Alleged Rapist Poked and Prodded, Nipped at by Dogs

Alleged Rapist Poked and Prodded, Nipped at by Dogs

In what sounds to be in Latin America, a gathering of pissed off people berate and attack an alleged rapist.

The man is dragged to the street and prodded at with wooden objects. A mob member pokes the alleged rapist’s sphincter roughly with average sized wood.

Men’s best friends join in to appease their masters and bark and bite the man, one comes very close to biting his wiener.

After the group of people and dogs lynch the alleged rapist, they all go about their day as if nothing happened.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for his continued loyalty to Best Gore and for the video:

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88 thoughts on “Alleged Rapist Poked and Prodded, Nipped at by Dogs”

      1. A little hesitant at first but he really got into it. Didn’t want to stop, understandably. Ass-raping should be done in more discreet places, where one’s reputation will not be compromised as “that one guy who jammed a stick up a guy’s ass.”

  1. This is just the village warming up for a night of sexiness. This is merely an appetiser… the antipasto, the side salad. They have edited out the part where the dog is licking his nuts while the retard villager is sliding the well-greased dildo up the arse of that willing sodomite. This is just some gentle fluffing before the largest daisy-chain event the village had seen in decades.

    The way this short clip has been edited makes it look almost brutal and cruel.

    I wanked myself silly over it.

  2. Shithole… wait a sec… I live in that piece of crap country lol… don’t cry for me Argentina… Thankfully I am not from that craphole town. Poor fucker, he cannot even defend himself, who knows if he was actually a rapist…. maybe… maybe not…

    1. Linchamiento y justicia por mano propia. Típico de villeros. De hecho esa gente se ve muy marginal al igual que el barrio. Otro día más en el conurbano bonaerense. Da vergüenza ajena. Tercer mundo profundo.

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