11 Year Old Boy Teases Caged Tiger at a ZOO, Tiger Attacks, Boy Loses Arm

Upper Arm Shredded by Tiger To the Bone

An 11 year old boy had to have his entire right arm amputated after he was attacked by a tiger at a local ZOO in Cascavel, in the state of ParanΓ‘, Brazil. Prior to teasing the tiger, the boy teased a lion who remained completely tame and ignored the kid. Encouraged, the kid must have thought that since the lion did not hurt him, handling the tiger would be simple and repeatedly stuck his arm in the cage, teasing the tiger with a piece of chicken and trying to pet him. The tiger only put up with this for so long.

The incident occurred on July 30, 2014. There is a protective barrier separating enclosures with animals from the visitor’s walkway, and warning signs warn the public not to step over it. Additional signs prohibit feeding the animals. The boy ignored all these warnings, as did his father who not only allowed him to go all the way to the cage, he even encouraged him to touch the tiger and ignored other visitors who kept telling him to get his kid out of the prohibited zone.

A veterinarian with the Cascavel ZOO said the tiger did not exhibit unusual behavior and advocated against calls to have the animal put down. He said the reason why the tiger attacked was because he’s a wild animal and was being instigated by the boy who acted as a threat.

For the time being, the 3 and a half year old tiger whom they call Hu was transferred to a cage away from the public view where he will remain under observation. The management of the ZOO hopes to put him back on display soon.

The video from the ZOO shows the kid teasing the lion and the tiger and then it shows him after the flesh was stripped off his arm. The juicy bits are blurred:

Video below contains an interview with the kid’s mother who says she’s sorry for the accident but she doesn’t blame the kid’s dad and has forgiven him. Props to Best Gore member Vergne for the video and the translation:

And a gallery of a few pics:

197 thoughts on “11 Year Old Boy Teases Caged Tiger at a ZOO, Tiger Attacks, Boy Loses Arm”

    1. “DarwinE Intervention”. Sort of like the kids now who go online and turn themselves into Roman candle and then try and douse the flames. I say let The Good Man’s Selection take it’s course. The brat was lucky. The father should get turned into kitty treats. I’m not too sure about the mother either considering. Maybe the brat *isn’t* so lucky…

  1. The father had the ultimate responsibility to keep his son safe, he allowed his son to tease the animals and in my opinion, he’s responsible for the child’s injury. I really hope the tiger isn’t put down for the accident, but I won’t hold my breath. The zoo should probably not have him on display for fear of some idiot deciding to dole out ” street justice” to the tiger for this incident.

        1. @it was me
          Just sad that Zoo’s have to keep wild animals, take them out from their natural habitat for the sake of human’s amusement..
          Even here in Ocean Park Hongkong.. dolphins, sharks etc are kept in a huge aquarium..

          Id rather see them in the wild.. πŸ™

  2. This wasn’t the animal’s fault, why didn’t the spastic kid or his shit for brains father deem the animal to be dangerous?.

    Did they arrive at the conclusion, via some shit for brains logic, that just because one member of that particular race of animal is placid and not a threat that they all must be that way.

    It’s people like the above who think it’s a good idea to go on an exploring holiday in Africa.

  3. no cure for STUPIDITY. some lessons in life cost more than others. when you fuck with the tiger you get the fangs and claws. fuck with the bull you get the horns. don’t poke a bear with a stick. nothing likes to be FUCKED with.

  4. @WickedMama your vision of a person fucking with a cat in a cage has now been realized to all our satisfaction. πŸ˜‰ Don’t fuck with animals, sometimes they fuck back.

  5. The lion is like meh. Don’t care about your tidbit. He was G’ing the tiger up a bit though. Props to the big cat for not forgetting his wild side. Epic parenting fails x 2. dad allows kid to tease zoo animals. And mum forgives dad for his stupidity.

    1. They should hang a pork chop necklace around the dad’s neck and let him get close and personal with the nice kitty!!!

      Let’s face it the kid was doomed from birth with both parents having shit for brains!

