7 Year Old Boy Survives Pitbull Attack with Face Gnawed Off

7 Year Old Boy Survives Pitbull Attack with Face Gnawed Off

What you see in the photo above is a 7 year old boy who survived a pit bull attack. The pup literally gnawed off part of boy’s face, exposing his gums and teeth. Still, plastic surgeons who were in charge of boy’s facial reconstruction managed to patch him up pretty good. I mean – he’s not like new, but considering that chunk of flesh was completely missing (probably chewed on by the pitbull beyond any medical use), the job they did is remarkable. They must have used flash from his back or maybe a family member donated muscle tissue? Either way – impressive.

Many thanks to drccoco for the pics:

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135 thoughts on “7 Year Old Boy Survives Pitbull Attack with Face Gnawed Off”

  1. Probably a pitbull from a Nig. Nigs always have pitbulls around as if it makes them look tougher.

    My God why do we still have those animals roaming our streets. They attack and maul people, and usually prey on the young, weak, and old. Jesus, lock those things in cage of steel bars somewhere.

  2. Aww who’s a cute lil doggy? Who’s a cute lil doggy?

    Fuck dogs, I’m definitely against animal cruelty, but if a bitch ass dog try to fuck with me, that is as far as you have come young pup.

    Thats why my only pet is a bitchin’ bird! Hell yeah!!

  3. a Pitbull would rival that of a mountain lion i have a Pitbull Rottweiler mix chained up in my back yard they’er not dangerous if you know what to feed it ALL red meat would make it a savage beast mine acts like A BIG BABY

    1. @t, a dog is supposed to be mans best friend, part of the family. Why would ya keep it “chained up” in your back yard? If he’s not dangerous, why isn’t he inside chillin’ with the family? And a dogs temperament is brought about,not by the way it’s fed, but by the way it’s brought up.

      1. @lunatic, even then some dogs turn aggressive for no good reason, it IS the breed too, a smaller dog just doesn’t have the jaw power to rip chunks off like this! Even most big dogs don’t have a set of jaws like a ‘pit-bull’, these sort of injuries are not uncommon in ‘pit-bull/rottweiler’ (type dog) attacks.

          1. not only how its brought up…it could be the most loyal dog in the world and stilll attack through no fault of its own…for instance…a while back a woman had a dog all her life…she was chillin watchin telly one night with the dog laying on the couch beside her….she sneezed and the dog got a fright and turned round and bit her nose off……freak accident but it only takes the slightest thing

          2. @Miss.Goresexual so you’re gonna tell me a ‘little dog’ can do damage like this in ONE BITE? The little dog/ big dog bite argument just doesn’t cut it, there’s NO comparison, a little dog would have to gnaw away all day to get a result like this! Little dog’s may bite ankle’s (and they shouldn’t get away with it) but the fact is many DEATH’S occur each year from ‘pit type’ dog’s, (that better? it cover’s them ALL). Over 35 people were killed by dogs in the US last year, a high % were by ‘pit type’ dogs, but there’s a name for people who try and deny these facts ‘pidiot’s’! (I didn’t make it up)

        1. @Tiger Actually, it’s not a breed thing, the reason so many little dogs are little ankle biting yappers is because the owners let the dogs get away with that! I was talking to this one chick, and she said the way she handles her dogs is she ignores the bad behaviors and praises the good, I just asked “your dogs are little dogs aren’t they?” and she said “yeah…and?” And I said “now, what if a Rottweiler was misbehaving like your dogs?” And she was all “well that’s totally different!” and I was just…*pokerface*
          When remedial, irresponsible owners own big dogs and treat them like how people treat little dogs, you get something like this, a kid with half his face ripped off.

          I’d be willing to bet the dog that attacked the boy wasn’t even a American Pit Bull Terrier, my guess it was some big headed mutt, or a “American Bully” someone was trying to pass as a big bloodlined APBT. If you actually see the dog in most of these “Pit Bull” attacks, the dog is not even a “Pit Bull.”

          1. I wasn’t trying to compare little dogs to big dogs, I was saying it’s not a breed thing. Little dogs and “Pit Bulls” are the most bred dog breeds by Puppy mills and backyards breeders, passing over even Labs and Goldens now, and with such poorly bred dogs and ignorant and irresponsible owners, things like this happen. But people think it’s just because of the breed, but here in the US, a more common dog is going to rank higher on the “bite scale” than a more rare dog. Like even though Turkmen Alabai is a VERY aggressive dog typically it would not even be rated on the list of dangerous dogs here in the States because they’re are virtually non existent here, especially compared to “Pit Bull” dogs, so ANY stats that you try to go off of would be void because they would be incorrect. There is no “aggressive breeds” just poor breeding and remedial owners that shouldn’t own dogs.

