Hilarious Fail While Jumping Over Chain Barrier

Hilarious Fail While Jumping Over Chain Barrier

A supermarket employee attempts to do a jump over a chain barrier while no one is looking in the supermarket Komandor in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, and fails in a rather spectacular style. He doesn’t even come close to getting his feet over the chain and causes the stacks of shelves to crash down on top of him. He even took one on the chin from the handrail on his way down.

After his major fail he appears to be trapped until another customer comes to his aid. He’s seen getting up apparently uninjured, although I’m sure his pride took a bit of a dent. Clean up on aisle stupid.

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  1. I think this video would have made me laugh more if I wasn’t so pissed off about the bashing of American football 2 or 3 posts back.

    I’m a big fan of all full-contact and BRUTAL sports. American football is right up there with Rugby, and wayy more injuries than most other sports.

    Look up the Ravens vs Patriots playoff game that happened a month ago. One of the Patriot players was knocked the fuck out by a tackle and there wasn’t even a penalty on the play! I’ll fucking drink beer and watch that every Sunday over a bunch of guys chasing a puck and punching eachother here and there. Wayy more shit going on.

    1. I can tell that you are really mad! Soooo, I’ve decided to send you a virtual hug. 🙂 I won’t ever bash football, i promise!! Just as long as i never have to watch it! Lol. I get the whole “guys and sports” thing. I’m sure you’d have no interest whatsoever in belly dancing with me, so I’m sure you understand how i feel about it.. <3

      1. Only if that bellydancing resulted in sex.

        Seriously, can’t get that close to an attractive woman without doing something about it.

        It’s like when girls wanna cuddle, but not do anything. Don’t get me wrong I love cuddling but that MUST lead to other things. Can’t get worked up by cuddles and not… you get the idea.

        1. Haha, you dudes are ALL the same! I once tried to be sweet and give a dude a back-rub because he was doing physical work all day, and he said to me, “what about my happy ending?!” Lmao. I gave it to him, but seriously, can’t we just touch your species without taking it to the next level, ever?! =)

    1. I’d be suprised if he even showed his face in work after that, lol.

      A guy who worked in my brother’s office had a hilarious accident at work last year – he went to the toilet, slipped off and managed to get completely wedged between the loo and the cubicle wall! Apparently he was stuck there for nearly 3 hours lol !!! Once freed he then took 6 MONTHS OFF work with ‘ stress ‘ : )

      The ‘ stress ‘ being he was too embarrased to show his face in the office again haha.

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