8 Inches Long Loa Loa Worm Removed from Eye of Patient in India

8 Inches Long Loa Loa Worm Removed from Eye of Patient in India

Eye surgeon in this video claims that this is the longest Loa Loa worm that’s been removed from an eye of a human patient and filmed on camera ever. At 8 inches, the worm was certainly something to have inside the eyeball.

The video is 11 minutes long but only the first 3 and a half minutes are the footage of the eye surgery. The rest is commentary by Dr. Ashley Thomas Jacob from Mulamoottil Eye Hospital in India who explains what a Loa Loa worm is, how it gets transferred to a human body and how the transmission can be prevented.

The doc says Loa Loa worms are indigenous to West Africa but its carriers sometimes make it to other parts of the world in shipping containers. He calls the carriers mangrove flies, which I believe are what is more commonly known as deer flies – large biting insects that lacerate the skin and lap up blood from the wound, instead of sucking it out like mosquitoes. The eggs are introduced into the bloodstream from the fly’s saliva.

As the worm hatches and develops, it can migrate to various parts of the body, most commonly to the eye, lungs or heart.

Props to Best Gore member chizzlethizzle for the video. The video was produced by Invis Multimedia in India:

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  1. I like Indian accents.

    I also like eye surgery videos. To see such an INDESTRUCTIBLE part of our body being invaded by what amounts to Your Loser Uncle, is fascinating. Worms. What a bunch of clever losers. They’re like unemployed bums sitting on a couch waiting for their benefits to come down. In this case, whatever we put into our bodies to feed them. Parasitic bastards………………….

      1. I was forced into Internet Exile when one day all of the sudden my computer decided to quit on me. I was out for about a month because of that random BS. Everything’s cool now, though. New desktop, and a new laptop, for a back up. 馃檪

      1. I don’t know why, but fucking crane flies scare the shit out of me. If one is in a particular room, I stay out of it. Wasps, hornets, camel spiders and stuff that can actually harm you don’t bug me though. I had a cockroach crawl on me at a soup kitchen in skid row in LA when I was sleeping and it didn’t bother me. Oh well.

  2. its always middle east Asian countrys that have the freakiest and freakish diseases/bodily mishaps. do they have different dna strands susceptible to this shit ? time will tell ,but in the meanwhile white women are breeding with these genetic freaks

  3. I’m such a push over juice, I watched it just for you. I have to say though it was nowhere near as bad as I thought, it didn’t hardly give me the hebejeebies at all. I’m getting tough.
    Now it’s your turn to watch a cockroach vid.

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