About Best Gore

Welcome to Best Gore. You probably have something on your mind, which is likely what brought you to this About page, so let me address some of the questions you may be having before asking:

What is Best Gore?

Best Gore is a reality news website. It reports on real events that take place at various places around the world. Photos and videos shared on Best Gore are not the work of some Hollywood special effects team. They are as real as they get and I believe people have the right to know the truth. The real, uncensored truth – and that is precisely why Best Gore exists. We live on this planet, we share space with other people – it should be our duty and our responsibility to know what really is happening around us.

Many people seem to live in a fantasy. They seem to look at the world through the rose tinted sunglasses which makes them weak, vulnerable and oftentimes dangerous. To wake people up to the reality, Best Gore was created.

Human bodies are more fragile than most people realize. As a result, they act as if they were invincible and end up hurting (or killing) themselves and/or others. To show that the above statement is not something I just pulled out of my backside, pictures and videos of people whose irresponsible behavior either killed them, or mangled theirs and/or other people’s bodies up are shared with the world on Best Gore without holdbacks. As a result, the contribution of Best Gore to the betterment of societies is much more evident than that of other means. Trust me, until you have gotten a clear and uncensored view of what irresponsible driving, drug abuse, or disregard of workplace safety procedures can do to you, you will not see the reason to change. But once you have seen corpses with their heads pancaked, limbs ripped off, or guts coming out of their eye sockets you will start thinking twice before you deliberately put yourself in such situations.

The purpose of Best Gore goes much further than that, though. Through uncensored reporting, people can learn the truth about criminals who could be operating out of their neighbourhoods, about how safe or dangerous countries your teenager is about to visit really are, or about what human beings are truly capable of doing to one another.

Best Gore exposes the truth about the humans as a whole and the truth is not always nice. Once again, Best Gore is the reality website. If you wish to live in a lie, then go somewhere else. But if you wish to know the truth, then there is no better place than Best Gore. But be prepared for a shocking, upsetting and offensive experience. Reality is often extremely difficult to witness with one’s own eyes. It is, afterall… a reality.

Furthermore, Best Gore is frequently used by law enforcement, military and medical fields professionals as an educational tool. Because Best Gore is updated with new content more often than any educational material available, the website helps keep them on top of their field throughout their career from the beginnings as students, all the way to the most senior experts.

Isn’t It Illegal?

It may be morally questionable, socially inappropriate and a thousand of other things, but it is NOT illegal. Best Gore is operated out of Canada and hosted in the United States of America. It was carefully reviewed by US and Canadian attorneys and both confirmed that BestGore.com is 100% legal in both jurisdictions. It is afterall naught more than a news website. Reporting on actual events and providing news on them without censorship is not outlawed by neither country.

While legal in the USA and Canada, I cannot however comment on legality of reality news reporting in other countries. It is a responsibility of each individual to ensure that the content they are viewing on the internet does not violate the laws of their home country. If in doubt, please contact a legal counsel with expertise in the laws governing your jurisdiction. Meanwhile, know that regardless how offended you may get by uncensored news reporting, the website will not be taken off line if you complain because it is fully legal to be hosted in the USA and run from out of Canada. That being said, if Best Gore does cease its operation, it will be solely because the owner has decided that he doesn’t want to run this website anymore.

Am I Gonna Get a Virus Browsing Best Gore?

Best Gore prides itself on being a 100% safe site. Most websites with this type of content are stuffed with links to rape websites, or have pop ups, exit consoles or other annoying features. Best Gore is different. There are no pop ups here, only a little bit of advertising, absolutely no viruses, no spyware, no fishy scripts – nothing like that. There are also no redirects, no animated graphics or background music so the site loads reasonably fast despite high traffic. Rest assured that you are on a 100% safe site, where your on line safety and privacy are respected 100%. Period!

What About Pictures of Children? Isn’t That Paedophilia?

Some pages of Best Gore do contain images and/or videos of corpses of children. These children died due to various causes, sometimes involving abuse (including sexual abuse). The media containing images of these corpses were recorded for medical purposes and/or as crime scene photos to assist with criminal investigation. These media capture the deceased children with intention to document the case. Unlike with paedophilia, the children were not instructed to pose in a way so as to induce sexual gratification of sick individuals and as such cannot be classified as paedophiliac.

Take note, that countless images of deceased children can be found in textbooks for medical student and/or criminal investigators. Would these rule the textbooks a material for paedophiles? Of course not and it is the same with Best Gore.

To clarify – I do understand that there could be individuals who might find such images sexually gratifying but it is no different from Sears catalogues or ballet schools. Minds of some individuals are simply twisted beyond my control and there is nothing I can do about it.

Why Is Best Gore so Anti-Semitic?

Best Gore does not pick on any specific group in particular and whatever language I use is used in direct response to the behavior of said group as seen in photos and/or videos posted on Best Gore. I am not anti Semitic, nor am I anti American, anti Muslim, anti Latino, anti Godzilla or anti Blow-up Dildo.

What I am anti are violent, oppressive, arrogant, blood thirsty pieces of shit scumbags who turn the planet I live on into the mess as seen on Best Gore. I don’t call Zionists pieces of violent, oppressive, arrogant, blood thirsty shit because they’re Zionists and I’m an anti Semite. I call them pieces of violent, oppressive, arrogant, blood thirsty shit because they’re pieces of violent, oppressive, arrogant, blood thirsty shit and I am anti pieces of violent, oppressive, arrogant, blood thirsty shit.

Same goes for every other group whose true colors are exposed without censorship on the pages Best Gore.

I Think This Site is Disgusting and Needs to Be Shut Down!

I understand that sudden exposure to uncensored reality can feel overwhelming. I know you don’t mean any harm and just feel genuinely offended and want to prevent other people from feeling the same. Please understand that it is nothing more and nothing less than raw reality that gets published on Best Gore. The website could be taken down, but do you think anything will change on the fact that people out there are dying? That children are being murdered? That gangs mutilate whole families? That terrorists behead aid workers? That politicians kill their opponents to ensure they get the seat? That… you get the point?

Turning a blind eye to the reality will not stop the bad things from happening. If you find the content on Best Gore offensive and upsetting, perhaps you should support it so more people see it and start to realize that the world is not all rose colored and start taking their personal safety seriously and start acting responsibly with regards to themselves and others. If you really want to prevent people from exposure to gore, stop gore from happening, not reporters from telling people the truth about it.

However if despite all that you still feel compelled to report Best Gore, please do go ahead with it. Do report it to the very people who use this website as point of reference and education and consult it for their daily duties.

But What If Children Come to This Horrible Website?

This website contains uncensored reality. It can happen on any given day that a child would walk upon a horrific scene and whom will you blame then? What if a child goes home with a friend and a drunk driver mows down the friend right before this child’s eyes? What if the child him/herself gets hit and will see the bottom part of his/her body ripped to pieces? Real life is uncensored. Whatever we do, there is no way to completely prevent children from being exposed to reality.

That being said, every effort was taken to ensure that children won’t find their way to Best Gore, however parents need to do their part and monitor their children’s activities while on the internet. Don’t blame the messenger…

Whatever! You Are Disgusting and I Hate You!

Please take a number get in line.

– Mark