1912 Video – Franz Reichelt Failed Parachute Jump from Eiffel Tower

1912 Video - Franz Reichelt Failed Parachute Jump from Eiffel Tower

This video was filmed in 1912. Franz Reichelt was going to test his parachute prototype by jumping from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. The test jump was a failure, Franz Reichelt jumped to his death. It wasn’t really a parachute he was wearing, but rather an airy cloak but it’s easy for us, who have seen hundreds of working parachutes to judge. In Franz Reichelt’s time, there was no such thing.

Needless to say, being from 1912, the video counts as one of the oldest deaths caught on camera in existence. Gore doesn’t get any more classic than this. Even though a failure, Franz Reichelt did make an IMPACT with his parachute test. All jokes aside, the real reason why Franz Reichelt died is because he had balls of steel. No parachute could possibly carry a man who has balls big enough to jump off Eiffel Tower using something that nobody had the way to test was capable of gliding a man down safely.

Franz Reichelt gets gore props for unrivalled courage coupled with unrivalled stupidity. He died doing something nobody before or after him had the balls to do.

Many thanks to deadly_dolly for the video. Inventors who died testing their own things deserve a spot on Best Gore even if the recording of it may not be as graphic as we’re used to seeing. The jump took place on February 4, 1912.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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83 thoughts on “1912 Video – Franz Reichelt Failed Parachute Jump from Eiffel Tower”

    1. Dude your fucking sick This guy died testing his invention that can be very help full in many cases of emergencies in planes, etc so that you can laugh at his death….get a life..

          1. Looked Good? That’s a good one. Looking back the damn thing resembled a kite more than anything. the memory is still good for a laugh though. It’s one of my favorite failures from my ignorant youth.

  1. dude, that guy had to be high on something….he looked like a mechanichal beast from mazinger z…….Here in buenos aires, there’s some freaky sect-like organization of guys whose hobby is perform parachute jumpings from the roof of tall buildings (20+floors), ‘infiltrating’ themselves by stealth, bribing the doorman, whatever that works (one of these freaks was an ex co-worker of tulio) , still only one managed to kill himself, with many others getting both legs broken…

      1. @ eggman, here id my attempt;

        While standing on the eiffel tower
        Franz felt that he had the power
        He took a big jump
        There was a loud thump
        It was his greatest hour

        If its crap, ive just done an all nighter so I am wrecked:*)

  2. Anyone else Google Translate 00:17? As if he senses the horrible fate that awaited `The unfortunate inventuer hesitated long before launching into space

    Imagine his last thoughts when he realizes he fucked up big time?

    1. Well i am quite afraid of heights,
      but when i was younger and got the arrogance of youth by my side, i ve made 5 regular jumps from a Cessna, so then i could make a free fall one.
      Which is absolutely indescribable guys, the chemicals your brain releases,
      keep you smiling for a week.
      If anyone is interested into it,
      then try it, it leaves you speechless.

    1. Narrator: Meanwhile at the Walls of Justice….
      One of the Iraqi Super Friends, wearing Superman T-Shirt is forced to jump blinfolded….
      will this be the end for them? Stay tuned and see in the exciting conclusion of:
      “The Challenge of the Iraqi SuperFriends!

  3. this is so sad actually. i wonder if he tried jumping off a house or a small building first. i find it hard to believe that he was just like “fuck it. eiffel tower it is. if i’m gonna make a mistake, im gonna make it a BIG mistake. go hard or go home fucktards!”

    1. As I read in an article of the day following this attempt from a newspaper , he actually tried it … with a mannequin, and the worse is that it failed. But he explained that it could work from another high, as the suit could totally extend. The Parisian authorities did not authorize such tries except with mannequins so he did it quite illegaly, even if there were many people to watch the scene (journalists and aviation professionals).

  4. so i took a peek on wikipedia and saw this:

    “Le Petit Parisien reported that his right leg and arm were crushed, his skull and spine broken, and that he was bleeding from his mouth, nose and ears. Le Figaro noted that his eyes were wide open, dilated with terror.”

    ‘dilated with terror’ holy crap thats intense.

  5. Oh man poor guy.He must have been too into his new invention to realise it had no possible hope of success.Surely one of the people around him could have had a wee word in his deluded lughole to inform him that there was slightly more chance of him dropping like a stone than floating like a butterfly.

  6. Thats fucking weird. I just watched this video about a week ago because I was telling a buddy about a guy that jumped off the Eiffel Tower and died in the early 1900’s and he didn’t believe me, so I pulled the video up for him.

  7. Is’nt it amazing, we can turn back the clock a hundred years and get wonderful footage like that, in fairness it was a little bit scratchy but far far better than any iphone Hi8 betamax user And he had to hand crank wank the sod aswell.

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