit-rivet from shooting at an old woman or some shit.

          Again, it’s trying to pick an un-winnable argument because it’s not based on anything buy speculation of what he may, and may not have ever done.

          Good, or bad.

          My point is that the bad goes unpunished here, at least for the most part.

      1. good side: All life doesn’t deserve any kind of torment, pain, even if you are a taliban,u.s soilder, little child, old man, good, bad..whatever. who know’s maybe death is a good thing.
        bad side: fuck all human’s everyone is a piece of shit. fuck that soldier and fuck all the afghani babies on earth. none of them deserve to die, they all deserve to be crammed in with each other. as for THAT is true torment.
        you get my point? even if you are good or bad, you will never die happy as longest you are a thinker.. i for one will die sad..and alone..xoxobaked

  5. i enlisted myself in the military when i turned 18 but never had to go to war seems they’d call me if shit gets real but i wouldn’t wanna go to the middle east because it’s living hell there’s thousands of soldiers that have to deal with this kind of injury or worst i feel bad for them but someone has to do the job to have freedom

    1. That’s THE MOST comprehensive thing I have ever read from your finger-tip mouth
      Use it as momentum as not saying the most obvious shit that anybody can see, or that in which makes you come off as 12 and more respect is on it’s way to you from all

      1. i have had my moments on BestGore i’ve been commenting in BG since 2010 while you and mouse suddenly popped out of nowhere recently last year, i really can’t think when i joined but it was between 2009 and 2010 only mark knows the exact date

    2. The only ones fighting for freedoms are fighters on the other side of the conflict. You have occupying pieces of shit, and then you have freedom fighters bravely facing richer, better equipped enemy. Pieces of shit like the one in pictures did not fight for freedom, he killed and raped to take it away.

  6. The 2nd and 3rd pictures are not related to the 1st (hence the censored area). If you look closely, you will see there are different wounds. These images are clearly of two different sets of trauma.

  7. The thing I hate about seeing service man and women injured in the line of duty is that they are just doing their jobs. I used to be a lot more liberal but after being through some of the things myself it changed my outlook. I hope this guy was able to keep his feet or legs.

  8. I work with elementary school children; some strugle with behavior more than others. But i can’t say that my entire school is struggling with behavior issues. There are bad people who did and still do HORRIBLE things in our military. Our entire military should not be condemed for what a fraction has done rong. My point is, not every soldier is a monster-most are human just like u and I. Human I said!

  9. FREEDOM!!!! what a joke. Your only kidding your self if you think we are free…fighting for our freedom is another joke. They fight for each other, the man next to them. A real soldier fits for his brothers. God, country, duty, honor, pussy, don’t mean nothing not a thing. The art of war kill every mother fucker that gets in your way.

  10. Think this is a bit harsh? A constant berating of a US soldier? Come on. I was in The Army Airborne Rangers. Ft Benning 2012! And I got out in 2012.. IED destroyed our Humvee. A giant piece of shrapnel went into my thigh and my foot was cut up. I have a nasty limp and memories that will haunt me for the rest of my life. But I was a US Ranger. I served my country the best I could. I have a wife and a beautiful daughter. A nice homestead of in Georgia. I did the best I could. And I’ll always defend my country. Rangers Lead The Way! HOOAH

    1. You didn’t serve yours or any other country. Invading a sovereign nation to kill, rape and oppress its civilians so Jews can earn their billions with heroin trade is service to no one but Satan himself. You’ve earned yourself a place in his eternal fire where you’ll fry like scum that you are.

  11. “What goes around comes around”?

    Oh really? What exactly did this U.S service member do to deserve that???

    Came here to see some photos / videos and find a site mostly full of anti-American morons. Making judgments based on what a tiny fraction may or may not have done, etc. Lowest common denominators.

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