Bear Eats Face Off Man: Man Lives

Face Ripped Apart by Bear

Bear Eats Face Off Man, Man Lives

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise…

Bears don’t mind eating people. Previous encounters have been documented here and here, and one at a zoo, and a story was widely reported in 2011 of Russian woman Olga Moskalyova who telephoned her mother as she was being eaten, describing her fear and suffering.

A common location for attacks seems to be Siberia, Russia, and these pictures of an un-named man are believed to be from there too.

What makes him different to the majority of victims is that he lived through the experience to be able to provide a first hand account which unfortunately I don’t currently have. However, if information becomes available I will be sure to update the post.

The images are truly gruesome and I have little doubt many people will be of the opinion they would rather die than survive such injuries. He will need a very talented surgeon to provide him with some level of normalcy.

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          1. @Scholar
            Then let the blue Phoenix rise from the Black Sea to embrace you
            I love girls who are brave enough to be naked in the Deep Blue Sea
            ( I have chosen to embrace it.).. Search Slaughter Club song in google to understand my emotions)

  1. I’m a pretty avid hiker and back country camping and back packing. There are some pretty basic things to not do in order to protect yourself from bear or mountain lion attacks; or lions and tigers too! Gosh, sounds like I’m going into a Winnie the Pooh poem.

    Anyway, people are the problem, not the bear.

    I’ve seen parents allowing their young kiddies to run way ahead on trails and the back country, in mountain lion areas and I cringe every time. Lions prey on the weak as many should know. You can’t tell these idiot parents or the get offended you’re telling them what to do. They should make a dead deer spray you can spray on these morons to save their children from them.

    I was in the Smokys a couple years ago with a girl was attacked and killed by a black bear in Cherokee National Forest in N. Carolina and Tennessee. Was all the rage there. She was using a bag of apples as a pillow. Something her parents both knew and allowed. She was just in the way of a bear and it’s apples.

    We don’t know this guys story of course. Chances are he did one of two things: 1. Made zero noise while walking though the woods while just hiking or walking (not hunting), and walked right into a bear and did the wrong thing: Run away; 2. Walked right into a bear and cubs while hunting or just walking and did the wrong thing: Run away!

    Pro tips: Never stare a bear down in the eyes. Make yourself bigger than the bear and scream like a madman. Don’t fall for it’s fake charge; all bears do at least one charge that isn’t. NEVER EVER run away. Once you do that, the hunt is on. And finally: If the bear is hungry, he will kill you if you don’t kill it. This guy survived, so unless someone saved his ass (again, no back story), his bear was only fucking with him.

    And finally: You know how to tell a black bear from a grizzly bear? If the bear climbs a tree to kill you it’s a black bear. If a bear knocks over a tree to kill you, it’s a grizzly bear.

    1. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park Rangers have warned hikers in the past to take little bells with them so as to not sneak up on bears while hiking. They also recommend carrying pepper spray in case they encounter a bear.

      In addition, they said the best way to tell a black bear from a grizzly is from their scat. A black bear’s scat looks like mashed up berries, other fruits, nuts, acorns, and has no smell. A grizzly bear’s scat has little bells in it and smells like pepper.

          1. @ Imik

            As a hiker doing off trail back woods hiking, you want to make noise. By making noise, you will nto startle a bear or mountain lion. Trust me, a startled bear is a pissed off bear.

            90% of the time, these animals will hear you and run away long before you see them. Obviously if you are a hunter, you can’t make that much noise, so pepper spray is needed.

            And by noise I mean singing, hitting trees with sticks, even a whistle here and there. I usually just sing. Now wide open areas you are fine. It’s those areas with tons of trees or rocks where you want to announce your presence.

    2. Yeah frodogore man! You sound like a freaking bear expert! But still even with your company I don’t think I feel too cocky in the woods with hungry bears running around! Fuck, that is horrific, just to think of those jaws trying to eat me!!

      1. It’s those crazy people that are more of a threat actually.

        I spent two weeks in the back country in Yellowstone (wolves, mountain lions, black bear and grizzly bear), and when I came out and heading to my car alone, I got into a conversation with some tourists. They heard me talk about two weeks alone in the back country. They asked about the fear so-to-speak of being alone at night with all those nasty man eaters. I replied they were not the problem at all, it’s that occasional drunk ass crazy red neck with a gun that is more scary.

