Air Show Stunt Plane Crash that Killed Wingwalker Amanda Franklin

Air Show Stunt Plane Crash that Killed Wingwalker Amanda Franklin

This video report on the stunt plane crash at a Texas air show was made only a few days after it had happened. Reporter interviewed pilot Kyle Franklin who spoke of how he and his wife Amanda would carry on flying, but she didn’t make it. Two months after their crash landing, wingwalker Amanda Franklin died from complications from severe burns she sustained in the crash. She was only 25.

Married couple of air stuntmen who called themselves Franklin’s Flying Circus performed the stunt named “Pirated Skies” at Air Fiesta in Brownsville, Texas on March 12, 2011. Their engine stuttered and caught fire while Amanda Franklin was attached to the wings with a harness. She was able to release the harness and get back inside the plane, but the plane hit the ground right after, smashing her face against the front panel. The impact broke Amanda’s neck, leaving her trapped inside as ensuing fire fried 70% of her body.

Parents of Kyle and Amanda died 6 years earlier in a mid-air accident. Vide of their crash is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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65 thoughts on “Air Show Stunt Plane Crash that Killed Wingwalker Amanda Franklin”

    1. She’s a stupid ass white bitch for doing something for foolish. She deserved it for thinking she could make money this way. She could have been a hooker and made as much money and only risks a few slices to her face rather than having it smashed in.

      1. Hmm, we all make choices. I think I would rather be a “stupid ass white wing walker bitch” than a hooker of any kind. Pretty sure it wasn’t about money as her parents also did things with planes.
        Death comes to us all.

  1. People do dangerous stunts because death is always a possibility and this equates to excitement, unfortunately for this pair that possibility paid them a visit.

    Now if only the possibility of winning the lottery would pay me a visit.

  2. My friend’s gave me a nic-name once, Stunt-dick.
    I received that nic-name because i was known to get involved with some strange women, strange scenario’s. When i think about some of the odd circumstances, odd ball girls in which i sunk my junk I’m happy knowing i was smart enough to wear a rain coat. Memory’s last forever..

      1. Haha…they are entertaining to say the least. I’ll give you one…I picked up this girl hitching and she wanted to go all the way home so that was gonna cost her. Cut to the chase, she sucked me off using a sandwich bag as a condom. That’s a classic.

  3. Yeah…your wife gets her face smashed, her neck broken, 3rd degree burns over 70% of her body, the tips of her fingers amputated…and you two will be “back up in the air in no time”. She is at least…but not in the sense that hubby meant.

  4. I wonder if the news would have kept showing her pre-crash face so much if she was dog ugly. Probably not. News agencies are shallow, and they know what makes their viewers feel sympathetic. I guess that doesn’t matter now, though, because after enduring a fire like she did she probably came out looking like Nosferatu.

    1. yes they were stupid but you could die any day anyway. why not live a little? granted, thats kind of pushing it. but i cant talk much, i work with exotic animals so i guess i’m a stupid thrill seaker too. but hey, if i get mauled by a tiger due to my own stupidity, by all means, post it up here for people to see =) i think people realize the risk they take but if its something they truley enjoy doing then they dont care. Nothing compares to petting a tiger chuffing at you, but knowing if you look at it funny it could turn and rip your arm off. its all about how you view it.

  5. This happend in brownsville? I don’t remember hearing about this and I live really close to brownsville…but then again I never watch the news that’s what BG for keeps me informed on all the relevant shit that really matters everything else is just bullshit that’s gets filtered out.

  6. I knew them. I knew their fathers, Jimmy Franklin and Bobby Younkin. I went flying with her dad (Bobby) when I was a kid. I remember their last successful show as the ” masters of disaster”. Jimmy had a jet powered biplane, insane thing to see. They had no stunt routine and it was quite scary. Kyle was the wing walker for his dad at that time. The next show they did they had a midair collision. Sad and even more sad when this all happened. They were great fearless people.

      1. @It was me Thank you, I always hear people say that accidents come with the territory and that’s so true. I fly myself and I’m well aware of the dangers. I’ve lost many friends, but when you love it you love it. You can’t completely prepare yourself for accidents. A common phrase my fellow pilots and I have is ” It is what it is” … No regrets….

        1. @remi, I can understand why she loved it. It must be an exhilarating rush to be on top of the wings. Fatal accidents can happen in just about any job, as we see on here all too often. They knew the risks and lived their lives to the fullest, doing what they loved. As you said “It is what it is”… RIP Amanda

          1. I’m just glad she was kept in a coma so she didn’t have to feel the pain.
            I knew a women you had been terribly burnt and was left in a wheelchair. I always felt uncomfortable around her. Not because I was sqeamish about the scars but because I always got flashes of the pain and agony. It used to really upset me.

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