  6. Clearly this was the work of the zionist pigs in their grand scheme to bring everyone down with them. They implanted a chip into his brain and made him play with the tiger so his arm would be bitten off. Those filthy jews, damn them for running all of western society.

  7. I must thank his father for giving me this most appreciated sacrifice in my name, in my birthday. πŸ˜† I am most pleased with this idiot’s suffering wich will last for the rest of his life. Too bad it wasnt the whole son, but an arm is more than enough.

  8. Animals just shouldn’t be in cages. I love these stories where nature fights back, however the worst thing is when they decide to kill the animal only because it didn’t behave like a child friendly, dumbed down mentally zombie-like fluffy animal.
    Last week my cousins slutty ‘girlfriend’ had to have a few stitches on a cut to her face when his guard dog at his work jumped up as she was petting it. I have protested and protested against having it put down. It’s a fucking guard dog, not a pathetic chihuahua! If it had bad intentions the damage would be much worse, but no, it’s mouth only caught her as she was petting it like some strangers cock she sucked the week before. If it’s put down because it wasn’t acting cute and was actually being an animal then I really would go apeshit.
    When people think of an animal they only see something inferior to a human. I fully believe that we are the pointless scum of the earth and beautiful animals like tigers (which actually play a role in their ecosystems to support other species) are nothing more but zoo exhibits to the majority. I don’t like zoos at all, they shove conservation methods and wildlife protection (only to save their asses) yet they invest in having captively bred characatures of the real wild animals that roam free, who suffer from genetic flaws (for example the White Tiger, purposely inbred to get a white coat to get tourists flocking in), immunological flaws when ‘released’, unbalanced diets, and not having exercise when a steak instead of a living deer is thrown at them, and mental illnesses (not surprising when you are in the same room your entire life.)
    Sorry for the rant!

      1. And he can hurt you just as much, because these dogs are always near the owner’s face or the person holding him.
        These dogs should not be hold like babies all the Time, it makes them much scared, they have to be used to face danger, let them be dogs and they Will act like such.

  9. I think the lion could have fucked him up in the beginning. He just wasn’t sure on zoo policy on animals that fuck people up. To be safe, he just egged the tiger on. “Tiger, the human in the red shirt says he is gonna kick your ass!” That is why they are king of the jungle AND the zoo.

  10. That kid looked out of control running up and down the tiger’s cage like that. Even if the father took the child from the zoo, child would have screamed all the way home. Little brat deserved all he got.

    1. @judge
      I agree, if the tiger never did anything, most of us would say “I wish the tiger could get one second with that kid to teach him not to tease and bully something in a cage. ”

      Well haha, we all got what we wanted. (although would have liked to see a better video)

      At least when this kid grows up he will have a bit more respect for everything.

      And for everyone saying the father is liable and so on. What more could you do to the father worse than having him live with that tragedy. Knowing it was his lack of common sense that caused his child to loose him arm. And the kid growing up thinking “how come my dad let me do this”. I feel bad for the kid and the father, but they got what they deserved. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, that’s why there is BG.

  11. I am 100% convinced that the native species “de Silva”
    only found in the bowels of Brazil, have zero life preservation instincts! Man, imagine what would have happened if the kid was wearing flip flops….christ…

  12. Little shit got what he deserved. The dad needs his punishment as well. My kids are grown but I never took them to the circus and talked my friends and coworkers out of taking their kids as well. The way those evil bastards treat the beautiful animals makes me sick. All for fleshy viruses entertainment. Fuck that.

  13. Fucking idiot parent/kid! If my son even attempted to stick his little finger in a wild animals cage, I’d whoop his butt! You can’t tease animals and then cry about having something traffic happen! Then again, the kid shouldn’t have been allowed to just mess with it either! You play with fire, you get burned! Same kinda thing going on here! Hopefully, he learned his little lesson! Both parent, and kid!

