All The Gore

Gaza Strip Gory Pictures

Gaza Strip is that piece of land that used to belong to the Palestine but then the Jews from Israel decided they wanted it and started killing Palestinian hither and thither like they’re kettle. Palestine responded in kind and various terrorist groups were formed attacking Israel. Nowadays nobody can say for sure who is right … Continue reading “Gaza Strip Gory Pictures”

Self Incineration

Well, let me start by saying that the guy in these pictures looks pretty hot… literally (no homo). OK, that was a lame joke. But damn that must have been painful. It looks like this self incineration was not the case of one of those sacrificial lambs who want to make a statement by incinerating … Continue reading “Self Incineration”

Man Shot During Argument Dies in a Pool of Thick Blood

This man got in an argument with another, another man pulled a gun and fired a shot. Argument ended and so did this unlucky dude’s life. Dying in the pool of your own blood is a shitty way of seeing an argument to the end. Blood he’s lost is very thick and there’s a lot … Continue reading “Man Shot During Argument Dies in a Pool of Thick Blood”

Large Truck vs Small Child – Who Wins?

Everybody knows the answer. What you don’t know is that the truck is without a scratch, like this collision never happened, where as that little child is… well, obliterated (my favorite gore word). The boy had absolutely no chance. Must be terrible for parents to find their child looking like this. What a tragedy! The … Continue reading “Large Truck vs Small Child – Who Wins?”

Vintage Brain Surgery (Tumor Removal) Video

This vintage video is from 1933 and documents open brain surgery during which tumor was removed from patient’s brain. The video is in black and white and is silent (music was added just so there isn’t 8 minutes of silence). I was rather surprised that such fine surgery was possible in the thirties. Hand tools … Continue reading “Vintage Brain Surgery (Tumor Removal) Video”

Fractured Knee Photos

Remember this nasty open leg fracture? Looks like today’s gore feature is trying to outdo him with their fracture. From my perspective, it looks like fractured knee. I could be wrong, as the fracture is so severe you have no means to determine where the knee should actually be. If you look at the photo … Continue reading “Fractured Knee Photos”

Head Squished, Eye Just Fine

My fascination with durability of the eyes has no end. It doesn’t matter how severely squished a head gets, the eyes seem to pull through just fine. I always used to assume that the eye would be the first thing to pop when skull is getting cracked because it’s just a jello like substance lacking … Continue reading “Head Squished, Eye Just Fine”

Dead Hobo with a Bonus

Not quite what you would expect dead hobo would look like. This one is missing feet, is naked and rests at the back of a truck. Not a pretty sight by any means. Blood is splattered on the body of the truck suggesting he may have been killed while on a truck, but it doesn’t … Continue reading “Dead Hobo with a Bonus”

Kid with Guts Spilled Out of His Back is Hanging Upside Down

This kid is dead. He was shot in the back, which is why his guts are hanging out of the kidney area and hung upside down. Why he’s hung, I do not know. I also do not know what that guy in the background is so vigorously pointing at and why he has that weird … Continue reading “Kid with Guts Spilled Out of His Back is Hanging Upside Down”

Open Leg Fracture Photos

This is one of the nastiest leg injuries I have ever seen and it’s a true open leg fracture. I was once browsing through the medical book of my friends and noticed that photos under the open leg fractures section barely contained fractures. There were photos of some nasty leg wounds, or a bone sticking … Continue reading “Open Leg Fracture Photos”