Suicide Bomber Kills 9 Plus Self in Baghdad, Iraq

Suicide Bomber Kills 9 Plus Self in Baghdad, Iraq

The religion of peace, once again, reminding us all how much peace, respect and tolerance means to them. There is nothing quite like targeting practitioners of different religion with an intention to kill as many of them as possible. Especially the uninvolved, innocent ones who go about their own lives, minding their own business. The religion of peace indeed!

I just went through all videos of attacks against the innocent by suicide car bombers we have on Best Gore and without much surprise, I noticed that they were all carried out by Muslims. What gives? Do videos of innocent people killed by Christian suicide bombers not leak onto the internet? How about videos of Buddhist suicide bombers? No? Hindu suicide bombers perhaps? Hmmm… Could it be that other than Muslims, people of other religions outgrew the middle aged mindset of killing the infidels in the name of their God?

Or maybe I’m just a bigoted racist for selectively picking on Muslims? I’m sure the sheep would see me that way. It’s all my fault, right? I simply don’t understand their dedication to “peaceful” manifestation of their devotion.

The video is from the Al-Shula region in northern Baghdad, Iraq. It’s recent, it happened after the withdrawal of the US troops. As if presence of any troops made any difference to the fact that Sunnis want to kill Shiites and vice versa. From what I noticed running Best Gore, Muslims hate other religions more than I hate parents who take kids on a plane, but one thing they hate even more are fellow Muslims from different sects of Islam. The motto they live by appears to say: “Our Islam is better than your Islam”.

At least 9 innocent Shiites were killed and 15 wounded in the blast. The suicide bomber died as well. He sat in a car loaded with explosives, hanging on to the trigger, waiting for the opportune moment. That moment came when a group of innocent civilians appeared in the car’s proximity.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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207 thoughts on “Suicide Bomber Kills 9 Plus Self in Baghdad, Iraq”

    1. @ Mark

      Are you being a bigot or a racist ?

      To some people………. Sure.

      The FACT is…………… And that’s all your talking about………… FACTS and REALITY.

      Sheep can’t be distracted from following.

      Cone anyone……….. I’m packing 8)

      1. The truth being @Spidey and all other members of BG who care to read my posts.

        Is that we are ALL racists/ bigots. It is totally natural for us F.V. to detest one another to the point that we kill each other by the million.

        The dividing point is which team you are on.

        Unfortunately. It seems that the only people willing to accept and encourage this ‘multicultural utopia’ are White, middle class, tree hugging hippies. Who will never have to discover the benefits of said multiculturalism.

        The only political persuasion that recognises humanity for what it truly is. Is Fascism.

        So come on. I want to know what people think of my interpretation of Human behaviour.

        I need to sharpen the old Brainbox.

          1. All of my great-grandparents fought to prevent Fascists from goose-stepping into the Houses of Parliament.

            It is ironic that today the only people that can save this country (and others) are Fascists.

            That. Is the REAL inconvenient truth.

      2. @ Mark……….. I owe you an apology………… I’m sorry.

        I have just logged on and spotted that post I made and the sooner I get a password on my computer for when I’m on the sauce and drugs the f’kn better.

        I can’t remember reading the story and I can’t remember posting that retarded comment and I’m sure that in my right mind I would not have.

        You ALL know that this sort of shit is not my usual behaviour but lately it seems to be so I will endeavour to stop it in the future.

        @ Trooper
        @ Mouse

        YES, we are all racist (to a degree) and your comments say it all………… I have nothing to add to them.

        I will now slink off to the corner and crack my head on the wall a couple of times.

          1. @ Trooper

            I hear you but it’s very rare for me to comment on anything even remotely related to racism, whether it be here or in my general day to day life conversations.

            It’s a bit like the ‘ C ‘ word that people throw around, I just don’t use it and it irks me when I hear other people use it.

            Each to they’re own but that’s me.

          2. You see Spidey.

            As ‘Racism’ is a subjective statement. It means different things to different people.

            ‘Racism’ to some of the most indoctrinated sheep. Is simply saying something that contradicts or mildly upsets any person of Colour.

