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Airshow Crash Video from Ukraine that Killed 77 People

This is an oldie airshow crash video that took place at Ukrainian Sknyliv airfield, not far from the town of Lvov on July 27, 2002. Both pilots who were flying a jet fighter Sukhoi Su-27 were found guilty of criminal negligence which killed 77 people. The disaster they caused is still considered the worst air-show … Continue reading “Airshow Crash Video from Ukraine that Killed 77 People”

Ginsu Knife Attack Victim (gory photos)

These pictures were sent in by a dedicated Best Gore reader and I’m being told that the woman was a victim of a Ginsu Knife Attack. Since there are no further details, this may or may not be true. What is apparent form the photos, however is the fact that the woman is still alive. … Continue reading “Ginsu Knife Attack Victim (gory photos)”

Machete Attack Leaves a Guy with Gushing Facial Wound

Good old machete. Such an effective tool for wounding somebody. Large blade is easy to swing and cleaves through flesh like it’s butter. This gushing facial wound is the result of Poso Massacre – the same dispute between Muslims and Christians that’s been going on for decades in Indonesian province of Sulawesi. Looks like the … Continue reading “Machete Attack Leaves a Guy with Gushing Facial Wound”

Severe Leg Trauma – Bloody Pictures from War Camp ER

Doctors recruited to attend to wounded soldiers at war zones get do deal with some of the gnarliest wounds ever. It’s probably a daily occurrence at the war zone ER to have to fix ripped apart limbs or worse. Here’s a collection of photos from war camp ERs specifically focusing on severe leg trauma. One … Continue reading “Severe Leg Trauma – Bloody Pictures from War Camp ER”

Biker Dies Bleeding Profusely not Wearing a Helmet

I’m not a biker, but if I were to guess from these photos, this biker could have lived had he worn a helmet. It looks as though he lost control over his motorcycle, crashed down and hit his head against the pavement as he was falling. The hit was quite bad – judging by how … Continue reading “Biker Dies Bleeding Profusely not Wearing a Helmet”

Face Cracked Across After a Failed Dive (video)

I have seen this video before, but only the beginning of it (aka failed dive that landed a guy’s face on a cliff) including that erotic girly scream from behind the camera, but have never seen the part with the kid in the hospital with his face cracked in two right across. Nasty facial wounds, … Continue reading “Face Cracked Across After a Failed Dive (video)”

Nirvana Rick Roll

What in the… If you have been a Nirvana fan, you’ll feel like you had your childhood Rick Rolled right the fuck out of you. Who the hell came with an idea of complete fusion of Nirvana with Rick Astley and turn Smells Like Teen Spirit into a Rick Roll. Blasphemy!

Showing Off Bloody Emo Cuts on Arms (pics)

There’s nothing like being emo. You can say that nobody understands you, whole world is against you, and you can self inflict pain on yourself by cutting your own skin. And then you take pics of it to show off. I’m not sure what kind of admiration this emo kid was after when he/she took … Continue reading “Showing Off Bloody Emo Cuts on Arms (pics)”

Street Race in Brazil Results in Dead Pedestrians (video)

Good old Brazil and their traffic accidents. It’s easy to notice that when it comes to bad drivers, Brazil ranks right on top. This time it was a combination of a bad driver with desire to show off in a street race. One of the drivers lost control over the car (could be a motorcycle, … Continue reading “Street Race in Brazil Results in Dead Pedestrians (video)”

Teen with Head Impaled (gory pictures)

I don’t know if this was an accident or someone ran this metal rod through kid’s face. None of the pictures shows the far end of the rod – if it looked like it was just cut, it could suggest that the teen run into it and got his head impaled that way. Pictures then … Continue reading “Teen with Head Impaled (gory pictures)”