Tire Technician Killed by Unexpected Tire Explosion

Tire Technician Killed by Unexpected Tire Explosion

Truck driver pulled into a garage to have his tire repaired and while the technician was working on it, the tire exploded, killing the repairman on the spot. That’s just plain brutal. I’ve never worked in a tire shop so the premise of a tire exploding is new to me. I suppose for it to happen, you’d have to overinflate the shit out of it, no? But then again, that’s probably why the truck driver was having it looked at – cause it was just about to explode. Unfortunately, it exploded when a man trying to earn a living was right next to it. They need to start employing safety procedure in Asia. I’m sure there are devices and tools to prevent injuries and death in tire repair shops.

Many thanks to archamedes for the video and this awesome commentary:

Couple of japs trying to pump up a tire and it explodes, causing the mechanic to get the full force of it in his face and makes him do an awesome ragdoll flip. He died.

Something is telling me this happened in China, not Japan, but since I don’t speak either language, I can only guess. The CCTV video capturing the unfortunate tire explosion is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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100 thoughts on “Tire Technician Killed by Unexpected Tire Explosion”

  1. Probably the best blow job that guy ever got! That fuckin idiot, I’ve done plenty of tires in my life and never came close to anything like that happen. I’ve even truck tires that I’ve had to spray with ether and light up to catch the bead and never had a problem. But,maybe the tire was defective?!?

    1. (spraying break cleaner/eather inside and throwing matches at it is fun, scary and really effective, so much in fact hat once a 16″ tire was seated onto a 16.5″ rim.
      Doesn’t sound too dangerous, does it. The mateing surface of one is flat, the other is angled. It’s a deathtrap that WILL fail at any fucking second.
      (dismounting it was pretty diecy)

      Anyway, there is a VERY HIGH chance this is a 2 peice rim, and this is exactly why they aren’t made (or used in America, but are in service every day around the worldd, because human life is WAY cheeper than getting a new set of rims)

      Auto-related stories are some of my personal favriotes.

          1. Yha, no shit.
            I have worked on and around since I was 17, and have loved them far before I knew anything about them (that ignoriance got me fired multipal times from a Street Rod Shop in Santa Rosa ((nowclosed))
            called D&J auto)
            Anyway, it’s pretty commmon to see the old decommissioned rim cages ( a seried of 3-4 large diamater steel tubes than come up, go around, them back down to the ground, anchored in concrete)
            These are the places where THESE types of wheels were to be worked on, for this reason alone.
            I have been shown, many times, dents on the inside of the steel tubes where the rim seperated and, well, the tire/rim basically detonated.

            SCARY FUCKING SHIT if you are the poor asshole charged with doing the work, glad I never was, I like my hands and fingers, they let me type HUGE FUCKING POSTS like this, which, by the way, sorry for the novel, didn’t meen for it to be so fucking long.

          2. (worked on CARS, fuck my brain never seems to works as slow as my fingers do)
            I have MEXICAN finger….actually, no I don’t
            Even if I shoved them into a poopy butthole, I STILL wouldn’t have mexican fingers….

      1. probly split rim, my friend worked at a tire shop and showed me the safety cage, the safety cage they use in country’s where people use their brains , it was battered and dinged hard , i was like screw split rims

        1. I worked at a gas station and one of my jobs was repairing car tires that came in with flats. The machine for car tires did not have any kind of cage. The most dangerous part is after putting the tire back on the rim and filling it with air. Any tire can explode when seating the bead into the rims. Car tires kill just as easily as truck tires.

  2. Ironically I was watching this on another source just yesterday, along with a few others.
    The guy did do a nice back flip / face plant and stuck the landing.
    I can only give him a 9.9 since his feet were separated in flight.

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      1. True, the mondane work is about the same thing, and it’ pretty simple once you get the hang of it.
        Everything you need to know, basically takes about a week to understand.

        Depending on where in the world you live, as long as you aren’t dealing with 2 peice rims, you shouldn’t have an issue with shit like this happeing to you.

        Just don’t be stupid like I was once and see about mounting a 16″ on a 16.5″ rim.
        Go look at the bead diffrences when you get the chance and You’ll see whay I say that.

  3. A few years ago I heard an explosion in my house, in the room next to my bedroom. When I went to check it out I found out that the tire of my bicycle exploded. The outside was damaged and apparently the pressure was too much for it to handle.

    1. That happened to me too, we put air in one of my kids tires,at a small deli/garage and off we went to the playground, about 2 minutes of being on swings we heard an almighty bang! The tire was just blown out. Also i think cos the air was put in with a CAR tire airhose, its easy to do. I cant imagine over-inflating with a hand pump?

          1. Same same, the internet is great, we can chat about mutual intrestes, in front of everybody, learn about each others home towns, likes and dislikes.
            The fact is, I look forward to THJIS part more than the gore.
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  4. The tire bounces off the ceiling and looks like it clipperizes the other buckethead.
    That is a split-rim tire like dude said. It’s laid with the ring down and I wonder if it woulda tasted better with some hot sauce?

    1. No, it’s the ring it self that holds the 2 peice rim together and locked it into place.
      If he had noticed a growing gap at the rings ends, he might have not wanted to keep squirting air into it.
      Once that ring unseats, the top and bottom haves of the rim come apart, and the tire, just goes somewhere very quickly.

  5. Wow that sucks for him. First time I’ve seen a tire blow up in someone’s face. I mean….did he not know that the tire only requires so much air? O.o
    The language sounds Taiwanese to me but I’m no expert.

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