            ‘Racism’ to me. Is the people who immigrated to this country, accepted our hospitality. Absorbed its advanced healthcare and education. And as repayment. Attempt to take more and more and more from the indigenous populous by insidiousness and deceit. Without having contributed a single penny.

            My ancestors built this nation for me and my descendants. Just as I will contribute to this country for MY children and countrymen.

            It is ‘racist’ to over represent an alien minority in a White nation. And when a decision is made in the corridors of power. It is often made with the coloured man in mind. Often at the expense of the indigenous people.

            People will cry ‘Racist! Colonist! Bigot!’.

            Well. The difference being between a British White and an American White.

            Is that as the British were born into this White Nation.

            The Americans ‘Won’ the land they inhabit through fair conquer.

            And it is about time the minorities recognised that they are guests. They aren’t owed a fucking thing.

            Just as I wouldn’t march to Pakistan to make demands on their nation.

            All is fair in love and war.

      3. Don’t agree with someone who points out facts about a person or people who happen to be of a different skin color, ethnic origin, religion, or creed and of which said facts are documented in video and audio form? Racist! Bigot! “Whatever”-a-phobe! Classic fallback and cop out replies when one doesn’t have facts and/or evidence to counter with.

      1. Because we lost the Tectonic struggle between Europeans vs Jews. And now we have the Force Zionist Religion of Dievershity.

        Now all that Allah Akbaring is happening in Europe… The Homeland has fallen, most young Students in Many European cities are now Arab Muslims. Soon Mosques will rise over the Rhines, and Valleys and Fjords of the our Homeland, the land of our white forefathers.

        Before, Europeans are Extinct, the Spirit of the Fuhrer will rise, and his spirit of truth and will ring through us all. Only then shall we be able to see the beauty of our Women and the Beauty of our Children, as say enough is enough. This Beautiful of our Volk shall not be erased from the Earth.

        On how I dream of this day, I’m Planning on it. I would like to see the Blood and Brains of the Enemies of our people… Over Flowing every Gutter and Sewer in America and Europe.

        Until that day comes, we will continues to have Muslim Ragheads as fuck up as they are Over THERE, bring that shit into the Here, the Heart of Europa. And will continue to have Mestizo flood in from the Mongrel zones of the World.
        We are living…. in Interesting Times.

        1. Here, Here!

          How old are you Hawk?

          Anders Breivik calculated the ‘War to end all Wars’ will occur in 2083.

          I disagree. By my calculations it will be sometime in the mid 2040s.

          Currently in Europe. Over 90% of the total population is White. An overwhelming amount.

          Yet the under 10 population is over 25% coloured. Worst in the cities.

          With a prospective demographic boom like this. When today’s under 10s grow up and breed themselves to represent around 20% of the total population. That is when the war will happen.

          The USA will be temporarily spared Europe’s fate. And will have a pivotal role in deciding the outcome.

          My only hope is that we don’t lose this war.

          1. I am not white but I do sympathize. If I have a family I will make sure the father is white and that they are proud of that heritage. Not of mine.

          2. Despite my intense rhetoric. I will not advocate the destruction of ANY group of people.

            I would be happy if ALL the people that came to this country spoke English, contributed to the upkeep of our nation and didn’t commit disproportionate amounts of crime and generally made things shite for the indigenous people.

            I have coloured friends.

            People of the highest integrity. They cinsider themselves to be as British as Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding, and i consider them to be as British as I.

            Salt of the bloody earth characters. They know my beliefs and agree with me too an extent.

            I say to all people who wish to live here. Leave your past behind (along with your culture and your problems). And you would be welcome.

            I volunteer to start a family with you Elle!

          3. You are wise Trooper. It is the mindset that is the problem, not the skin colour…it just so happens that primitive mindsets seem especially common amongst ethnic minorities in the UK.

            I used to live in a street that got taken over by Pakistanis. They moved in and started making life hard for the residents through harassment and the like. The Police and councils wouldn’t do jack because lol multiculturism. Those residents would then put their houses up for sale and they would be bought by more pakistanis….beforelong you have a miniature Pakistan on your hands. An inbred ghetto of radicalism and hate.

