Worst MMA Injury Video – Broken Leg and Dislocated Knee

Worst MMA Injury Video - Broken Leg and Dislocated Knee

It was a CageQuest 1 fight night in Lakewood, Washington. Shortly into their fight, Justin Lee Fowler picked up Brian Jones Jr. and body slammed him against the floor not realizing his opponent tried to break the fall with his leg. The force at which he was bodyslammed along with the weight of his body, coupled with the angle under which his leg was caught when it hit the floor resulted in nasty break and dislocation of his knee. It ranks easily as the worst MMA injury I’ve ever seen.

Immediately after the judge stopped the fight, Justin Lee Fowler started celebrating his victory by TKO not yet realizing he had just destroyed his opponent’s leg. I don’t even want to play with an idea of imagining the pain Brian Jones Jr. experienced in this cage. Damn! Video is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. the pain he felt was = to or exceeded the pain i felt when i fractured and dislocated my left hip in a car accident going 40 mph with immediate deceleration upom impacting a flat bed tractor trailer. orthopedic injuries are BRUTAL. he will never be the same. i know i won’t.

          1. Wow, that’s a great thing to avoid being a bitch to.

            I’ve seen some shit that people do to prevent from getting “dope sick”
            Brain ends up NEEDING that shit on the receptors, and if it’s not there……well, that’s why people are afraid of crackheads…..for very good reason.

          2. fentanyl never did anything for me. i used it as a patch. perhaps in another form it would have been more efective. i don’t think it comes as a pill or injectable. anybody know? medex?

        1. I used to take 150mcg fent patch (every 3 days) + 12 hydracodone pills + kadian capsules a day. That never took the pain away but it made it tolerable. After about a year on this dosage, my doctor was being looked at for prescribing to much medication to ALL his patients so he wrote me a letter saying that we were no longer compatible and gave me the boot. You wanna talk about withdrawals!!! Fuck me hard that sucked. I ended up going to Acadia Hospital for a week and found a new doctor willing to take me. Now all I take is 80mg of methadone each day. That helps a little with the pain but not much. I’d rather be on a lot of pain meds and live a better, shorter life than what i’m on now, doing nothing because of pain.

  2. Damn and I thought that Corey Hill injury was bad but Ouuchhh this shit gotta hurt….On second thought that other Asshole picked’em up and instead of slamming him right away walked towards the center of the ring to do it I guess to show the other guy he was the better man fucking homo being a showoff bitch ass wrestlers are killing MMA and now he killed that dude’s career but what happened to him can happen to anybody on any given fight or if you’re playing in the NFL against the Saints…..lol

      1. He actually didn’t suffer what we would consider a break, but he did have his knee dislocated, and he did manage to tear all the main ligaments and tendons in the knee and not just the main ones, which are the PCL, LCL, MCL, etc.. Also his Meniscus was also folded in half, so it is certainly going to have to have surgery as well. He is hoping to have one massive fix (Surgery) in about 6 to 8 weeks after his swelling goes down, so everything will heal correctly. And I believe he’s looking at about a year, recovery time … or so his Doc’s are hoping for that.

        But believe it or not, as bad as it may have looked, it should not effect him no way near as bad as what you had happen to, has caused you continued pain and suffering, and by the way Mouse, I wasn’t trying to make light of your injury, and sorry if it came across that way, In my own weird way, I was trying to be funny, I am sorry that your hurt man, chronic pain is a horrible issue to deal with, especially as patient (one suffering)

        1. It’s all good medex. I laugh now about the accident. People fall asleep at the wheel all the time. Just bad luck it happened to me that night. I like your input on this site. You seem knowledgeable about all the medical stuff.

          1. Thanks, let’s just say, I may posses a few areas of expertise,when it comes to the medical field, that can be applied to the situation, when needed.

            Of course it’s getting now that, if you spill your credentials and give advise online , in the world of ” One call, and that’s all (phrase for an Attorney Commercial – Soliciting for lawsuits …lol) You can get sued, not that many of those types of lawsuits even have a leg to stand on in such cases, mind you. But none the less, that’s also what makes our anonymity here on Best Gore so awesome, Right?

      2. Sorry to hear about your injury. I am 3 years out after my injury when I crushed my upper arm from a fall. I got a large plate and 10 screws holding mine together. You are right, it is never the same after that. Now back to subject, when I was a EMT, we picked up a fella who dislocated his knee like that, and it did look painful! At least that is what I could tell from his screaming…….

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            Also that’s why I have no problem when I see a village full of people, that take the slackers and freeloaders that they caught stealing and such … and they take them out to the center of the village and beat the living crap out of them, for not carrying their share of the load …And you rest assured that when you make another man or his family almost starve to death, because of your laziness, he’s not going to take that lightly, and rightfully so!

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  3. Jesus H. Poor fella. I was at a house show cornering a friend when the two super heavies 300+ pounders went at it. One guy smashes the other into the cage door, they both flop out, one guy gets his leg caught in the space between floor and door and gunshot snap. Poor guys got a NC like it never even happened..

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