Intense Helicopter Crash Video from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Intense Helicopter Crash Video from Sao Paulo, Brazil

This has got to be hands down the most intense helicopter crash video I’ve ever seen. The helicopter is wedged in a wall of a house with pilot dead and control panel broken, yet the rotor is still spinning at full speed and although the blades were snapped by the crash, their closeness to people and their homes makes for an incredibly frightening experience. The residents helped with the rescue in many ways, including by throwing water on the craft to cool the engine down.

The helicopter crashed on Monday January 21, 2013 in a residential area in north São Paulo but no residents were injured. There were 4 people in the helicopter – the pilot and 3 employees of Secretaria Municipal do Verde (Municipal Green Office) who took the flight to survey local greeneries and parks of 11 districts from the air. The 2 hour helicopter flight operated by Helimarte was booked by São Paulo mayor. All 3 employees survived with non life threatening injuries, but the pilot died upon impact. Five residential homes were damaged by the crash. The house in which the helicopter got wedged belonged to 45 year old gardener Ronaldo Bezerra Leite. At the time of the crash he and his wife were at work and their children of 9 and 10 were at the grandmothers.

The helicopter was piloted by 29 year old Marcelo Stella de Melo Ribeiro. The craft was in the air for 50 minutes when problems started. While hovering over the Jaragua area of São Paulo north, the helicopter dove towards the ground. The causes of the crash are being investigated. According to a spokesperson for Helimarte – a company that owned the crashed craft and employed the deceased pilot, the helicopter model Jet Ranger 3 “was airworthy” and “passed the annual maintenance inspection on November 1, 2012.” The spokesperson also said the pilot had “vast experience flying helicopters and possessed all required and necessary qualifications to operate the craft.” After 14 years in business, this is the first time a Helimarte operated aircraft crashed.

Helimarte executives said the company will be there for the family of the pilot, who was unmarried and had no children, and will provide families displaced by the crash with hotel accommodation.

The video is over 10 minutes long but the intensity keeps it interesting. Easily the sickest helicopter crash video I’ve seen:

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    1. Your lack of knowledge of jet engines isn’t surprising…. Often times when a aircraft with a jet engine is in a crash and the throttle linkage is stuck, water can be sprayed into the intake and it will choke the engine out. Of course they all have bypasses but once a certain volume is attained, and the hose aimed past the bypass it will stop the combustion process. The chances of a fire wouldn’t be diminished with water, jet fuel has a very high flash point and water sprayed into a jet fuel fire will just spread.

  1. i do not trust aircraft or pilots. what goes up, comes down and air crashes are brutal and you rarely survive. then again, whats the fuking difference when you die in the fv world? might as well get it over with since the world is not getting better anyway. the only peace is in death. till then it’s dog eat dog and watch out for treacherous bitches.

    1. Dying in a plane crash wouldn’t be so bad. You get a great birds-eye view of wherever you’re about to die and you know it’ll be a quick death. Maybe. And if you survive, shit, you’ll have angina from all the vagina you’re pokin’ after telling that badass story.

  2. Those people sure know how to deal with situations. If a heli crash like that would happen overhere, everyone would stand around with hands in their pockets until papa fireman and papa policeman would come to aid.

    1. I don’t think there’s much wrong with a population being rich enough to expect the services they pay for in taxes to come by and deal with bullshit like this. I sure as fuck wouldn’t want to deal with it, and I’m sure you wouldn’t either.

  3. This is the kind of scene you get at an accident before the all mighty Yellow Caution Tape gets put up. Funny, because I always underestimated that stuff’s effectiveness until seeing this video.

    I commend the people who were trying to help. That’s pretty damn brave to go near a still-running helicopter.

  4. That seemed unusual. I don’t believe I’ve seen a helicopter crash where the rotor or blades (or whatever it’s called) kept spinning! It’s like a mortally wounded animal, still lethal if you get too close, trying to get up, still wanting to fly… kind of unsettling. Creepy

  5. Well hell, I was so waiting for the spinning blades to chop chop chop some heads of flip flopping looky loos but that didn’t happen. Didn’t even get a good look at the mess I’m sure the pilot was after this crash. I give this video or score of 5 out of 10 :/

  6. That dude who climbs into the helicopter seems to know hat he’s doing… Got the machine stopped, and didn’t hesitate pulling on the headset. He either knows what he’s doing or he’s VERY good at pretending to know what he’s doing.

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