            Next thing you know you wake up to something like 7/7. Perpetrated by people who gain all of the perks of living here but want to keep their stone age mindsets and ridiculous concepts of honour. I know that the UK guarantees freedom of religion but I think that needs to stop. No more mosques and no more Abu Hamzas spouting their filth.

          4. Here, Here!

            Unfortunately for our claw-handed friend. He is currently being sent back to his country. Where hopefully, he will have his vagina infiltrated with millions of cockroaches…

            Kind of what is happening to our country.

            I was in London yesterday (Harrow) and was profoundly shocked to discover that on the Bus I was on… I was the only white man there.

            I will be honest. Alot of the coloureds I had came across were friendly enough and had offered me directions/ gave me a smile/ were pleasant as punch.

            However, a lot also stared at me like an outsider.

            No one was overly hostile to me. I guess some of the nasty rats didn’t have the bottle to confront me (I make a point of not being a shrinking violet in public. Especially in front of possibly hostile people).

          5. I’m in my early 20’s so I got 40 years of hearty struggle in me.
            I believe a nationalist uprising coming soon, prehaps as soon as the early 2020’s.

            Muslims in European countries breed liek rats and the Europeans are a dieing race. Meaning most of the europeans are very old, and are not reproducing itself. meaning the grow of Raghead and the Dead of the Europeaning is Exponential.
            Remember that Race Mixing is one of the most Dangerous problem in this whole situation.

            By 2040 Europeans will be a minority and a rapidly deading minority. By 2083 at the current rate…. Our fucking Skulls will be on display in the Museum, Shown to Brown shitskins, “This was the skull of European man” European man for all practical purposes became extinct during the mid 2060’s. Scattered pockets of the Euroman is still seen on the remote island of Iceland.

            Our Race, Our People ARE our Ship. If our Ship sinks We Either Drown or get Eat by the Sharks.

          6. So I reckon that we are quite similar.

            An awful lot of my ‘Chav’ friends share the same opinions as us. I can’t see things getting to the point we will be extinct.

            Irregardless on whether it happens in the 2020s, 2040s or 2080s. I will be out there fighting for my people and my land.

    1. Religion of peace, hahahaha.Today i saw a white norweagin woman wearing hijab. Islam the religion of shit is all over europe and recruting sceard ingorent people in to there cult. Hell maby i join there cult and blow myself up in peices in there beloved mosque and kill as many shitheads as i can. I am not a racist but they are clearly, and they will not stop with there shit even if there where no other religion in th world.

          1. I really dont know becouse i dont live in america, but where i live its the fucking muslims! they rob you, hit you, spit after you and rapes you. I actually have muslim freinds and they stuff they say shocks me. Its mindblowing that people think islam is the religon of peace.

  1. So you’re telling me they all got blasted, Yet none of those ninjas went to help?
    They don’t deserve the black robe of honor.

    Seriously though, Islam is fucked up in the ass.

  2. allahu akbar best gorians! may the fleas of a thousand of allah’s camels infest all your crotches and armpits. this is allah’s will and blessings upon you all. there is a bitch on yt who posted vids bad mouthing mark and all gorians. her channel is called bewytched. i want all loyal gorians to go over there and comment bomb her. she’s all for censorship of the sheep and gorians and prosecution of mark and his efforts to keep us informed. go get her boys and gals!

        1. @mouse, I don’t think Mark will care? I’ve brought it to his attention before about bad-mouthers on other sites, it just doesn’t bother him. BUT by all means, go forth and ‘comment bomb’ the ewe. (Grrr I’m not registered to comment on Youtube, thats why I didn’t leave a comment on yours, Mouse!)

          1. I found the videos in question and leather a bunch of comments.

            You must have pissed her off something rotten @Razor.

            She has dedicated an entire 8 minute long video to slagging off:

            @Jack Mehoff

            She reckons we are all ‘insane’ and are all scared to leave our house in fear of being blown up.

            Daft cow.

          2. The daft cow was referring to some 20 year old BG member that wrote her and told her that now after visiting BG he/she is too scared to leave the house…
            This person was obviously far gone before visiting BG.
            But of course now the daft one thinks we’re all shut-ins – all 3 million of us.