        Another pro tip: Bears love hot dogs, hamburgers and fruit. If you are sleeping in a tent in a bear area, and you cook over a fire, strip your clothes off and put them away from your tent. Going to sleep smelling like a hotdog is bad! Get a nice warm bag and sleep naked if you have to. The only think that should be in a tent is your bag and your shoes. Leave your pack hanging somewhere or in your car if it’s close.

    3. I’ve only met a bear in the woods once so far. Thank god it took off as soon as it saw me, because I froze up solid. Only black bears around here, tons of them, but never any large ones so they tend to be timid.

    4. Scream to bear. I think its very risky. Big bear scared of little human voice.
      What i have learned you have to stand still on ground and play dead. i dont know does it work. Please answer

          1. @Scholar Singing to bear. That would be so sweet picture you can take and now when listening Nana Mouskouri Only Love. That really brings tear in my eye. I believe with that connection the evil bear Might turn into good teddy.
            With peoples it can be done so that would be like going into next level, challenging myself with bigger obstacles.
            You know like you start with small sex toys and step by step going with bigger vibrators

          2. @imik2
            true story.
            in lebanon near my fathers home is gated villa owned by lebanese drug lord who lives in columbia 75% of the time.
            staff and expensive imported vicious german sheppard guard dogs there 100% time.
            they’d rush the fence foaming and growling..i would lay on the ground hushing very gentle words to them and put my head lower than theirs, almost inches from the ground never looking in their eyes (so as to not present myself as Alpha). when they sat be quiet i put my hand in and lay it on ground..they come and sniff then lick my wrist.
            i stay down an rub their noble head by thier ears and sat up and just sat and admire. and they bacame silly babies at fence each time i passed them.
            *and the owner never got rid of them after he came to visit daddy and my mother told on me to make them forbid me touch the doggies

            *yes music and soft spoken words can calm the spirit of some of natures creatures, even autistic poeple like music and soft sounds

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        1. I really admire your courage Scholar.
          Unfortunaly my sister wasnt that safe. When she wanted to give food to our grandmother wolfhound, he attacked and bite her chin. She still has scars, but i remember when i was very young, Roy only allowed me on hes back and play with him. All other kids who wanted to become near, he barked on them and didnt allow anyone near him. I played with him under the table where we ate and sleep together.
          We had deep connection and i loved him, but unfortunaly when i was 12 he died because bone was stucked in hes stomach and food didnt digestive through. Doctor put him asleep and was buried in the back garden, where 4 years later i dug in my guinea pig in the shiny shoe box ( RIP both of them)

          1. thats sad about your sister and your dog…
            because she stands above holding this food your nanny’s doesnt feel pack bond to her and challenged her as alpha because theres food involved ;-(
            you are very cute to sleep under the table with your doggie.hahaa like SOME tarzan of the kitchen you are

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          3. -hahaa i just picturing your nanny at stove frying potatoes while we both straggle -role on floor towards her as yu point at pot and yell ?i embrace this!? and nanny throws some potato wedgies into our mouths

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      1. @ Imik

        Playing dead is bad because a not so hungry bear will make use of a “dead” carcass and chow down.

        The single best thing to do it raise your arms, or grab a stick and raise your arms swinging it in circles and scream like a mad man. Bears will not attack anything it perceives as a threat or bigger than itself. And as I said, they will do a sucker charge, stand your ground and it will back off.

        1. @frodo
          Then teachers in school are really lying about everything. Like they want us to suffer in life lol
          If you lay on ground with food on your stomach then small bears probably wont eat you, but definately its very risky, but then again you should get good footage and there should be pros around me just in case if bear wants my winky

          1. @ imik

            Yeah they are lying. Bears, wolves, lions are all scavengers. Playing dead is a good way to get eaten fast. The same bear that would be more scared of you screaming like a madman, would have no issues eating you thinking you were dead.

            Never run away though as you cannot out run a bear. Slowly back away while never looking into it’s eyes. Bears take eye contact as a challenge.

