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Robert Andrew Berdella aka Kansas City Butcher

Robert Andrew Berdella also known as Kansas City Butcher was a serial killer who moved to your neighborhood in Kansas City where he tortured, mutilated and killed at least six men. A house where his acts took place still stands on 4315 Charlotte Ave, but I have no information on whether anyone lives there today. … Continue reading “Robert Andrew Berdella aka Kansas City Butcher”

Four Men Beheaded by Los Zetas in Mexico

These four men allegedly pissed off one of the Mexican drug lords after they unleashed a massacre at the Bar Juanas in Torreon. 8 people died and 19 others were injured during the slaughter, 10 of them seriously. Los Zetas caught the alleged murderers and beheaded all four of them leaving them nicely arranged on … Continue reading “Four Men Beheaded by Los Zetas in Mexico”

Video of Porn Actor Stephen Clancy Hill Falling Off Cliff After Stand-off

Stephen Clancy Hill aka Steve Driver was a d-list porn actor whose porn career was going to shit after he was fired by an adult video production company Ultima DVD Inc. He didn’t quite like that and responded to it by picking up a katana samurai sword which was on the premises as a movie … Continue reading “Video of Porn Actor Stephen Clancy Hill Falling Off Cliff After Stand-off”

Deadly Road Accident in Thailand

This Thai man got messed up good. Guts spilled on the road, throat slashed and foot broken off at an ankle area. A truly nasty road accident. Based on the police uniform badges, I’m guessing this took place in Thailand but perhaps somebody who knows for sure can confirm. Gallery of pictures of a man … Continue reading “Deadly Road Accident in Thailand”

Synthol Abuser Death Video

Remember the twinkey who pumped so much synthol in his arms, it exploded with a massive gush? It looks like he’s died as a result of his synthol abuse. The video above expands a little bit on a video we had posted earlier and contains the abuser’s death. Coroner report states that he died as … Continue reading “Synthol Abuser Death Video”

Anabolic Steroids Side Effects – Nasty Open Muscle Rupture

This kid’s desperate struggle for small penis resulted in quite hilarious open muscle rupture. His triceps literally exploded as a result of anabolic steroid abuse. This is a whole new way to demonstrate the side effects of roid mongering. I think a new line of medication needs to be developed to treat patients suffering from … Continue reading “Anabolic Steroids Side Effects – Nasty Open Muscle Rupture”

Memento Mori – Old Black and White Photos of Dead Children

A few decades ago it was customary for some families to take their deceased child to a photographer, prop it up in a studio so it looks as close to being alive as possible and take a picture of it as their only lasting memory of a child. The practice was known as Memento Mori. … Continue reading “Memento Mori – Old Black and White Photos of Dead Children”

Boy With Spilled Guts

This boy met his nasty end when he got in a way of a truck. You got to admit though – even though those spilled guts look unattractive and he truly found an unpleasant end to his short life there, at least his skull looks decent so he can have an open casket funeral. We’ve … Continue reading “Boy With Spilled Guts”

Mutilated Heads on a Chair

These two artistically arranged mutilated heads were allegedly found like that at a murder scene. To be honest, this looks more like a scene from an everyday life in Mexico, but what do I know. Somebody definitely didn’t like these two fellows. They appear to have had their eyes carved out with a knife but … Continue reading “Mutilated Heads on a Chair”

Blue Waffle Infection Picture

This is a picture of a Blue Waffle Infection. Next time you go down on your girlfriend, recall this image in your mind and let the aroma of the Blue Waffle surround you. Lavish the moment as your tongue navigates through slimy blue waves of the sea of disease filling up your mouth till blue … Continue reading “Blue Waffle Infection Picture”