            Yeah Trooper, she’s a nutter alright.

          3. I mean… I occasionally leave the house to buy milk!

            I spend a full HOUR out of the house on some weeks!

            How dare she call me a ‘shut-in’!?


    1. @mouse
      No point in wasting time commenting on that ugly skank’s video(s)… she will just delete them and block you being the coward she is.
      Have you tried to open a YouTube account lately?!… they want a freakin’ phone number or credit card number just to open an account – Google cunts – no thank you.

    2. @mouse
      No point in commenting on the ugly skank’s video(s)… she will just delete them and block you being the coward she is.
      Trying to open a YT account these days is ludicrous – they want a phone number or credit card number just to open an account.
      Google Knobs.

      1. yes @fiend, she holds comments for her approval and practices CENSORSHIP and has already blocked me. y’all are welcome to say whatever you want on my channel arnold84500 if you like. this bewytched bitch is Canadian and wants to witchhunt our precious mark. something must be done!

        1. @mouse
          I saw a comment from you on one of her videos – the woman is definitely bi-polar as she was all over the place with her (always) lengthy reply.
          I no longer have a YT account (I deleted it when the ugly “new look” took over) other wise I would take a ‘crack’ at her.
          But seriously… she lives in a basement in Surrey BC (Baghdad of BC), with that tacky wood panelling.
          I think she has a pretty sad life, leave her to it I say.
          In my humble opinion I think ignoring the troll is always the best response.
          Sometimes silence speaks loudest.

        2. That is the funny thing about the ‘Loony Left’ @Mouse.

          They often bleat on about ‘freedom of speech’ and all that lark. Yet rarely put it into practice. Whenever someone with a bit of balls about them try to challenge their ‘zeitgeist’. They have their character assassinated with howls and accusations of ‘dat racismz’. Or they try distracting people from the question by making a funny joke.

    3. That bitch’s video has been up there for 7 days now and has about 80 views so the Gorian army is too strong for her anyways

      so, so far it’s just an average ‘whatever yt video’.

      If shit should ever get serious: GOORIAANNSSS AHU AHU (we’ll be there to back you up Mark)

      1. @wtf. yes. if only all the millions of shitheads who visit bg would comment bomb her maybe she would stfu about bg and get overwhelmed. we need to shut her stupid yt channel down. i vote for WAR with the stupid bitch. she insulted me and said i had a small willy. now that maybe true but it is also hitting below the belt in boxing terms.

          1. Had to google that,look like
            an ewok,really nice face,says
            they are great company for
            humans,seems like 99% of
            BG are animal lovers(in a
            good way),is awesome.

    4. Too lazy to make a youtube account.
      She’s just a blind fool, Let her live in her fantasy. The good always prevails,
      Shes not worthy enough to be blessed by the words of wise students.

      side note… Why do people vlog/web journal? Do they not know people don’t give a shit?

      Info or gtfo/ tits or gtfo, And that is the law.

    5. holy cow, that bitch’s fugly. too bad i couldn’t find the vid where she’s fucking with BG. all i found was some “music”, if you even can call it that, videos. her content is 10 times worse than everything on BG.

      1. I just watched BeWytched’s latest video about harassment by BG members.
        You @Jack and @mouse are among the members named…

        She is now reporting all messages with any hint of harassment…
        Uh HELLO – threats over the internet are a crime.

        If anything gets this site taken down it will be because of internet threats made by BG members.

        Mark probably doesn’t care so why should you?
        She has a whole 72 YT subscribers and her video views are in the double digits as well.
        All you have done is bring her attention – exactly what she wants.

        1. @tiger
          I was only able to watch her latest video to the end, that was enough.
          Yes… only having her own comments says a lot about her.
          She sure likes to listen to herself talk – I think she is the only one.

          I am slightly concerned about the mud that’s been flung her way as she seems like the kind of low-life no-life that would get obsessed over trying to get BG shut down.

