Woman Killed by Shopping Cart at a Mall in Shanghai

Woman Killed by Shopping Cart at a Mall in Shanghai

A woman was killed at a mall in Shanghai, China after a man lost grip of his fully loaded shopping cart on an inclined moving walkway. The cart rolled down the walkway, gained a lot of kinetic energy and struck the woman with all its force from behind. The woman was brutally swept off her feet and violently propelled forward.

Getting killed by a shopping cart inside a supermarket sounds so wrong on so many levels, it’s hard to even fathom. As if all the Asian drivers on the outside were not dangerous enough, one can’t even escape their incompetence operating shopping carts indoors.

I’m surprised Shanghai malls don’t employ safety mechanisms for shopping carts on inclined moving walkways. Normally they have grooves in which the wheels get trapped so you couldn’t move it even if you wanted to. I know cause I held up a group of people because of it at the airport in Taipei once.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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110 thoughts on “Woman Killed by Shopping Cart at a Mall in Shanghai”

  1. Oh man, something like that nearly happened to me at heathrow airport once. I was walking down a ramp and a Nigerian women had a luggage trolley with about 6 suitcase on it. She let it go and i had to jump on top of it to avoid be squashed between the wall at the bottom. That thing was really heavy and picked up some speed i can tell you.

    1. I’d imagine it was like a scene from the Matrix, the Wicked Mama jumps into the air with a 10 point scoring triple diple flip onto the baggage trolley, then mysteriously floating toward the Nigerian woman in dlow motion and kicking her right in the…
      Yeah mama you’re wicked honey ..

      1. Actually Hocks, I have another trolly story as well. On Boxing day i went into a sainsburys store. As i walked in a guy was pulling a trolley with wire baskets stacked up, but he’d stacked them too high, over six foot and as i walked behind the whole lot fell on me. Luckily it didn’t hurt but i was pinned on the floor with all these wire baskets on me. They were making a big fuss about getting me some medical attention but i was fine. Just as well as i was taking my son on snowboarding holiday the next day and having a broken leg would have been a bit of a bummer.

          1. Haha myarse! Haha! Cant wait to take my two girls to the snow in a few years, one is really unko the other is probably going to nail it. Daddy will have to snowplough all day

      1. LMAO

        “Things you own end up owning you ” …… she wanted to own that shit but then she got owned by a stray trolley !

        Hope sincerely that other shoapaholic wemins learn a lesson from this incident …..

    1. Lol, you think they will clean that thing off and unsuspecting people will end up pushing this shopping cart of death around? If things can be haunted, you know that woman will haunt the cart and all who dare to push it!

  2. Believe it or not, a tourist in Nashville tried to go up the down escalator with a full basket. Obviously this strategy was not only poorly thought out and executed, getting many gasps and derision from on-lookers, but the painfully positive reinforcement will also likely prevent such future actions.

  3. Upon further research, it is stated in other articles that the woman was 66 years old. The cart which hit her was filled with 15 cases of beverages. It wasn’t actually the owned by the supermarket, but by the man who lost control of it, he insisted that he brought his own cart rather than use the ones in the supermarket. The force was said to be so strong that it rammed the 66 year old woman into a wall which was 20 meters away from the escalator.

  4. this si the first time vie seen anything like this on this site. and from personal experiences of being ran over by a car, i can confidently say she probably didnt even realise what was going on, she saw it, but it didnt register before it hit her

  5. As a British man I hate ANY form of shopping ! I wish this happened to my Ex , who would spend HOURS , and fortune’s on shit she didn’t need , whilst I tragically followed her around looking like fucking Rain Man ! I wish I’d thought of the “Runaway Trolley” idea.

    1. Dead man, why did you do that? I never ever took my son out shopping unless it was something he needed, he still moaned and complained because he hated it so much. But I’d never try to force a man to go shopping that’s just wrong.

      1. @wicked mama….. Simple…. I didn’t trust her on her own with my credit card ! She could spend , spend , spend . lol. It’s a tragic scenario played out in every shopping centre up and down the country. You seem to know the score though mama ? haha.

          1. All depends how rich you are. If you have money coming out of your ears and it’s no object then yea, I have expensive tastes. I think we should get Juice over here as well, she really need to visit London.

          2. @WM- all you had to say was DMW- he’s gonna cook some fish n chips for me! Then I’m going to listen to the both of you talk, talk and more talk! I loves me some British accent! 馃槈 Of course you both know I’m a freak, so @DMW- hope your up for a little Wicked Mama and Juice sandwich with your afternoon tea..

      1. @alicatt … I usually just gave it her to stop her whining ! Lol. What else can I say apart from , I was / am a true Gent ….. or others may say a pushover ! She was a bit of a “Nympho” , which softened the blow (so too speak) when the Bills arrived ! 馃槈 . What a Tramp now I think about it!! Lol

  6. We have the same type of set up in THailand. Once you go on the inclined walk way the (specially designed) shopping carts LOCK into place. The other man clearly wasn’t using the specially designed ones.

    He should have at least gave the lady a heads up.

  7. Insane!! Only in china! I don’t know why they bother offing their infants over there…hell you are lucky if you make it to adulthood let alone retirement age!

    My paranoia wouldn’t allow me to live over there…every shadow I saw I would think it was death coming for me…”What is that?!? its a killer kite heading straight for meeee!! FUCCCKK!!!! Oh wait…just a bird..its ok, nothing to see here”

  8. Talk about sods law. and all this talk about Wifes using Husbands credit cards reminds me of that old joke;
    ‘Bloke has his credit card stolen, but doesn’t report it as the thief spends less than his Wife’…ahhh the old ones are the best.

  9. I can’t help but wonder how something like that hadn’t happened already in a set-up like that. It’s all downhill, people are carting heavy shit around, & this is the first time some fucktard accidentally lets go of their cart & it mows down another shopper? It looks like that shit would happen all the time. You wouldn’t think it would actually KILL someone, but then again people have died under lesser conditions. After seeing a couple of those Chinese elevator malfunction deaths, I’m starting to wonder if they have any kind of safety laws whatsoever over there.

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