10 Year Old Boy Mauled to Death by Six Dogs in São Paulo, Brazil

10 Year Old Boy Mauled to Death by Six Dogs in São Paulo, Brazil

10 Year Old Boy Mauled to Death by Six Dogs in São Paulo, Brazil

A 10 year old boy named Luiz Fernando Teixeira de Santana died on Wednesday afternoon after being attacked by six dogs on the ground of an inactive bus company on Avenida Cupecê, in Cidade Ademar, in the South Zone of São Paulo, Brazil. He reportedly entered the grounds by climbing over the fence in order to recover a kite he was playing with that landed there.

A 20 year old man tried to help the boy, and was bitten in the leg. Obviously, no “strong independent woman“™ risked her life to assist the child.

Four mutts, a pittbull, and a rotweiller who were involved in the attack were kept on the grounds as guard dogs. The responding cops opened fire at the attacking animals, killing two and wounding a third. The remaining three dogs were trapped in the kennel inside the property.

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        1. Yeah right , I’ve seen it also ! It’s like 1,000 to 1 , your point is moot kiddo, blacks are overwhelmingly notorious for animal abuse cases and mishandling dangerous dog breeds. I can’t tell you how many tv shows like animal cops show these spooks guilty of exactly what we are talking about, whites are very low on the list bub…… sorry – try again

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      1. Pit Bulls are beautiful and loving dogs. I have two. They are huge and have never even snarled at anyone. But ANY dogs in a pack will join in because they incite each other, especially if the master isn’t there. Also, all of that shrill shrieking and screaming from the crowd definitely egged the dogs on. They made it worse and sealed that poor boys fate.

      2. Bruh ur pretty much the only nigger i see rn ur a piece of shit racist and frankly ur kind are finally coming to end!!!!! i wish that were u or ur child who was inside that fence being mauled to death instead of that poor little boy unlike him u would deserve every bite u recieved

    1. Tantas armas en Brasil y no las sacan en defensa de un niño de 10años.
      De todas formas si hubieran saltado 2 o 3 hombres esa valla hubiesen evitado el almuerzo de los cánidos.
      ¿Tal vez no saltaron porque iban en chanclas?.

    2. What a shit video, it showed nothing. For a drug filled country such as Brazil it was surprising no one had a gun within the crowd. On the other hand who would want to waste a few bullets saving a whore’s bastardized son. 🙂

    3. What a bunch of shrieking pussies. Either help or shut the fuck up already. Dumb ass bitches. I would have jumped int here and grabbed each dog and flung it over the fence into the crowd to make them work. I have two pit bulls, and can curl each with one arm whether they are clamped on my wrist or not. Yeah I would get fucked up by 4 dogs, bad, but at least I could live with myself afterwards.

      1. I used to have a Pitbull in Brazil he was placid though, massive head mind , he smacked it as I was shutting the main gate once ,tried to shoot out smacked his head hard, didn’t bother him one bit.

      2. As if there wasn’t an off duty cop, or 12 in that crowd, that could easily have shot those dogs before waiting for the dogs to rip him apart.
        Hell, this is Brazil, bad as Murcia,as if half of the crowd didn’t have a gun tucked down their pants to help this kid out……..

      3. I couldn’t agree more,those dogs weren’t even that big there must have been over twenty people just screaming as if they cared. So retarded a bunch of virtue signaling fucks I bet his mom was there too, and then they bring the stretcher out it’s like he’s already dead !Now your gonna step in it’s this whole symbolic ritual thing and later they will bring this dead kid flowers or something stupid like that and cry and cry uhuh sure sure. Fuck you

        1. Yup people scream like they’re part of the first responders squad hopefully they think, it will signal someone who has balls. I just dont get, I’ve never been in a situation where a kid is being eaten by dogs, but in e every emergency situation like it I shut the fuck up and look around for some sort of solution or way out. Fuck, If I started screaming like an idiot hopefully somone puts me out of my misery. It’s a dog eat dog world out there and no time fur heroes everyone against everyone out there

          1. At least being the tiny soft lady I am I have the balls to admit I don’t give a shit about the kid and would probably do nothing but I would never stand there claiming to care acting in a panic while keeping perfectly still. See that would be messed up

      4. @glassdogangle
        Those are the facts! Wtf kind of pussies is brazil turning out, anyway? I’d be ashamed to have been within a mile of there and not rushed in and body slammed a fucking dog or 2 or 3 or 4. And I’m a girl!

        What a HORRIFIC and UNFAIR way for an innocent child to have to leave this world, though with that group of fucktards as his only backup, perhaps he was better off to get it over with before he grew up to be just another idiotic fucking Brazillian fag .

    4. This is very sad, he doesn’t go over to help, he sits and records and lets the boy die. What tf is wrong with our black community, and for everyone’s racist ass comments is sad. White people has also done some very messed up things. I don’t speak on it, this world needs to be better, both mentally and physically. We need to stop looking at each other weird and funny because of color. We all bleed the same color blood. Don’t forget that.

        1. Next? Artificial Intelligence is your BOSS, not your co-worker.
          Eg: The Boeing planes that over-rid what the pilots wanted, and crashed the planes.
          All humans will be ‘chipped’ like a dog, so if you escape, they can send and AI robot with Sat-Nav to hunt you down like a fox.
          You stand no chance!
          It’s like Predator, but there’s no Arnold in the movie !
          It’s worth watching ‘Space Odessy 2oo1’ again..

