African Kid Has Feet Infested with Jiggers (Chigoe Flea)

African Kid Has Feet Infested with Jiggers (Chigoe Flea)

Jiggers is a common name for the Chigoe Flea – parasitic organism that sucks the blood of warmblooded hosts, such as humans. Male Jiggers just latch on the host and have a meal, but female Jiggers burrow under host’s skin where they feed on host’s blood vessels for weeks.

While in host’s skin, female Jiggers develop eggs and as they do, they expend in size, causing the host irritation and discomfort. Jiggers infestation can lead to significant deformation of affected areas, and other cosmetic issues, such as the loss of nails. Left untreated, they can lead to threatening infections.

While waiting for the host to latch on, Jiggers live on the ground and attack exposed skin as soon as it comes within reach. For that reason, Jiggers infestations mostly occur on mammals’ feet. However Chigoe Fleas have been observed to take high leaps, and sometimes spread to other body parts as well.

The African kid in the video below has both his feet and hands infested with Jiggers. The video shows a medic attempting to remove the fleas from under his skin.

Props to Best Gore member irisflower for the video:


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    1. Well no doubt about it….that doctor is an expert in jiggers. The dude talks about their social habbits their, attack style, male jiggers, female jiggers and of course baby jiggers. If you want to know about jiggers. . .talk to doctor jigger. Doubtless a hot date. .if you like jiggers…

    1. Yeah. I want to know how that kid let them get that bad. Couldn’t he have picked them off much earlier? And wearing some kind of shoes would be a good idea too. Jesus christ.

    1. @eficaz – me too.
      many times (like many similar people) i have got onto the net, i mind of searching for one thing or another… only to end up watching videos of jiggers, botflies, mango worms , giant zits, blackheads, and serbatious cysts being squeezed out.
      just so satisfying.

  1. We have a Jig problem in my country as well.

    The male Jig does indeed live on the ground and attack those who come near it, often targeting white females with exposed skin.

    The female Jigs lay eggs and then expand in size by eating too much which can cause irritation and discomfort to the eyes of passer-bys.

    However all Jigs survive by latching onto the host and acting like parasites.

  2. This is one of the common diseases in Africa which is totally ignored. From my own judgement, I think about 3 in 5 of every African has these Jiggers though they may not be as severe as in this kid. They are caused mostly through second hand shoes wearing and bare footed movements in infected areas.

  3. Fair play to the lad for being so unperturbed about a load of creatures living in his feet and hands. He has one thing on his side. He won’t get a silly tree hugger telling his mother that he really needs antidepressants to pep his life up.

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