  3. Could be a translation problem, I think they meant religion of piece not peace. As in after the suicide bombing a piece of flesh here, a piece of brain there, pieces of people everywhere.

  4. What’s going on with the cameraman? I mean it wasn’t up to Spielberg’s standards but the way he was swooping to and fro was too smooth for him to be walking around. Was he riding a fuckin segway? Maybe i’m just drunk but this guy needs to find a suicide boxer and start filming the Irocky series now! Naw, I’m just drunk

    1. Hey at least you get to watch the video properly.
      My laptops video card has crashed now all my videos are in slow motion.
      You know how weird it is stroking to slow motion cumshot compilations??

        1. Ahh
          You ever watched those slimehole videos? When chicks get drenched in gallons of fake jizzz.
          I can no longer watch scripted stuff though, The acting now a days suck. If only francis ford coppola directed porn…

          1. Fake jizz? I thought those were the icing technicians from Cinnabons? I would probably pay to see a Coppola porn, and that says a buttload, literally. I never pay for porn, unless you count the shame and time spent on cleaning uo the poison. I watched a pirates of the caribbean porn spoof that was waaaaay over budget but it had more than one titty in it so I and mr. one eye were slap happy

          2. hahahah I sow that movie too man.
            Overrated actresses as well.
            Same goes with “the hills have thighs”
            Just bland and tasteless.
            Nice little porn chat we have here.

          3. Well looky there, one of my comments actually escaped the gnomes’ black hole. I hate typing the same comment over and over, especially when they all post at the same time the next day. Then you have 3 comments that are slightly different because you can’t remember exactly how it went.

            Anyway, I’ll tell ya one bitch I cannot watch without laughing is Priya Rai. She sounds like a retarded cat that’s having it’s lower back tickled. Ooooooyeuhyeuhyeuhyeuhyeuh. I’d still give her a poke though

      1. I don’t think that he fucked up by posting the video.

        It was simply that off- hand comment about our mate Magnotta posting the Chinese takeaway to Canadian party offices.

        That very simple, little comment resulted in all of this carnage.

        Maybe we are all better off because of it?

        As due to the assault on this site. It has solidified the camaraderie between the members. Created a ‘Best Gore identity’ so to say.

        We all know that we should stick together.

  5. “Religion of peace”, Allah fucking Akbar.

    People are such pussies these days, they can dish it out, but can’t handle the same shit happening to them, to fucking bad, we’ve taken their shit for long enough, it’s time we rid this world of the plague called “Islam”.

      1. Hey mouse, Look at the BG Reaction vid in YT. The lousy bitch makes me laugh with her boring replies to us. He clearly loved the attention she’s having right now…well she started the cheap shots at us. hehehe. Hey i didn’t go away, i’ve been busy and have a flu up to now.

        1. Aww same, @Jack, I had a virus for the last 3 weeks, I’ve never had anything like it! Dr. thought I had ‘glandular fever’ but tests revealed I have never been exposed to that, (he was shocked, he said 80-90% of people have had exposure to GF) I don’t live in a freakin’ box (hidden away) BUT I never had chicken pox til I was 30 either….weird!

    1. Hey Pammie, Aw Thanks hahah. I’ve been busy the past couple of days and at the same time have a flu up to now, i haven’t been able to comment on the previous posts but i do love reading the conversations and the humor you guys have upon seeing them a few days ago.

    1. why don’t you put some of that ice cream and honey on some pussy and have it for dinner? i ‘ve found that ice cream and honey applied to a clean pussy makes it smell and taste infinitely better and drives the bitches wild while you enthusiastically eat your pussy sandwich.

          1. @mouse, you know some gay men use it as a derogatory term for women – FISH (some nerve, I mean imagine THEIR breath, “good morning, penis breath!”)

          2. Hey mouse, if toothpaste tasted like pussy would you stop brushing.

            To fix that problem I suggest starving yourself till you’ll eat anything, then eat some pussy, It works, you’ll be cured and the smell will not bug you anymore, plus the chick will never forget it 🙂

          1. I agree with Odgoso.

            As @Phatman has said in the past. The taste of a Woman’s pussy all depends on whether you are genetically compatible with said Woman.

