Bees Deliver Instant Karma by Attacking Thief and Forcing Him to Return Stolen Subwoofer

Bees Deliver Instant Karma by Attacking Thief and Forcing Him to Return Stolen Subwoofer

I’m not sure to what extent I want to believe the story behind this video, but allegedly it’s true.

The story is that the man in the video and photos is a thief who stole a subwoofer from a business in Masindi Town, Uganda, but a witch doctor of sorts charmed a swarm of bees who delivered instant karma upon the thief by attacking him and staying on him until he returned the stolen item.

The video shows the alleged thief walking down an alley with the woofer under his arm, as bees cover part of his back, neck, and face.

Even though the story sounds sensational and may be a set up by a clever scammer looking to “promote his witch doctor” business, there is in fact such thing as Hymenoptera Training, which is based on the fact that bees and wasps are intelligent and can be trained to do certain things, such as detect drugs.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the pics and video:

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92 thoughts on “Bees Deliver Instant Karma by Attacking Thief and Forcing Him to Return Stolen Subwoofer”

    1. But you’re Brazilian.
      There’s no way you’re gonna stop anybody from even wanting to Grab a Chunk of your Flesh.
      And furthermore, guys will just Look , period.
      I know I do.
      This nigga over here asked for some sugar and the witch Dr. Had none so he dealt him the next best thin.

      1. @Svargy, just curious if you have a significant other. Accusing all girls of not being free and clear… is there a problem in that department?

        If you provide more than a yes/no comment, my suspicions are there is. Thatโ€™s OK by me, Gramps isnโ€™t judgmental.

  1. Yeah, could be a hoax, in order to promote witch doctor, kinda like those televangelist handicapped people. Couple of reasons: Riki tiki tavi man didn’t get lynched by mob, no body stole the subwoofer from Coon-ta-tee-vay, and last but least, how would someone use a subwoofer if they ain’t got no electricity.

    1. That was my thought as well. It can be somehow staged to promote the motherfucking witch doctor. Far as have lived in various parts African countries I don’t believe in black magic.

      ”how would someone use a subwoofer if they ainโ€™t got no electricity?” There is electricity everywhere now. That’s the tool the greedy African leaders use to exploit the poor!

  2. Let me help: “witch doctor of sorts charmed a swarm of bees” is total, complete bullshit. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a mentalist who, for example, would also believe astrology predictions, aka “the stars” in the daily newspapers, magazines etc., & other such tripe like superstition.

    1. that’s what a white man would do, you know someone with a brain, these cavemen knuckle draggers would never think to jump in a pond, you need more than an IQ of 10 to figure that out. all this Neanderthal was thinking was why did god punish me and set these bees on me ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Ladies and gentlemen…. You have it all wrong…. Those are tears of joy from having won a subwoofer from a spelling bee contest… The word he won with?… Honeybadger…. Beesides, don’t you see everybody celebrating around him?… They’re abuzz with excitement!… Good for him!

    1. @Mr Spock.
      This guy made a common mistake. Had he stolen the bees, the witch doctor might conjure up a curse that covers him with speakers. Then he wouldn’t need to steal a speaker.

  4. Goofed up for sure
    See what the Bees do when the creeps rob .
    Now with all the stings to his cheeks and the neck the fucker will look more beefed up .
    The duffer should have gone for someone’s pooper rather than a subwoofer .

  5. ive wanted to comment on this vid for so long, this is the funniest shit on here I swear, I mean this is the perfect vid to write MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO RIGHT? ๐Ÿ™‚
    ONLY IN AFRICA as they say right? ๐Ÿ™‚

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