          2. Well I know what ‘breed’ I don’t want to be bitten by!, I actually don’t want to be bitten again by ANY dog, but for sheer damage, I don’t want to be bitten by a pit-type breed.

      1. I had a chunk taken out of my arm when I was four. I hardly even remember it. The same dog took a hunk out of the back of my neighbors leg. Can’t really hate the dog though, his owner was abusive. Glad it wasn’t my face, or as bad as that little boy.

      2. Now it decides to work. -_-

        Anyway. I had a chunk taken out of my arm when I was four. I hardly even remember it. The same dog took a hunk out of the back of my neighbors leg as well. You can’t really hate the dog. His owner was abusive. Glad that it wasn’t my face or as bad as that little boy.

          1. @Tiger Yeah, you would think that, however a dog bites because something triggers it, like a kid coming up and petting it the wrong way or startling it by puling it’s ears or something like that. If a dog is terrified of it’s abusive owner, it will “shut down” during the abuse, but then when a stranger, like a kid comes along, the dog feels it must “protect” itself from this stranger to keep it from hurting the dog, which the dog if abused is going to think all humans are going to hurt it, and even a dog knows that a child is no match for it.

          2. I went to pet him, and I guess I had gotten close to his food dish, and he thought I was trying to take it and he bit me. I don’t know why he bit my neighbor though.

          3. My friend’s dog who had seen me over 200 times!, just decided to bite my leg one day? In a panic I jumped over the fence to escape (the dog didn’t follow) when I saw my leg I really freaked out and jumped onto the roof of the nearest car!

          1. @MM a lot of the time it’s a ‘hunting’ instinct that comes out in the dog, the dog may never have had any abuse whatsoever, just some primitive thing in their head makes them bite! Many dogs from really good homes with proper training etc. STILL bite.

      3. The dog was abused. I was friends with the owners his step-daughter. Even she had seen him kick the dog, hit him. He chained him up behind a shed, next to there house. I would go up and pet him every day, I still think that he thought that I was going to take his food. I don’t blame the dog though. I hate people who abuse animals. They need their heads bashed in.

  4. Most likely they harvested the extraneous muscle tissue from the abdomen. There are many muscles in that region that are commonly used in reconstructive surgeries. As far as the skin graft is concerned it probably came off his ass, also very common. Just think, skin grafted from his lower cheek to his upper one resulting in an honest case of ass face.

    1. @tiger, how dare you wanna cheat on me with this dude @sadistrotech! only i am hollywood handsome on this site. the bg bitches are mine. no other cocks are permitted or welcome in the hen house. i will travel down under and do nasty things to/with you.

  5. Poor kid. Can’t really blame the dog though…they don’t really attack just for shits and giggles. The child probably provoked it somehow, and depending on how the dog was brought up and its temperament from training; if there was any, the kid could’ve done anything to make it turn and snap. Pitbulls are very mistaken dogs, but they’re renowned for their aggressiveness and jaw power. You marvelous people already know that for sure. I feel bad for both the dog and the kid in this scenario, glad the kid got his face patched, but sorry for the dog for making a mistake it can’t be forgiven for and probably put to sleep. Well, sometimes that is the best option for “aggressive” dogs who are either defending themselves or are provoked or just doing their duty…although it isn’t the surefire one.

    In the future this kid’s probably going to come to Best Gore, and find the picture from his mauling accident…man wouldn’t that be a conversation piece at dinner time with grandma? But I wonder if the kid made it without surgery, if he would become a cast member for zombie films/shows. Cause damn that is a pretty sick ass wound! (lolz, long post is long, forgive me!)

    1. Unfortunately many dogs DO attack for no good reason, how do you know this boy wasn’t just walking home from school and the dog burst out of its yard and bit his face? Or is that a ‘good’ enough reason, the dog was defending it’s property? On the other side of the road? Pit-type dogs have a terrible reputation for one reason, they KILL many people every year!

      1. Guns kill many people too. So do cars,trains,drugs,stupidity,other people etc etc etc… MY Pit/Dogo mix and Cane Corso would change your mind. That I could promise you. Mine have been raised with 2 little boys and a chi named Waffles. My dogs are portective,yes,but not aggressive. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t desire that traitin a dog. Spay/neuter actually HELPS aggressive tendencies. And most dog attacks are done by unaltered MALES and the majority of victems are little boys. Coincidence?

