Both Tango Entangled, El Toro Leads Peasant Rider to Karma

Both Tango Entangled, El Toro Leads Peasant Rider to Karma

Video Fixed

Hey dudes and dudettes, the original uncut version is now available.

In a Mexican rodeo, a man known as Lazar (peasant/hobo) is forced to take an extra mile with the bull with no objections.

Helpers of the man do not aid but hinder a safe and pain free exit off bull. Mrs. Karma how I loathe and love you, keep up the great work sexy momma! xoxo

The Charreada is a competitive event similar to rodeo and was developed from animal husbandry practices used on the haciendas of old Mexico.

66 thoughts on “Both Tango Entangled, El Toro Leads Peasant Rider to Karma”

  1. After he takes an aspirin,
    he’s gonna have a serious conversation with the guy who lassoed him to that bull

    At least the bull got a chance to be on the swinging end of the whip lash

    Okay, maybe a couple aspirin

    1. Depends on your definition of candy
      around here, brains and intestines make for sweet times

      Not that those flipsflops around that stag went there to see gore……no way
      They appreciate athleticism and fine bred animals, from their moms

  2. Yeah PigsOn,
    bull by the horns is the definition of Gore
    Gored up the cunt.
    I hope he enjoyed that Gore right up his asshole
    Bull Gored him a new one

    of course, maybe went home next day to show his half-mother his sports pics on FB

  3. Gosh, don’t Cough,
    you could suck my dick instead…
    but if you cough it’s OK with me
    I just like that you like sucking dick so much..
    I might be in love 😉
    Mmmmmm……….we could watch some great BG and I
    am enough of a gentleman to hand you a kleeny when you choke?
    on the head of my dick?
    Only kidding CDrop, but having my dick sucked is so much better than watching a guy get a new asshole torn by a bull.
    Unless we are doing all of that together.

    I wonder if that rope sheared his dick off


      1. Dumb fucking whore,Bull might agree but ya got to suck that bull’s cock first . Remember Bulls don’t get shot instead they shoot cum loads on the gay whores like ya .
        Now go clean yourself for another cumload

      1. Yep, it is true.
        -Bulls are defensive:
        Protecting herd, his females and youngsters but they are presented as wild aggressive so that people doesn’t empathize with them when they are gored.

        Anyhow, when you see them jumping like crazy with scumbags on their back, they actually do it because that rope irritating them horrible.
        See back legs.. They always trying to reach rope +cowboys on them giving them serious stress.
        Main proof that they are in horrible situation with that rope is, they CONTINUE with jumping after cowboy falls.
        In nature, bull stops to save energy for defense.

  4. And just when he thought bullying the bull would make him emerge a Rodeo , to the standing ovation of the crowd , the bull had him bullied ,throwing the jester around like a rag doll in the stadia

  5. Mexicans love anal Bullhorn insertions. This wasn’t at a rodeo! It was a gay anal bullhorn insertion festival. Rimming, bull-fisting and bull-cocksucking are all featured on the bill. It is a regular Mexican Family Day out. Every fucking Mexican Town has at least half a dozen of these kind of holiday festivals each year.

  6. hard to stay away
    my third time watching the lassoed twat take it

    I don’t nut to this, but maybe if I had to drive him to the hospital
    the med staff wouldn’t have noticed I nutted in his blood-soaked twat.

    yeah, that ass seam ropped open by the Gore Horn then
    I polish him off, sorry to my Polish asssociates, i mean
    put some paste wax on his newly riipped rippled ass-hole

    “the bull had human DNA!”
    “no, i am not a human, you faggot!”

    “it was enchalaaaddaaaaa…uh…aaaa….aaa…uh sauce!”

    I hope he mr matador-rope-a-dope-asshole died of septic shock infection from my festered dick….

    yeah bull, I hope you nutted as well pal
    tag team

  7. i like seeing idiots get hurt by animals. stop torturing animals you faggotfarts! look at those apes, they gang up on one poor animals and rush it like pack of rabies dogs! how can those bull fighters have any feel of achievement by hurting or killing bulls? it’s not an achievement to gang up 10 v 1 and then say “WOWOWOWOWO I KILLED BULLLL FAFAFA” thats pathetic! if you manage to kill a bull 1 v 1 without using any OP weapons such as firearms or military grade armor suit, now that would be an achivement you can be proud of.

  8. After failing to jump over the Trump wall. Little Nacho Junior went back Guacamole-ville where he majored in becoming an expert fuck up at dildo-horn riding through Beaner Border tech college for deported Salsa eaters. Way to get tangled up you fuckin’ free loader.

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