            I was driving with a friend outside of the Smokys and we came across a decent sized bear foraging. We got out to take some pictures. The bear looked at us and did it’s thing, constantly looking up every 30 secs. It was leary of us being there. It looked up the last time and my friend was staring it down. This damn bear changed instantly. Starting huffing and grunting and I told my friend to back off. He thought it was funny; and we were next to my truck. So he thought he would do the staring contest. It did the challenge charge and stopped, we jumped. My friend laughed. It charged again but this time, didn’t stop. We jumped in truck. This bear literally got to the front of the truck and held it’s ground, staring to whole time at my friend. It actually pissed me off, not the bear, but my friend. I should have locked his ass out! LOL

          2. @ Imik

            forgot to add:

            Playing dead, laying on your side, a bear will instinctively start chewing in one of two places: Between your ribs and you hip (all your main belly vital organs), or your neck. If you’re playing dead, you don’t want either of those areas chewed on cos they ain’t letting go, and you will probably die a slow painful death in the death grip of a bear.

            In the event you are up and attacked, the bear will always go for your neck. This is why this guy in pics lost his face; or nose really. It probably saved his life actually.

      1. We hope you have enjoyed your stay in Antarctica…
        Please remember to pack all your belongings ~ this includes all your excrement.

        Imagine going through customs with a bag of your own poop?
        Actually, it’s not a bad idea, some of those customs officers can be real a-holes! 馃槈

    1. @ d2

      That actually works in many cases. Of course, most people are spazzing the fuck out and cannot act in that fashion. But yeah, I would tell people that are being attacked to try to keep your wits about, and punch the fuck out of it’s nose. Most sensitive part of most large mammals.

  2. Acording to UN plans: ?Agenda 21? we are seriously fucked up when speaking about nature.

    They plain(and they do as we speak) to inhabit all empty places with predators while removing people from it, accumulate mass into Mega cities.

    So, what can you expect in near future while walking in some wood, far away from human habitats?
    Boom! Bear, puma, whatever they put there.*

    *They starting with this in USA.
    Google: Agenda 21

      1. sorry, Fiend. this bear will be hunted down and killed. that is the law, it is considered a threat to the human population and since human life comes before all other life forms, it must be killed. never mind the fact that we encroach into and destroy their habitat, drive their prey away and pretty much force them to scavenge from humans. but they are the devil if they so much as act the way they are programmed to act by defending their territory from a percieved threat. it is This Man’s fault for being too stupid to understand where he was and what he was a part of; pure nature.

  3. Ummm..why the fuck was this guy wrestling with bears in the first fucking place?…wow dumbass..they always win..unless you have a gun…I’m sure a lil super glue and some bandages…clay…he’ll be good as new…lucky guy…

    1. never go into bear country without protection. common fucking sense. Glock21 would do the trick. since selling my .357 revolver i would like to pick up a .44mag revolver if going hiking or camping….the super redhawk alaskan has had my eye for some time as a close combat destroyer.

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  4. I think the best advice is to hike in groups and make your presence known and if you think a gun is going to help by shooting the bear, think again. even a .44 magnum up close is a scary proposition. Now shooting in the air will definitely scare a bear away, but I don’t suggest shooting AT the bear. It will get you and fast. Another thing about pepper spray, you spray the ground in front of the bear, not at the bear unless he’s on top of you, but then it’s too late. A grizzly will do a charge, snap its jaws, and back away. If a black bear wants you for a snack the only thing you can do is fight back. Usually their first charge is right for you if they are going to charge at all. and for pete’s sake don’t use a frying pan on it’s head like Amy did with Timothy Treadwell. Probably the biggest idiot that ever walked the earth…how he survived living in the grizzly maze for 13 years before being eaten is beyond me. And Amy should have just got down to the beach and stood in the water if need be since the float plane was to pick them up in the morning. She was eaten too.

    1. Oh, and another very good reason to carry a firearm and plenty of ammo in the woods is to use as an S.O.S. Three shots fired in the air every once in a while will serve much better than screaming for help in the event of accident or injury. Flare guns are useful but pose a fire risk. Still if a vehicle aircraft is heard/observed the flare gun is your best bet. They can be purchased at most boating retail outlets since the most common use is over water. Very inexpensive and easy to use. Very light weight. Flares are sold in packs and they have an expiration date so be aware of this.

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