  14. Oh my gosh what beautiful majestic animals, they should be out in the WILD not locked behind bars.

    Thank heavens that vet was there to defend the tiger, stories like these where wild animals are put down for attacking the most STUPID of humans are very enraging and upsetting.

    What a stupid kid indeed, glad he lost his arm, let that be a lesson to him and others.

          1. at least your back in the community. i miss this site and its members when i have a break from here ,feel like were all on the same wavelength on here,well most of us except the occasional troll. been on here near 5 years now bloody hell and i can see myself on here for another 5 years you learn so much about real life. hey alicatt when are me and you trying for our baby ?

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          1. I saw a man flying on TV. think his name was super man. many have tried to fly. but have failed and ended up on bg. same with apes on porn. not all have size.

  15. I really want to see him getting his arm shredded. Teasing caged animals is shameful in my opinion. It it was me in jail and some tiger was holding a half naked woman close enough for me to smell but not fuck i would rip that fucker a new one the fit chance I’d get

    1. caging animals ia ashamed. it makes me sad. i held a baby white tiger before.I fed him a bottle. His name is Bubbles.i donated $100 to the save the tiger fund. It looked like the tigers were a little tranquilized for everyones safety. i am so in love with tigers and always wanted to hold one so bad that when they took him from my arms i cried. they have tiger trainers there telling you how to hold them. He was a beautiful baby tiger. He was very heavy though. he could have caused damage if he got violent.

  16. apparently he had a brain amputation as well…
    stupid kid – he was wayyyy too old to be horsing around like this…he will grow up to be one of those annoying people who need attention 24/7 or are constantly criticizing others toi make themselves look better…….I say toss the rest of him in with the crocs….we have too many of those twats as it is in this world πŸ˜•

  17. What in the fuck is wrong with people? Watching this retard tease the lion is enraging, but what he does with the tiger is mind baffling. He deserved that, and now he’s got no arm to remind him of his own stupidity.

  18. Stupid fucking kid , stupid parents … Common sense clearly wasn’t used here! Its just a shame the kitty didnt get to make a full meal out of the little shit. Any retard who wants to tease not just an animal but a caged animal deserves to be made into lunch .

  19. Yes that was the adults fault…and he was most likely encouraging the child to instigate and taunt the WILD animals and say back and recorded it?!?!

    But that kid looks at least 9-10 years old, I don’t care-that kid knew better!!!
    Some kids are smarter than their parents even his dad was instigating him to get a rude out of this animals-he knew that it was dangerous and is why he was real cautious with the lion and didnt put his fingers in too far…
    If he didnt know better he would have tried to pet it-but he knew what the outcome could be….
    That kid is a little shit and yes, kids make mistakes-but come on! They are both at fault more so the father because he’s supposed to protect his child!
    This kind of shit blows my mind…
    And almost always those poor endangered beautiful wonders of nature are always put down or shot because of someONE (a human) was in the wrong and taunted the animal in its (usually) tiny enclosure…
    It’s very sad!

      1. You are right! Me too!

        I love you The Judge!
        You are never afraid nor do you refrain from telling it how it is frankly as well as matter of factly… And you don’t care what anyone things or if they are offended by you have to say and I’d back you up on your rants, thoughts, slams to ignorant BG community members. Who uninvitedly run their big ignorant comments they think up in their pea-sized brain if you wanna call it that! πŸ˜‰

        Just thought if let you know how you stand in my eyes…
        there’s a big handful of people in the BG community that I really enjoy interacting with along with reading their extremely noble, funny, and awesome comments and point of views…I just hope from my time as bring a member that past 6 months that I am accepted by the “royalty:)” members of best gore and looked at more than just a bitch with a pretty face.

        Thanks so much!!
        You guys are and have been and hopefully continue to accept me as one of you…

        Love ya guys!!

  20. I feel I am being summarily ignored here.

    I mean, I have sent many things and they have not been published yet …

    Many things in mind… Hope guys here did not play like kindergarden’s child and got angry just because I did not support Hammas.

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