  6. Aww imagine he stayed like in the first picture he’d look like that villain from batman so bad ass but bet his parents fixed his mouth just so he can go normal to school without freaking out the rest of the children

    1. Actually they originated in England. Pit bull isn’t really a breed. They are terriers. The term pit bull comes from people putting dogs in a pit to fight. There’s always a barney bad ass who has a pit bull or two to ‘prove’ how tough they supposedly are.

  7. If it was possible to continue life without the plastic surgery and have a big chunk missing, i wonder what common events would be like..

    “Trick or treat!…Oh. nice make up kid”

    “I wanna play doctors, Micky you play zombie again :3”
    ^Dont ask.

  8. Dog have personalities just like humans….There are nice ones ,mean prick ones,retarded ones,psycho ones ect…Of course there are different situations that may trigger a dog to fly off the handle but for the most part a dog of any breed can be a lovable friendly dog or bloodthirsty maniac.

    1. Ive had some bad experiences with evil dogs in the past (none of my own) but for the dog that did this the rightful thing for the owner to do would be to take the dog out on the street corner and shoot it in front of everybody.

  9. I’m juts going to put this here and let you figure out what I’m thinking
    What people searched for to land here:
    sex reassignment gone wrong

  10. We’ve had so many pitbull attacks here in Ontario that they’re actually banned from the province. If you already own one then it has to be muzzled and leashed every time it leaves the house.
    Pitbulls do have a high attack rate on them but a lot has to do with it’s up bringing and kids tend to tease dogs. I’ve seen it a million times and they get bit over then go cry to their mommy. They’re short tempered dogs.

      1. Someones been spending a bit too much time at dogsbite.org. That’s a sight for terrified iggnorant people who feed off eachothers fear. Plain and simple. Before the breed,a dog is just a dog. A chi can be just as aggressive as a pitbull type dog. Only no one makes a big deal out of it because its a small dog and folks think its funny. What’s the most popular dog breed in the world? A labrador retriever. Pitbulls are the most easily accessible and most abused dog on the planet. Think of how many there are in the US alone. Yes,they do have the highest bite statistic,but guess who comes in at #2… Labrador Retrievers. More of a certain breed/race etc is of course goingto mean more done by it. I own an 80lb Cane Corso and a 60lb Pitbull/Dogo mix. When people visit sights like dogsbite without any previous knowledge of the pitbull type breed and only fear to go on,what do you think its going to do to that person? Scare the hell outta them! But look at how many pitbulls there are and then look at the percentage that have actually bitten or injured someone and you’ll find its actually a very small percentage. Ignorance spreads lies.

  11. The pitbull was probably very hungry or starving. Seriously, they need to exterminate pitbulls off the planet, those dogs can be dangerous, I know they are capable of love but they are also capable of tearing your body apart.

  12. not the dogs fault at all its the stupid owners fault for making it vicious, i have a pitbull (Bouncer), Staffy X Rhodesian Ridgeback (Alfie) and a Chihuahua (Chico my 3 fave dogs and they are so good together, with strangers, Alfie never bites growls barks chews furniture or anything like that Chico is a bit noisy but if he ever bites anyone they could just flick him away lol and Bouncer is a bit hyper hence the name, he liked to jump on and off the sofa loads of times in a row, its all down to how you train them. I have trained Bouncer to be good with people out on walks but i have also trained him to guard my home. but anyway i bet that pit had to be murdered for doing that nasty piece of work on that kids face oohh welll

    1. exactly!!! thank you shedevilvixon…before this it was rottweilers, then german sheps, before that dobes were hated…any dog/animal can attack a human….quite frankly..can you blame them??? Some massive twats out there, i would attack too!

  13. I have three pit bulls at the moment and they are big babies. One of them was a bused by a previous owner, but he’s as sweet as can be. At some point a few years ago, I lived with five pit bull puppies, their mother and father and another pit bull. Pit bulls are not bad, it depends on how their owners treat them. I treat mine with love and care NOT fear and intimidation. Also, I NEVER have mine chained up.

  14. Pits are just too dangerous to be around kids and elderly people. I bet it was probably his families dog that was so sweet and so good with kids and then one day for no reason this happened. The combination of pit bulls, rottweilers, their close mixes and wolf hybrids:
    77% of attacks that induce bodily harm
    73% of attacks to children
    81% of attack to adults
    68% of attacks that result in fatalities
    76% that result in maiming

  15. The combination of pit bulls, rottweilers, their close mixes and wolf hybrids:
    77% of attacks that induce bodily harm
    73% of attacks to children
    81% of attack to adults
    68% of attacks that result in fatalities
    76% that result in maiming

  16. The ones at fault here are the parents for lack of supervision and the owners of the dogs for also lack of supervision; had these things been met this wouldn’t have happened… but we also would never seen it post here <:O So whats more fucked up???

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