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Decapitation Pictures – Headless after Nasty Car Accident

This looks like a rare double decapitation. If you look closely at pictures, you will see there were two men in the car, both of them got decapitated, both of them appear to have had top half of their heads decapitated, rather than getting a clean and easy cut through their necks. I’m sure skulls … Continue reading “Decapitation Pictures – Headless after Nasty Car Accident”

Suicide by .44 Caliber Magnum Revolver to the Head

Absolutely nasty photo of an old man who committed suicide by a shot to the head through his mouth with a .44 Caliber Magnum Revolver, the Dirty Harry special edition one. The bullet wasn’t having any of them and ripped its way through old man’s skull blasting it open from within. I’m a little bit … Continue reading “Suicide by .44 Caliber Magnum Revolver to the Head”

Shark Attack Pictures

Something’s wrong with me. First thing I noticed when I looked at this shark attack pictures full, perfectly round ass of the victim. Then I noticed armpit hair and other body parts telling me that this half eaten by a shark body is a dude. Being perfectly straight, my half boner went right down. I … Continue reading “Shark Attack Pictures”

Nepalese Beheading Video – Execution of 12 Workers from Nepal

This video is known as Nepalese Beheading Video but aside from obvious beheading, it also contains execution of 11 other workers from Nepal by the Army of Ansar al-Sunna. 12 innocent Nepalese men who went to Iraq for work were executed, even though Nepal is not a member of coalition forces, nor has it ever … Continue reading “Nepalese Beheading Video – Execution of 12 Workers from Nepal”

Interview with Alex aka 1Guy1Cup (with new pics)

He’s the star in one of the most famous shock videos on the internet. Known as 1 guy 1 cup, the video has made many men squeeze their thighs tightly together, it’s made both men and women say – WTF? Now Alex, the man himself whose rectal opening is stretched enough to fit a large … Continue reading “Interview with Alex aka 1Guy1Cup (with new pics)”

The Thailand Jihad – Violence by Muslim Extremists (gory pics)

The Thailand Jihad, WTF right? I was thinking the same. The first thing that comes to mind when you say Thailand is child prostitution, cheap virgins, backstreet massaging parlors, ladyboys and all that good stuff. People go to Thailand, because no matter how ugly and fat they are, they get quality blowjobs from hot, petit … Continue reading “The Thailand Jihad – Violence by Muslim Extremists (gory pics)”

Nick Berg Beheading Video and Death Conspiracy

Nick Berg Beheading Video is one of the most controversial death videos related to War in Iraq. Was Nicholas Evan Berg really beheaded by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi terrorists or was his death a conspiracy, a CIA insider job? The official story surrounding the beheading of Nick Berg has some serious holes, to say the least, … Continue reading “Nick Berg Beheading Video and Death Conspiracy”

Russian Skinheads Beheading – Neo-Nazi Execution Video

Russian skinheads have been perhaps the most brutal of all skinheads anywhere in the world. In this video, unknown Russian neo-nazis execute two Muslim men. Obviously, these Russian skinheads wanted to show everyone that they mean it and they truly delivered. First executed man was offed by beheading and by far caught the shittier end … Continue reading “Russian Skinheads Beheading – Neo-Nazi Execution Video”

al Shabab Valentines Day Beheading of Mansuur Mohammed Video

Somali terrorist group al Shabab (sometimes spelled as Al-Shabaab) spent Valentine’s Day beheading 25 year old humanitarian aid worker Mansuur Mohammed. Al Shabab is a group of Muslim extremists who did not appreciate the fact that Mansuur Mohammed converted form Islam to Christianity so they executed him the way merciful Prophet Mohammed commands – by … Continue reading “al Shabab Valentines Day Beheading of Mansuur Mohammed Video”

Kenny Glenn from Lawton OK Abusing Cat Dusty

This is something I would not normally do, but I’m in full favor of what’s coming to this kid. Kenny Glenn, an 8th grader at Lawton Senior High School filmed himself abusing beautiful cat named Dusty who is in care of The Glenns. Best Gore is not about animal cruelty and so far there have … Continue reading “Kenny Glenn from Lawton OK Abusing Cat Dusty”