10 Year Old Boy Mauled to Death by Six Dogs in São Paulo, Brazil

10 Year Old Boy Mauled to Death by Six Dogs in São Paulo, Brazil

10 Year Old Boy Mauled to Death by Six Dogs in São Paulo, Brazil

A 10 year old boy named Luiz Fernando Teixeira de Santana died on Wednesday afternoon after being attacked by six dogs on the ground of an inactive bus company on Avenida Cupecê, in Cidade Ademar, in the South Zone of São Paulo, Brazil. He reportedly entered the grounds by climbing over the fence in order to recover a kite he was playing with that landed there.

A 20 year old man tried to help the boy, and was bitten in the leg. Obviously, no “strong independent woman“™ risked her life to assist the child.

Four mutts, a pittbull, and a rotweiller who were involved in the attack were kept on the grounds as guard dogs. The responding cops opened fire at the attacking animals, killing two and wounding a third. The remaining three dogs were trapped in the kennel inside the property.

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220 thoughts on “10 Year Old Boy Mauled to Death by Six Dogs in São Paulo, Brazil”

    1. i’m surprised and disgusted that all those grown ass men thought throwing rocks at the dogs was their best option for saving that little boy!!! had they all together jumped that fence the dogs wouldve retreated bcuz they were beyond outnumbered dogs are far from stupid and know when to retreat unless of course it’s rabid.

  1. killing guard dogs simply because they were doing their job of guarding a property, fuck I hate humanity.
    Perhaps try teaching your kids not to jump over fences especially ones that have guard dogs…just a thought.

    poor puppos, such a senseless & preventable death 🙁

    1. For what it’s worth: My dive buddy (She was also a certified Solo Diver) was killed by a shark in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia. (I have one of the teeth taken from her body as a necklace. It was made, and given to me by her family.)

      HUGE credit to the family who sided with me to NOT kill whatever fucking sharks they caught, but to let it be. Thanks to Sea World (The Spit, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia) for fighting to NOT go and just kill sharks for this.

      @haylo87 (Be well, ya fantastic Shiela, you. 😉 )

      1. Hhhhmmm, I call BS on this being given a tooth from the body of the deceased from the shark made into a necklace by her family. Come on, that is so far fetched and unbelievable for so many reasons that I don’t have the energy to list here. But I’m sure everyone agrees…….

  2. In pussy worship country like Brazil them negro mixed favela thots wouldn´t risk their precious flip-flops to stop a mangy dog from taking a lil favela boy eyeballs out,much better to make noise like a banshee on the background to make her rightfull place back as a walking vajayjay on the spotlight…

  3. Cowards. Gangsters one moment, afraid of dogs when there are 15+ people watching a child get mauled alive. Really, staring through the fence, would it be rude if i just walked away texting? Seems the same, maybe i doing more than they, like how to clean up blood from a vacant biotic lot….

    Kill every fucking pitbull in this fucking world, those cunts are killing machines. Of course not a single strong independent feminist bitch came to rescue, she was at home fingering her rotten and ugly pussy. They are “strong” only when they want

  5. My little dog was just attacked yesterday as we took a walk-I had all three of my babies on a leash and this idiot woman had her lab/pit mix ON a leash but wasn’t HOLDING IT, and this fucker charged at us and my little girl started barking because he was running at us and he grabbed her by the neck and shook her. I grabbed that bastard by the neck and pulled him off of her-lucky I wasn’t more hurt in the process and that he backed down. My poor dog screamed she was in so much pain-she is okay thankyou baby Jesus, but I cursed that bitch and her two ugly kids out and told her she was lucky I didn’t call the cops or shoot her piece of shit mutt right there. She literally said, “He doesn’t USUALLY do that unless the other dog barks or growls at him first.” The FUCK??! What dog WOULDN’T growl or bark when a big ass dog is charging them and their owner??? I looked at her and said, “Are you STUPID?? That’s WHAT DOGS DO?!” She promised to keep him on a leash from now on-there WILL be NO second chance-I love dogs but I HATE that fucker and if I see him free the police will be called; or the dog will get a nice shock with my tazer which I carry and will use from now on.

  6. The kid got himself killed. Fuck the cops for killing the dogs for doing their job. The dogs were doing exactly what they were supposed to do. The kid never should have climbed the fence in the first place, Kites can be replaced. Stupid kid wasted more than his own life!

  7. It happened in my country. First, the child was accompanied by his mother, the child jumped the wall of a private plot where the dogs were guarding. Clearly the mother left or did not have time to warn the child not to invade the terrain of others. The dogs only reacted instinctively as if there were an invader attacking the child. Let us make it clear that ANIMALS ARE IRRATIONAL AND ACT INSTRUMENTLY. The mother was wrong not to prevent the boy from jumping the wall, on the other hand it may be that the boy jumped fast giving no time for that mother to stop him. It was a fatality only.

  8. If boy got in, yeller’s can get in, fricken’ find a weapon instead of yelling. If it was my kid I’d be climbing that fucking wall (of course I’m not a dumb cunt) instead of screaming my ass off. How does screaming help!!

  9. Of course, is that shit what happened to the child, but …. He mustn’t just climb onto private property and run around there … where there are also “guard” dogs! Also sad about the dogs, they actually only did their job … and were therefore killed !!! Enclosed: How much to write a bullshit here, incredible… :(~

  10. Brazilian shit here, according to information in the news, the owner of these dogs fed them once a week, and left them there with nothing but water to “protect” the property. because of this fuckings shit “owners”, people just hate pitties like they’re all monsters…

  11. I know this, this case became popular here in Brazil, many people wanted the dogs not to be sacrificed (and they were not), the child entered the property to catch the soccer ball that fell inside and was attacked

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