            Of course. A lot of men just don’t like the taste of it.

            I on the other hand enjoy it. Plus I like to ‘return the favour’.

          2. It only tastes fishy at the start, before its licked clean? Of course there will be a little odor, but once the ‘juices’ start flowing, it looses a lot of the original taste? Its natural, animals do it too! I like to have a shower before sex, but of course that is not always possible. A dirty old man (he was 48, I was 18) took advantage of me once (I think he drugged me?) anyway he said I’ve got one of the cleanest pussy’s he’s ever tasted! I never went back to his house! A few years later, he was jailed for rape! (A 15 yr girl told on him! I blamed myself for having a ‘drink’ with him!) I am ‘tooting my own horn’ – again!

          3. Have you been experimenting Tiggy?

            That was a very… Erotic… Comment there Missy.

            I hope that sick bastard didn’t hurt you too much.


            I would like to offer you round my house for a drink…

          4. @Trooper, yeah I went ‘down’ on a woman before, 2 different ones actually! NOT something I would seek out, but I ‘go with the flow’ well I used to, I’m too busy for a party lifestyle now (busy on BestGore!) hahaha I don’t think I’m missing out on anything cos I practically ‘done it all’. I think you have to have a certain ‘naughty’ attitude to even come on sites like this one?

  6. time for me to act a little bit self righteous and a bit of a hypocrite, religion wise.
    All this shit in Iraq now, daily bombings in populated areas, as a result of the US invasion?! What is the body count now? Is it more than when Saddam was in power? Basically, the US governement loves this shit going on in Iraq. Dont people realize given the Iraqi people free and fair elections they would now be wanting some leaders AGAISNT the fuckin’ US of A? You better believe it. America will make damn sure this “genocide”, daily car and bomb pack bombings will continue to happen in Iraq for the forseeable future. Perhaps all these bombings are being done by the fuckin’ contractors still in Iraq, US taxpayer funded? Maybe drug money haha. But the US is STILL today fighting that war in Iraq and it will make sure that country is ‘pacified’..

    1. Um, and? The U.S. and Britain have kept the Middle East “pacified” ever since the fall of the Ottoman Empire and even before in some cases. This is something that’s being going on for almost a 100 years. You really think it’s going end with an election? What’s really going to happen is probably just the U.S. and Britain continuing to switch off on who’s babysitting the Middle East to ensure our trade routes and trade prices.

    1. He’s thinking of those 72 virgins he’ll be rewarded but in actuality, It’s a typo… He’ll gonna be having the worst eternity with the 72 famous Virginians waiting for him at the pearly gates eager to start beating him and boinking him forever.

        1. coughed my coffee with that, well… almost puked it out actually. Dude, A sloth from the goonies? Mwahahahahaha. I can imagine the disgusted shrieking puking horrified expression in his face when he saw 72 of ’em forever with him inside his chamber . Much worse…hugged him and molest him by those filthy sloths. aarrghhhhh

    1. All of the ‘bogans’ in Australia who call their girls Ayesha (and all of its spin-offs Tanesha, Kanasha, Tayesha etc) have some explaining to do. Then again they don’t ‘do’ explaining.

  7. One day at a sex store a customer is buying an inflatable doll. The store clerk asked him if he wants a Christian or Muslim one?
    What’s the difference?
    the customer asked.
    Well, the clerk said,
    You need a pump for the christian doll…but the muslim doll blows itsellf up

        1. No.

          You will find them on the street corners of any major city in the UK.

          Hunting little white boys in packs. Then kicking the shit out of them for no good reason.

          Or they will be kidnapping vulnerable, young white girls. Hooking them on drugs and putting them on the game.

          For their friends.

          Sorry to bring the mood down fellas.

          I am quite the bitter person when it comes to those ‘people’.

    1. I honestly don’t ‘get’ where you are coming from @Kaiser.

      Every time I try to ask you a question. Or challenge your beliefs. You simply refuse to answer me.

      Can I at the very LEAST. Ask what is the deal behind your anti-British display picture? Especially since you are a Jock/ live in Scotland.

