6 Year Old Boy Allegedly Eaten by Piranha After Canoe Capsizes

6 Year Old Boy Allegedly Eaten by Piranha After Canoe Capsizes

On January 7th, 6 year old Adrila Muniz was canoeing with his grandmother and some other children in the River Maicuru, in the municipality of Monte Alegre, Brazil, when the canoe hit a rock and capsized. Adrila’s grandmother attempted to get to him but he was sucked into deeper water and disappeared.

Once reaching land, the word was put out and the community went to work searching for the boy. When his body surfaced he was revealed to have been eaten to the bone from his feet to his hips, courtesy of piranha. However Adrila is actually believed to have drowned in the deep water and not directly killed by the fish.

He had been on holiday from his home in Prainha, visiting his grandparents in their Cauรงu community. Shocking end to a fun day in the river.

The victim was a 6 year old girl, not a boy. Sorry for the misinformation.

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    1. ‘”He had been on holiday from his home in Prainha”…

      Has anybody noticed that the town he lived in, almost is called piranha, with the same letters its just the i that has been moved away from the p. That is quite a coincidence i must say. But i feel sorry for the kid, sitting there and having fun in the canoe and next up you’re trying to escape certain death. Poor kid :/

      1. The nomenclature and spelling are crazy. Prainha? Wow. A place with a name like that, no one could be suprised what’s in the water. It’s no wonder they don’t go out with a boat inside of a boat in case something like this happens. boat condom, anyone??

        You cant spell ‘death’ without something from ‘earth’ .

        RIP lil one

        1. @TheRunawayBalls.
          Yes, so I saw. It’s all fine and dandy, but someone really ought to get on the loudhaler while they’re marching and let people know who the ” True Perpetrators ” of the Islamization of Europe are.
          Islam ain’t the problem bud, although they’re not squeeky clean themselves.
          Good luck with stomping some ewe’s !! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Piranhas didn’t kill the kid, it was dead already, Piranhas aren’t as aggressive as they are made out to be.

      It’s one of the arrogant traits of fv to think that any other creature which they remotely don’t like, should be exterminated. Other lifeforms were there way before fv arrived, yet fv think they are somehow superior and they have the right to kill everything else on the planet. That’s what makes fv the most destructive, therefore undesirable, entities on this planet.

  1. Funny part of this is the title. ALLEGEDLY like, hmmm, suspicious goings on here… Kid gristled to the bone, stuffed well-fed grandmama, and a fridge full of “veal” yet SHE says, piranah. Hmmmmm

  2. If he drown and wasn’t eaten alive by the fish, then why is it only his bottom half that’s eaten? When you drown you aren’t bobbing up and down, head and torso out of the water. Looks like he had a hold of something floating as they nibbled him to death.

  3. Is the name of his hometown really Prainha?
    Piranha just with the letters mixed up?
    seriously? If so…I think it was his destiny to die the way he did. For it to be just a coincidence would be too much of a coincidence.

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