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Close Up Photo of Leg Completely Ripped off by Woman’s Vagina (18+)

Don’t know what exactly happened to this woman, but I think it was a land mine, IED, grenade or some other explosive device that ripped her leg off completely right at her pelvic area. Oddly enough it left vagina in fairly good condition, only somewhat swollen. Severe leg trauma, however she can count herself lucky … Continue reading “Close Up Photo of Leg Completely Ripped off by Woman’s Vagina (18+)”

Man Cut in Half in Horrific Volkswagen vs Semi Truck Car Crash

Driver of Volkswagen passenger car failed to estimate the time needed to pass a vehicle on a high speed highway and crashed into an oncoming semi truck. Trapped inside his car that was no match to giant semi, guy was crushed to death and cut in half. I’d love to say that this will teach … Continue reading “Man Cut in Half in Horrific Volkswagen vs Semi Truck Car Crash”

Firing Squad Execution Video from Lebanon

Shooters from this firing squad execution video count as the most incompetent, amateur, wannabe fire arm shooters in the entire world. Bunch of morans from Lebanon decided they were a pro firing squad and went to execute convicted car bomber by automatic assault rifles. Shooting from the hip, cause they thought it was cool, none … Continue reading “Firing Squad Execution Video from Lebanon”

Bloody Impalement after Car Crash

Picture of bloody leg impalement was taken by a trauma unit personnel. The guy was brought in after a nasty car crash that left this metal piece run through his thigh. I don’t think the impalement split femur (thigh bone) as it’s a very thick and sturdy bone, but it definitely scratched it, leaving it … Continue reading “Bloody Impalement after Car Crash”

Decapitation Pictures – Headless after Nasty Car Accident

This looks like a rare double decapitation. If you look closely at pictures, you will see there were two men in the car, both of them got decapitated, both of them appear to have had top half of their heads decapitated, rather than getting a clean and easy cut through their necks. I’m sure skulls … Continue reading “Decapitation Pictures – Headless after Nasty Car Accident”

Suicide by .44 Caliber Magnum Revolver to the Head

Absolutely nasty photo of an old man who committed suicide by a shot to the head through his mouth with a .44 Caliber Magnum Revolver, the Dirty Harry special edition one. The bullet wasn’t having any of them and ripped its way through old man’s skull blasting it open from within. I’m a little bit … Continue reading “Suicide by .44 Caliber Magnum Revolver to the Head”

Shark Attack Pictures

Something’s wrong with me. First thing I noticed when I looked at this shark attack pictures full, perfectly round ass of the victim. Then I noticed armpit hair and other body parts telling me that this half eaten by a shark body is a dude. Being perfectly straight, my half boner went right down. I … Continue reading “Shark Attack Pictures”

Nepalese Beheading Video – Execution of 12 Workers from Nepal

This video is known as Nepalese Beheading Video but aside from obvious beheading, it also contains execution of 11 other workers from Nepal by the Army of Ansar al-Sunna. 12 innocent Nepalese men who went to Iraq for work were executed, even though Nepal is not a member of coalition forces, nor has it ever … Continue reading “Nepalese Beheading Video – Execution of 12 Workers from Nepal”

Interview with Alex aka 1Guy1Cup (with new pics)

He’s the star in one of the most famous shock videos on the internet. Known as 1 guy 1 cup, the video has made many men squeeze their thighs tightly together, it’s made both men and women say – WTF? Now Alex, the man himself whose rectal opening is stretched enough to fit a large … Continue reading “Interview with Alex aka 1Guy1Cup (with new pics)”

The Thailand Jihad – Violence by Muslim Extremists (gory pics)

The Thailand Jihad, WTF right? I was thinking the same. The first thing that comes to mind when you say Thailand is child prostitution, cheap virgins, backstreet massaging parlors, ladyboys and all that good stuff. People go to Thailand, because no matter how ugly and fat they are, they get quality blowjobs from hot, petit … Continue reading “The Thailand Jihad – Violence by Muslim Extremists (gory pics)”