          1. People have already been chipped by way of carrying mobile phones and car/keys etc. They don’t need to insert a barcode under the skin, example being all the millions of fuckwits on social media. Intelligence agents of years gone by must be laughing in their graves.

    1. My first cell phone didn’t have a camera. It could only text and take calls. Back then we used to trap beaver near the creek. Made turtle soup. Burn cow chips in the winter to keep warm. Sometimes the locust swarms would come in August and the chickens would eat so many they would turn green, but we ate the meat anyways. Ate sweet potato pies on birthdays and Christmas. Once or twice a year we’d travel by wagon in to town to pick up supplies. And we didn’t have any credit card debt. Good times.

  1. Dogs are generally fuckin retarded. But so are these pavement apes. I would’ve hopped that fence and booted those fuckin retards in the mouths in hopes of saving the dying retard but these people just gather around the fence to watch. Humanity is a parasite. Hope an ebola outbreak wipes out most of the world. Would be pretty cool.

    1. If anything, this video really shows the depth of human depravity.
      No one even tried to organize anything. You’d think a few guys with balls would band together with some weapons and beat away the dogs. Nope. At least, not these days.

        1. Of course. Anyone who sticks their neck out for anyone is obviously an idiot.
          Or in my case, I would have to be in a state of mind where I didn’t care about myself.
          Which is often true.
          It makes me sad to see this though. I wish times were different.
          It shows how ridiculous things have become.

          1. If it was a loved one on the other side of that fence I woulda went alone even without a weapon.

            But a stranger or a stranger’s kid? Ehhh.
            Ima need some backup before I hop over.

          2. Yep. No one even knows their neighbors anymore these days. I do, but most people don’t. And for many reasons, not necessarily their fault. I don’t like stranger’s kids or any kids at all. All I think about them, is that they are other people’s problems. I have enough self created problems, so I don’t have time to worry about other people’s self created problems. If I have kids, I won’t make them other people’s problems.

  2. I remember one scene from “Bone Tomahawk”. When the Troglodytes decide to “prepare” their food in front of other captive in the kennel. It is obviously painful when you are in no power to save someone, when you still get locking in yourself. Yet, The shrieff still try his best to calm the “food” down. So what are these bitches doing exactly, Yelling, Screaming instead of climbing inside and outnumber these dogs. The kid can be save and yet here they are, Doing nothing.

  3. All of those men there could have stopped that. You just have to be meaner than the dog. Chase it and kick the living shit out of it. All of those guys could have chased those dogs with big rocks and smashed their skulls. But you have to go into rage mode. No fear.

  4. i love how the woman is screaming “the cops are killing the dogs!!!” poor kid had to live in São Paulo,full of idiotic pussies enjoying his death while screaming,that’s truly disgusting,i hope Brazil gets better,but the way the things are going it’s better finding a way to have a weapon to defend myself.

  5. A few thoughts on this mess:

    1) All those fucking “men” standing around and none of them did a fucking thing? Twenty guys hopped that fence those fucking dogs are scattering.

    2) Did the kid really get mauled? The dog’s tails were all wagging maybe they were just playing and the kid was covering up giggling? I could be wrong.

    3) Ok….so, if you’re gonna record the carnage, FUCKING RECORD IT!!Who the fuck filed this Michael J. Fox? You SUCK!!

  6. Why didn’t the helicopter just buzz the dogs, surely would have scared them off.

    Guess they waited until the kid was for sure dead? Lol

    Also for a country with that much gun violence, where’s a gangbanger with a .25 when you need him!!!!

    1. 3 of the hounds managed to escape before the police arrived by tying themselves around the kite and floating off. I believe the last confirmed sighting of them they were spotted drifting approx 500ft above Levante beach, Benidorm Alicante.

  7. “Strong, Independent Women”.

    Independent from what? What makes them so strong?

    I saw a bodycam video of a guy sucker-punch a cop in NYC, then get wrestled to the ground by the guy, while his female “partner” effectively just stood by and did nothing except scream at the guy and “hit” him with her baton.
    It wasn’t until back-up of all male officers did the guy get pulled off the other cop.

  8. Poor kid if only all those strong independent just as good as us men females had jumped in and used their strong independence to good affect the child might still be alive. Women are useless just fuck them spunk on them leave them crusty then kick them out letting them know in the process you find them worthless. (Make sure you record your interactions with all females upon attempting this because she is going to attempt a smear against you and you need evidence for when it does)

  9. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I’m more upset about the dogs being shot. They were doing their job, and this kid was too stupid to stay the fuck out. Where is Darwin’s parents at? Blame them for raising such a stupid child. There are no bad dogs, only bad owners and these puppets did what they were trained to do and they got shot for it.

  10. I shoot feral dogs on sight when they’re on my property. We’ve had packs of them show up and cause trouble. The same goes for feral cats. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs and cats but the feral ones are destructive and dangerous to humans and the dogs I have. I wish people would think twice before they get pets.

      1. I guess there may be a slight chance that this particular 10-year-old boy has allowed himself to indulge in the act of intercourse or masturbation… But we don’t know for certain. Nonetheless, when I see kids die all I can think about is that they never got to feel the dopamine rush that happens during an orgasm. At least they can die happy if they did, you know?

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