Syrian Air Strike Kills People and Cows

Syrian Air Strike Kills People and Cows

Compassion is still held with the greatest honor within the subhumanimal species.

Cows are unfortunate collateral damage in an alleged Syrian Air Strike.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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      1. Hey Wolf cookie, you act like that was an American air strike? I’m not the defense department so I can’t tell you why “WE” are there. Probably because those sand niggers can’t get their shit straight as usual. Muslims are complete Fuck-ups and always at war or killing the innocent.

      1. The air strikes in Syria! Those are all problem reaction solution banker wars. The people who send the troops to war are the same people who create the problem. US should be in ZERO wars! Trump is for Israel first. He sucks Jew dick.

        1. Jews(money) and Religion(double edge sword version) are the reason for anything wrong/bad ..nothing else – past, present, and future! and the jew created both in their image – money and religion – both have UDDER control over the majority populous

  1. That is so sad for These Poor Innocent Cows,,, as we know that The Syrian Army Only Hit These Jew/ISIS Members, and they had no choice as they were using cows in order to pretend they were just farmers in order to get around.

  2. that aint a air strike.
    no way.

    thoses are shooting result. someone maybe spray-shoot all of these peoples and cows.

    an air strike can’t do that. air strike will have destroy near building (at best) and spray shit tons of dust all around the cow, bodies and others stuff around.

    but look at all thoses fresh bullet holes in the walls from 0:02 to 0:12. that aint old holes and a air strike cant do that.
    also a air strike would have pushed the bodies on the same way. no way some body die falling on left and some falling on right.

    the street/building look partialy destroyed, but that can be present before.

    imho, that another fake toxic info video that say its an air strike, when in reality, its an execution with machine gun.

    i add point that the bomb would have exploded somwhere… but here, they are no explosion sign around (due to body position, like i say before) and even the “small” items and stuff around, they are no direction of blast.


      1. would have created an impact zone in middle of them, based on how they are spread on the place.

        also, if that should be an explosion strong enougth to blast that whole place like this, then they would be no way that some body fall on left and some on right, they will all fall on the same side. look at the guys at beginning… one is laying on left, one on right. still, none of them have blood injury on the same side. if an explosion strong enougth to blast the whole place would have happen, they bodies would have been pushed both on same way and would be bloody on the same side.

  3. I wish there were more videos of air strikes in progress, all the videos are always aftermath videos or if you get a video of an air strike its always from the sky not the ground. I bet that shit is intense

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