7 Year Old Girl Attacked by Pit Bull in San Miguel, Argentina

7 Year Old Girl Attacked by Pit Bull in San Miguel, Argentina

7 Year Old Girl Attacked by Pit Bull in San Miguel, Argentina

In San Miguel, Argentina, a pit bull attacked a 7 year old girl on a street. Family members as well as passers by tried to free the girl from the dog’s gnaw, but it took them more than a minute.

The dog caused an exposed fracture in one of the child’s legs. Thanks to the rapid surgical intervention, she didn’t loose the appendage.

The relatives said that the dog was loose, without a collar, without a muzzle and that they had already identified the owner. However said owner refuses to take ownership of the dog and claims the animal is not his.

The girl’s aunt later found out the owner had wanted to sell the dog, but later abandoned him in a field because it had bitten his nephew.

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    1. ok ill remember that,in england that dog would be stabbed to death,lot of guys here carry tools..poor girl that was bad so bad..the bastard dog would not let go even when hes back legs in the air and kicks to belly..maybe dislocating ,breaking back legs would shake him off..each guy grab a leg and pull make a wish like a chicken wishbone.

      1. It’s true. I carry a knife, just in case I feel the urge to whittle you understand, and when you’re over 50 no one thinks you might be carrying. Everyone around here is packing something. It’s so rough that bouncers check you for weapons before you can go into the pub. If they find that you haven’t got one they’ll lend you one before you go in.

        I was told once that the best and quickest way to get a dog off of someone is to grab the back of their collar, if they have one, and twist as hard as you can. That throttles the dog and it’s forced to let go. I suppose, after that you keep twisting until it’s dead. I have no idea how effective this is and I don’t want to find out. I think stabbing it as many times as you can, as quickly as possible is probably the surer method.

          1. I don’t think I’d be able to do anything to it, plus I despise children so I honestly wouldn’t have any kind of motivation.

            Your username does make me curious as to what you would be doing to the kid after you saved it though, so probably helps if you have *that* kind of motivation!

        1. This is actually true. Dogs are way more sturdy than people think. Especially a pitbull type. You could beat that thing for days and not hurt it. They get their eyes ripped out all the time and don’t stop. Everyone thinks they’d know what to do till it’s them in the fight. Trust me it never goes the way you’d think. Best solution if you can think in the moment stuff something up it’s ass. It’ll let go immediately

          1. Just grab any paw you can and snap it back.
            The dog will let go immediately, trust me on that one.
            I mean this would be the next best thing if you can’t find something quickly and effective to jam right up his dog ass.

          2. but what if you kick the dog so freaking hard like 3 times… his bones will be crushed
            and I’m not talking about the guy in the vid his kicks were girl like

        1. By calling EA a bastard, only supports why many animals have the same disposition as their owners. I was a meter reader for years, and found this to be very true.

          @royalflush2112 was spot on, in his comment regarding animal control and responsibility.

          As a pet owner yourself, you should’ve mentioned this in your comment as well.

          Being proud of your pet is fine. However personal EGO, can get a lot of people hurt or killed.

        2. No shit, this is a very unfortunate event but the poor dog has almost certainly been abused and conditioned to behave like this. We can’t fault the dog any more than we would fault a wild wolf for attacking a child in the wilderness.

          1. 66% of deaths from dogs come from one breed- shitbulls, and they’re almost all children. We can blame the owners alright… for owning one in the first place. The same way I would fault someone for owning a wild wolf.

        3. There is a huge difference between a responsible pitbull owner, and the many fucktards we see as the result of a situation like this. Thank you for raising your dog right, but in the wrong hands these dogs are lethal. I don’t think we need “gun check” equivalents for pit owners, but shit, maybe they can at least confirm the owner isn’t a total degenerate, first?

