Thai Construction Worker Falls to His Death in Pattaya

Kid Also Snapped Both His Lower Legs Broken

Thai Construction Worker Falls to His Death in Pattaya

These Thais throw vacationers to their deaths so much, Karma paid them a visit and gave one of them a taste of their own medicine. Unfortunately, I don’t think she picked on the right guy.

A new 40 storey building named Wong Amat Tower Condominium is being built on Soi 16 in Pattaya which I’m sure will provide ample opportunities for Thais to throw unsuspecting foreigners to their deaths from. One of them tested if it will work and indeed it does. The tester worked on the 33rd floor and fell, efficiently killing himself on landing with a cracked skull and brain matter spilled.

His father worked on the site too and witnessed the fall. Must have been horrific to watch your young son die a violent death before your eyes.

One pointer champion did all the pointers for all the photos:

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35 thoughts on “Thai Construction Worker Falls to His Death in Pattaya”

  1. That guys pointing in every picture! I guess he felt the need to do the pointers for everybody else in the photo. This looks like a family portriat and everybodies huddled around a newborn baby except it’s a dead guy.

      1. Indeed he does Obliterator!

        Though he may overstretch his point too far, and his pointing days in the murder field may come to an abrupt end when he himself becomes the scene in which others point or worse he could end up as a cruel Thailand experiment; the TV Weather Tranny.

        And here he thought the world was his.

  2. After being the last one down to the roach coach at break time for several days in a row, young Mr. Fu came upon a cunning plan to beat his co-workers down. Sadly, he neglected to inspect the D-ring in his safety harness that was clearly stamped “Made in Thailand.”

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