Farmer Decapitated by Barley Processing Machinery

Farmer Decapitated by Barley Processing Machinery

Because he was allergic to dust from barley, this farmer used a scarf to wrap around his face to filter the allergen out while working. But one day the scarf got entangled in a rotating shaft of the elevator machine and kept tightening around his neck until the head was severed clean off. Farmer’s decapitated body was found on the ground next to the machine while his head was in a trailer full of barley.

Photos are rather old so quality is not quite there, but it’s an interesting set demonstrating workplace safety fail. I must say – being allergic to barley when barley farming is what you do has got to suck a big one.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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48 thoughts on “Farmer Decapitated by Barley Processing Machinery”

    1. Should we start comparing scarves to flip flops? I’ve read about a few deaths caused by scarves caught in machinery/wheels. Or maybe this is just a big ruse by the flip flop companies to take the negative light off of them haha.

  1. Wow. That’s a freak accident! I would think that he would’ve been strangled and the scarf would’ve just ripped, but it severed his head?! Brutal! Who cares if these are old- they are pretty good pics! Nice way to start my Saturday! 馃檪

          1. damn juice girl, candle wax, ice cubes whips shackles rope mask gags bites teases smacks chains collars blindfolds, and more, in the the name of love (lust)Mmmmmm

          2. @Luna- BG is full of emotionally rigid posts today. I’ve almost cried, I’ve smiled and after seeing those baby boys getting beat every few mins- now I’m in a fucking rage! I’m thinking whips, chains, clamps, glass, scaldinghot water, a few nails and even possiblya snake sounds damn FUCKING good right now! Shit, put my ceiling hooks to use too! I gotta release so please put up or shut up! Don’t be a tease! 馃槈

          3. ceiling hooks, Mmmm, mine were actually in the doorway so when I wanted to get a beer I could put her on one side and not hear the bitchin’, but of course I’d come back and make it alright.

  2. My grandad’s friend in Ireland was working with his tractor in a field, many years ago. He was sorting something out at the back of the tractor when a piece of thread or something got caught in the thing (don’t know the technical word) and it basically pulled him in and chopped his body in to pieces which scattered everywhere. When he didn’t arrive home for dinner, his wife and young children eventually went looking for him and found him, or what was left of him. I literally just cannot imagine going through that. So it kinda makes me think how this guy’s family feel, and who found him in that state? Bad luck for sure.

  3. wow cant believe this could happen, especialy Enrique, man I know he use to work his ass off but this, what the hell man so out of character to lose his head in this situation

  4. That has to be one of the worst photoshopped POS ive seen in some time. The “reunited” head and body pic is a dead give away. Every lock of hair is exactly in the same position as the half buried pics. and his face is totally clean???? Come on MAN!

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