        4. and for the longest time i was a pitbull owner, gave her to a family in the country cause the city is to hectic, still if a pitbull even attempts to hurt a child best chance is put it down because if it trys to attack once it will do it again, and the next time it could be fatal to the children

      1. Valid point, the dog doesn’t really understand what it’s doing, if you can’t keep your animal in control you shouldn’t own an animal, the dog is the owner’s responsibility so anything the dog does the owner should be held accountable imo

      2. I don’t know if I would euthanize the owner. However, denying the ownership of the dog after this, should make him 100% responsible of the crime. Yes crime!

        I can’t count the number of times, where I’ve almost hit a dog. On many occasions, I know where the dog lives. Unfortunately in many counties surrounding where I live, animal control is nearly non existent. Recently, I have (6) complaints filed with a county, that simply won’t enforcement our state’s animal control law. Not because I make issue of a dog running around unnecessarily, but a particular owner, has 4 aggressive dogs I have to watch, when delivering newspapers. I carry pepper spray now. However it still pisses me off because now, it places the dogs as a potential victim, in the event that I have to defend myself.

        I haven’t seen the dogs recently. About two months ago, I called the pet owner’s county police department, and threatened a civil/criminal lawsuit against them, in the event I’m injured performing a job. They have this on file, on their 911 call I made to them.

        Thank God for mobile phones I guess. I could only imagine me or someone else getting stranded out there, only to be mauled by a bunch of aggressive dogs, not under the supervision of their irresponsible owners.

        …and for me or others, not under any pretense of harming the owner, his family or the property he owns.

    2. 100% agreed, that leg is not going to recover, no matter how many surgical interventions they do, bunch of fucking gipsies motherfuckers, I am from Arg and many people owns those fucking dogs, ugly, rotten and dirty houses, with those fucking dogs living in extremely poor conditions, IDK why the fuck they don’t ban those dogs, guess they don’t give a fuck about people’s safety

    3. whats sad is Ive owned many of pit bulls and they are fighter dogs ,no one should own one without going to pit bull school no kidding there very sweet but this dog was abandoned no love what do people expect. feel bad for dog and girl.wth,that dog will die.now sad girl will win but will be afraid of dogs.and most likly will hurt dogs.

    4. There’s a video of a pitbull attacking a small dog (or was it a cat? ), I’m not sure if I saw it here or on YT, but it shows a bunch of people desperately attempting to free the small animal from the pitbull’s stubborn grip using various methods from choking to punching to kicking full force and nothing works until this man comes up and reaches under the pitbull and squeezes his balls. The pitbull immediately releases and has a “WTF?” look on his face.

      If I remember correctly, the small animal survived as it only clamped down on a fold of skin but the suspense and desperation in watching such a long, drawn-out struggle was bad enough with a small animal as the prey. Watching a little girl suffer the same fate only makes me wonder the agony the mother was going through. I’m sure she had more than enough time to consider the very real possibility she would lose her beloved child that day in the most gruesome way possible. Maybe she feared the dog would go after her neck next and then it would be over.

      My hat off to every one of those individuals who attempted to free the girl and who eventually saved her life because the possibility the dog will turn on you is very real and they literally risked their lives for that little girl. I don’t think I would be brave enough to risk being mauled to death but who knows with a child being torn apart in front of you and her mother’s desperate cries for help maybe I would feel compelled to risk it all to help.

      I keep reminding myself, for the past 3 years, to purchase pepper spray and a small pocket knife but I keep putting it off. I began to consider getting those items after two spontaneous encounters I had while out jogging where a dog randomly jumped at me as I turned a corner. Both times it involved a dog walker with a leash and the dog was friendly and just wanted to greet me but the suddeness of the encounters startled me enough to leave me somewhat traumatized because of that terror one feels when an animal comes at you and lunges forcibly and that 2 seconds of feeling like prey was too much for me that I now use my hard-working treadmill.

