Fatal Forklift Accident Caught on Surveillance Camera

Fatal Forklift Accident Caught on Surveillance Camera

This fatal forklift accident was captured on video by a surveillance camera in some kind of warehouse. In the video, forklifts are seen loading up pallets full of stuff on flatbed trailers. Everything seems to go OK for a while but then a driver of a truck that’s being loaded decides to take a wander around the warehouse to kill some time and pays no attention to a passing forklift carrying a load so large it obstructs the operator’s view.

The loaded forklift runs over the oblivious driver with front and rear wheels, killing him on the spot. The accident is witnessed by another worker who reacts to it with disbelief. Rightly so – this was such a needless death. The warehouse definitely needs to apply significant safety measures to the way workers operate there.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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49 thoughts on “Fatal Forklift Accident Caught on Surveillance Camera”

        1. The forklifts I’ve seen at home improvement stores are usually electric and slow. These appear to be gas powered which are alot faster. I used to work in a warehouse and you definitely need to on your toes. There are usually a lot of mirrors and marked walked ways to stay on. In the US most of these are driven in reverse with an unobstructed view. Some of the worst accidents are when someone drives off a dock.

      1. Im a dockworker and I can tell you I train 4+ pallets all the time without being able to see in front of me. It was the truck drivers fault all the way. He should have never walked in an area with lift traffic.

        1. yea he was the stupid dumbasss that was out for a stroll i mean WTF??? he should have freaking knew better. i used to drive a forklift too and yea if i couldnt see forward i drove backwards but the stupid people walking watch out too. freaking pancake idiot!!! lmao

      2. Im a dockworker and I can tell you I train 4+ pallets all the time without being able to see in front of me. It was the truck drivers fault all the way. He should have never walked in an area with lift traffic. Oh and by the way if you get in good with the mechanics you can get them to take off the goveners on the motors. My lift prob does almost 20mph.

        1. @Druid drives forklifts the correct way. You should NEVER drive forward with a vision obstructing load. Just a unsafe stupid thing to do. And that forklift driver clearly didn’t honk the horn before making the turn. That warehouse should be shutdown.

    1. I drive a forklift at work and the ones we have are propane fueled and I can count on both hands how many times one of our coworkers has hurt, driven off a dock or plowed into one of our walls. Until OSHA caught up to the company. They only came after the death of another coworker unrelated to forklift

  1. The squashed guy brought that on himself, the forklift truck driver cannot see what’s in front of them when loaded that’s why they have other workers giving instructions to them.

    You would have thought that the worker would have known the above fact and would have been doing the same as the other worker and that is to stand well away from the loading bays.

    For such a mistake to happen he must have been new to the job and not given the proper training.

    Oh, well, serves him right for dawdling I suppose.

    1. Yeah, I was going to say that.

      It was the dead guy’s fault, it is the ground workers responsiblity to be aware of his surrounding and safety, the forklift operator had tons of blind spots and so it is the duty of the workers to direct or get the fork lift operators attention. WorksafeBC

  2. I drive a forklift on a daily basis, there have been so many accidents that every day they add more safety guidelines. I can understand some but when they just give you more banks men because 4 wasn’t enough, it just gets stupid!

    haven’t had this happen to me yet though, keep you posted!

  3. I drive forklifts each day at a distribution center. They can be very dangerous. The average forklift will weigh about 3 automobiles. And when it’s carrying a 2000 pound load at 12 miles an hour. It’s not gonna stop for any FV’s. it will crush you and keep on going.

  4. This looks like the typical stupid, fucking CLUELESS, pedestrians of the greater metro Washington DC area. Blithely walking into traffic ignoring the fact that the walk sign is red which = do not go skipping into traffic while talking on your cell phones and ignoring the fact that there are cars and trucks coming at you. Once again, Darwin wins!

  5. They can go 30 mph. The first thing I was taught working road construction out of high school was to look out for machinery, don’t expect the operater to be looking out for you. The driver made a fatal error.

  6. Forklift driver was at fault. If your forward vision is at all obstructed, you are to drive in reverse and only go forward at the last possible time and even then go slow. This driver was also going far too fast. You’re fired!

  7. Drove a forklift for many many years and there happens to be many many faults here.
    1.) The forklift driver should have honked his horn to let anybody in the area know that he was coming. Doesn’t matter if he has a load or not, he has to honk.
    2.) The forklift driver should have been driving in reverse since he had an obstruction blocking his forward view.
    3.) The warehouse should have had a rule not allowing drivers to be out of the vehicle during a loading or unloading. The only time they should be allowed out is either when they are unstrapping or taking off a tarp from a load or after the load is on and they are strapping or tarping the load.
    4.) The driver should have known better then to just randomly walk around a loading zone. He should have had his eyes on the things around him and not whatever shiny object caught his attention on the ground.

    Those are just the main 4 I can see, I’m sure that there is a lot of other violations happening that we cannot see. I have witnessed two very bad forklift accidents and both were drivers driving recklessly on a loading dock with heavy metal loads. One lost a hand and the other crushed his leg. Forklifts aren’t toys.

  8. the warehouse i work in have a key control room where the truck drivers hand in there keys and wait in the waiting room whilst being loaded .this stops drivers either moving their vehicle whilst a trucks loading on it or walking around by the forklifts where they could get hit. Im sure that company got a heavy fine and some people got sacked for that incedent for many health and safety breaches and the driver should feel bad for driving forward carrying a load that obscures his view he is at fault also. But mainly the company for not doing risk assements as required by law. sad video πŸ™

  9. He should’ve stopped in his cab silly man atleast he’d still be alive , forklifts shouldn’t be made to travel that fast in my opinion , if he’d have honked his horn too whilst driving to warn ppl that is a good thing I know they do at my work . Felt bad for the driver , it shouldn’t have happened .

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