  8. Well, Im Muslim and im Shiite, but Trust me this is not Real islam… Real islam don’t allow suicide bombing, terrorist etc… With suicide bombing etc they only want to tell to world that islam is wrong religion. And those who suicide bomb etc they aren’t real muslims. And their sect is Sunni. Have seen or heard of Shia Muslim who does these acts?

    1. It is real Islam. They just choose to follow the teachings of the Qur’an to the letter….especially the parts about killing those they consider to be infidels. They are also quite fond of raping kafir women and young girls.

      Shia are a minority, and widely marginalized and persecuted wherever they are. They are hated in Malaysia where I was born. Shiites are too busy trying to fend off attacks from other Muslims than to blow people up themselves.

      1. It is always a pleasure reading your comments Elle.

        You truly are a fountain of knowledge. Especially with someone who has first hand knowledge.

        If you ever want to make a baby… I will kindly donate my ‘seed’.

        Direct injection of course.

        *Goofy Grin*

        1. Lol, fountain of knowledge. More like a tiny trickle really. I only know what I experienced and saw in those first 7 years of my life. These countries may make grand gestures and superficial displays of being civilized….but as long as Islam exists it will ring hollow and innocent people will continue to suffer in the places no one sees.

          Haha. I think you are sweet Trooper, I’d rather have a baby with you than 7 with my cousin!

          1. Score!

            Just don’t tell Alicatt about our little conversation. She may attempt to go postal with a pair of scissors and make me unable to procreate… If you get me.

            Reading your comments is good as it provides me with a deep insight into the daily life of an ‘advanced’ Muslim nation.

  9. Damn, the way that dude was panning the video cam around………………….made me dizzy and want to blow chunks O__o

    On a side note, the video was at least high quality.

    Yes indeed Mark, Islame sure is the religion of pieces.

  10. These bombings are so ignorant, selfish, evil, all done in the name of a religion whose own prophets and holy texts declare such things as sins. Jihad is the “struggle for faith”, it’s supposed to be convincing others to join, but defying the rest of the religion you’re trying to force on people means you don’t know your faith, you give it a bad name, and every crying family screaming over their dead loved one(s) in the street only takes the “struggle” back as innocent muslims get killed by those who do not understand, and the rest of the world starts to hold a grudge against Islam. Btw, I heard someone say “Allahu” and then something I couldn’t make out; sounded like “Akkad” maybe. I think he was saying something like “God help us”, or probably something of similar connotation

  11. Wait a fucking minute! Correct me if I’m wrong, wasn’t this shit supposed to have magically stopped after the withdrawal of most of the U.S. troops? We were told it was going to stop, damn it. I guess extremist Islamists didn’t get that memo. Heh. 😛

  12. What I hate about bleeding heart, liberal, Muslim-sympathizers is that they try to claim that the sectarian hatred between Sunnis and Shi’ites is actually the fault of the west. In their deluded minds, it’s the west’s fault that Sunnis blow up Shi’ites. I have some faggy liberal friends like this; they say that the reason that Sunnis and Shi’ites kill one another is because Britain and America instigate sectarianism in countries that they occupy (Protestants vs Catholics in Ireland, for example). This simply isn’t true. Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims just fucking hate each other. They’ve been killing each other for centuries, it has nothing to do with America or Britain.

    In the early 19th century, the Wahabbis (a strict sect of Sunnis Muslims) captured parts of Iraq and massacred heaps of Shia Muslims and destroyed their holy places. The Wahhabis massacred their fellow Muslims all the fucking time. Even today, Shi’ites and Sunnis are fighting one another in northern Yemen (a conflict known as the Sa’dah War). The west hasn’t done anything to ignite this conflict in Yemen. And of course, Sunni-Shia relations are very bad in Bahrain.

    The split between Shi’ites and Sunnis happened long before America or Britain got involved with the middle east. The first Muslim civil war was the ‘Battle of Siffin’ (which took place in Syria in 657 CE). Muslims hating and killing other Muslims isn’t a new thing, it has been happening since forever.

    TL; DR – Islam is fucking violent and primitive and you’re a bleeding heart fag if you try to blame the west.

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