      About 2 years ago I did extensive research on pepper sprays and it actually made choosing one even more difficult as you become aware of so many details that are important to their effectiveness and can’t decide as every variation has its pros and cons so you must compromise in certain areas. For example, Ideally, I’d want a spay that is easy to carry on your person with minimal visibility and easy, quick access. The triggering mechanism has to be absolutely reliable and safe at the same time, meaning I won’t accidentally squirt myself while fastening it to my body or mistakenly have it pointed my direction in a life / death situation, accidentally blasting myself in the face and handing myself to a pitbull for supper on a silver platter.

      The stream has to be powerful and prescise. It must not clog over time of no usage so that it is useless if needed. It shouldn’t need to be shaken for its contents to mix for max effectiveness. The stream must have plenty of reach for long distances; I don’t want to wait until the beast is 5 feet away from clamping its powerful jaws down on a body part. The solution has to be incredibly effective so that it doesn’t just anger the beast but makes it run away whimpering in severe pain and agony. It must work instantly and infest even the immediate airspace so if I miss its eyes, it will inhale it into its lungs and burn like a motherfucker.

      My research was very frustrating as not a single one met all of those needs, which to me, are all essential. This video made me want to pick up where I left off and actually purchase one this time. Any reccomendations from you guys would be great. I trust you lot more than the Amazon reviews and product testers on YT; they all seem to be motivated by freebies and payouts by companies for good reviews and many reviews on Amazon in general are as fake as fuck.

      And what better place to get advice on safety than a site that makes you worry about it to the max?

      1. Wow you really invested time into researching sprays, kudos. Personally I use a spray called Back Off. It’s what we are issued as letter carriers. I’ve been attacked by more dogs than I can begin to count. Most times I’ve been lucky, only once failing to get away in time to avoid blood being drawn. What a day that was, triple teamed by a poodle, chihuahua, and pit Bull. I could swear they had an attack plan, the poodle and pit Bull moving to flank me from wither side while the little chihuahua came full force dead ahead. It was actually impressive how coordinated it looked.

        Anyway I managed to get out of that only being bit by, funny enough, the chihuahua. I learned a lot being attacked by dogs throughout the years.

        Like for instance, no matter the breed of dog, you are usually able to buy yourself a few seconds to think of your next move if you posture up, look menacing and make a noise when they come at you. Dogs tend to hesitate when you do this. This does not always work, but a way to know is if the dog changes it’s angle of attack in response. While doing all of this, you should always be going for your spray/scanning for a safe place to get away.

        Running only works if you have a way to divide yourself from the dog quickly, it also encourages them to chase and continue the attack.

        That spray, Back Off, has worked on every single dog I’ve used it on, from a pretty good distance too, only once it failed me, and I believe I had just missed my target by too great a distance in my panic. A few times the fumes alone caused the dogs to cough and sneeze profusely, stopping their attack temporarily. Once, on a windy day, the fumes blew back into my face and it sucked, strong stuff that Back Off. This has worked on pit bulls and German shepherds, Rottys, etc.

        I am sure you can find it online, I do not know if it’s a regular consumer spray however, meaning one that is made for anyone outside of the postal service. Worth checking it out anyway.

        I hope this helped you!

  1. A brother ov a who’re sun ,
    Son ov army of thousand busterds..
    If there are a kind i hate the most
    This are evill son’s ov who’res like this dog owner…i hope that family sue
    Him so he will have to pay few millions…
    Isaw allready life destroyed by xases like this one..
    And dog? Shuld be put in oven made by Siemens at full power… This kind of animals need to ve exterminated
    That an ugly and false way to try show off like you are “the man”….

      1. Burn him alive with his god machine….
        Those kinds of animals are a genetically engineered combined to be useless lije their owners… Need the same end
        People got killed or little children got face destroyed , that will grow to be ugly and unattractive , abused by others as a joke …
        I wonder how he didn’t get a street justice..

          1. You joking , but there are people with that…
            Personally, my mother has been attacked by a dog who ripped a piece from here face, sergons have stitch it back… She have a small scare…

  2. Well damn! same thing happened today, I was walking on the sidewalk and on the other side two guys with a rottweiler, they passed by an arrogant kid who just threw something at the dog, the dog ran and pushed him on the ground, but luckily he didn’t bite his neck off.

          1. @deathtomohels and you’ve proven yourself to be a butt hurt little grammar faggot, nothing was even wrong with the way I type lol, I type fast and I’m never sober so mistakes are possible, crying about it just makes you look like a faggot imo

      1. The origin of the American Pit Bull Terrier is distant, the first crosses of terriers and bulldogs date back to the end of the 18th century. The primary need was to produce strong, fast and agile dogs to kill the wild predators that threatened agricultural activities by feeding on farm animals. Mastiff and bulldog type dogs were available, but not fast enough to capture wolves, coyotes, or foxes. The selection of the best terrier and bulldog crosses was made in an artificial way, by pitting dogs against each other, to promote the reproduction of the victors, a fact which was widely accepted socially at the time, although cruel, bloody and causing much suffering
        White men creation

    1. I believe in responsible dog ownership. Your dog does damage, then you get damaged ,simple as that. I don’t care if the ex -owner loved his dog and felt sorry for it and thus left it live in the woods. His love for the dog or carelessness cost this girl her leg. If this had been my blood the owner would have to hide because I’d want my pound of flesh.

      A dog should always be properly -trained and under the control of its owner . ALWAYS.

    1. the lil dog then sees it’s a fucking pitbull, he immediately freezes and start to see pictures in his head of himself getting slashed, broken bones and dismembered by that breed beast, then desperatly backs off and runs out crying and screaming out loud mommy’s name. What a shame dog!

  3. What a fucking retard! kicking that piece of shit dog like a pussy! cut the fucking dog neck you fucking dumbo, or stab it’s eyes! those kind of animals should be banned everywhere, they are loose killing machines, that dog could have easily killed that little girl, the owner should be sentenced to death

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        2. 2016 “The Color of Crime” report
          A revised “The Color of Crime” report was released in 2016. Major stated findings included:

          There are dramatic race differences in crime rates. Asians have the lowest rates, followed by whites, and then Hispanics. Blacks have notably high crime rates. This pattern holds true for virtually all crime categories and for virtually all age groups.
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          If New York City were all white, the murder rate would drop by 91 percent, the robbery rate by 81 percent, and the shootings rate by 97 percent. In an all­-white Chicago, murder would decline 90 percent, rape by 81 percent, and robbery by 90 percent.

  4. Isn’t it obvious yet that these dogs are an unstable abomination and should be extinct? Theses pieces of trash were deliberately bred to be ruthless, cruel, and most of all, EFFECTIVE. You don’t have to agree, but there is nothing anyone can say to defend these worthless animals.

  5. The only thing that came to my mind was grab firmly with your fingers the dog’s trachea, press it and pull it with all your mighty. But maybe they couldn’t think or they did think about it, but I bet they were covered with fear of getting bitten. Who wouldn’t, right? That dog is a monster. Always there are retards walking with that animal without using a muzzle. Those fucking losers need to be clubbed nicely and slow to teach them a lesson.

  6. People have to learn how to cut a throat with a knife. We don’t have the natural tools, like strength, claws and teeth but that can be easily remedied with a simple knife. Push it in, severe the artery, and it’s over, it will die quickly. I grew up on a farm, I’ve cut many throats, it’s a very quick and reliable way to kill, especially if the animal is attacking something else. We have a lot of heroes here, but no one is armed with a weapon and no one knows how to quickly kill the animal, it took too long to get it off and the girl sustained a lot of damage.

  7. The poor animal is not to blame. It is only the reflection of the ignorant idiot who badly raised him. As the owner of a Belgian Shepherd, I know what I’m talking about. Dogs are wonderful animals. But there are always idiots who try relentlessly to turn them into killing machines.

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