Brazilian Guy Ambushed by Jaguar While Fishing on Remote Lake in Rainforest

You Can See Jaguar Stealthily Sneak Up on Guy in Few Frames of Video

You Can See Jaguar Stealthily Sneak Up on Guy in Few Frames of Video

In Brazil, a guy allegedly went out fishing alone on a remote lake in the rainforest. He was streaming his solo adventure, when a jaguar masterfully ambushed him without making a sound and apparently killed him. He’s not the only Brazilian to become a jaguar’s meal.

Here’s the video. If you do pause on the right frame, you will see the cat already on the guy’s tail.


A number of Brazilian members confirmed the video is fake and the jaguar is a dummy. Free entertainment for today, I guess…

Props to Best Gore member @bestgorememberx for the pics and video:

Gallery of pics:

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147 thoughts on “Brazilian Guy Ambushed by Jaguar While Fishing on Remote Lake in Rainforest”

        1. The guy is alive he have a youtube channel “mano brown” were he explains that the video was just a joke… And in other video he shows the place and a wooden made jaguar there…. If u search on YouTube “mano brown onça” you may see he explaining the video

      1. Absolutely should have been carrying, no doubt. I carry when I walk out my front door to get the mail. Only problem with this poor bastard is even if he had been armed, judging from the video, he wouldn’t have had time to defend himself. This cat creeped up on him and took care of business too quickly. Probably 10-20 seconds of pussy-related pain and misery he never imagined. But better that than 20 years of marriage….

  1. seems fake to me…

    1 – theyare super low chance for a jaguar to come that closer to a target, a jaguar (like any feline) will start running at the target from distance like 5 meters or so.
    2 – theyare no reasons for the guy to start filming himself with putting the phone up like this at the specific spot where the jaguar is, its like he obviously wanted to show that there is a jaguar behind him.
    3 – the jaguar dont even look directly at him and have the eyes semi closed, wich is a big thing, because when a feline hunt, his iris are full open.
    4 – there is no way a jaguar will turn a man into a pile of meat like this.
    5 – if you look closely frame by frame… you will notice that the men is smiling happily at 00:14 , wich is the supposed moment when the guy start freaking out. ( i mean, seriously, just pause the video at 00:14 and look at the dude face… he aint scared or anything, just smiling happily)
    6 – feet, arms and head of the dude are perfectly cut.

    imho, just an idiot with a jaguar pet who try to create a fake buzz video but get caught by cartel and discover who’s the real jaguars of brazil.

    1. I personally don’t think there’s anything fake about it, I mean why would the guy purposely hold the phone up like that, I’m sure it was just a coincidence, also you CAN see the jaguars eyes looking right up at the guy!
      But who knows if it’s real or fake I’ve seen crazier things happen

      1. like i say.. a feline (including jaguar) will have pupil all dilated when looking at a prey.
        here, it look like the jaguar is relaxed.

        also, for me, the most fake thing about this story is the fact the dude smile at 00:14 (just beginning of 00:14), while he should make a fucking crazy/scary face.

        soo, yeah, the guy maybe died, but i m not buyed by the fact he was killed and mutilated by that jaguar at all. some cuts look very clean, too clean to be result of chewing. and that dude look all happy even after he realise there is a jaguar behind and fake to be scared of it.

      2. also.. just a coincidence didnt work…

        i mean look at the guy.. he litteraly put himself out of the camera angle, just to show the jaguar behind his shoulder.
        who the fuck would do that ??? nobody except a man who planned this from all beginning.

        and (i reinforce my point)… if you look later , always frame by frame… at the end, the dude still hold his fishing rod like if nothing happened. he didnt run, he didnt moved, he simply shacked the phone to pretend that he was doing hurry agitated moves. but he absolutly not, he is still standing normally, holding his fishing rod and smiling even at the end of the video.

        totally fake.

          1. Probably the same cat going for the neck, just like the jaguar is known to do.
            I’ll say it’s real because his body was found torn up, there’s a jaguar behind him and they killed a jaguar that had the same exact markings on it.

    2. and for who think that i m an idiot and its not fake…. here my proof.
      first pic, you can see the timing of the video, and you can notice that the dude still hold his fishing rod like if nothing happened. notice also the white tree in background, you can see it multiples times , wich mean, that dude didnt movd at all.
      picture 2, notice the big smile on the face dude, after he presumably get scared and run away from the jaguar.
      picture 3 , notice that at this point, the camera shake and the dude is supposed to be scared (run away) , but you can clearly see that he is still standing and hold his fishing rod like if nothing happened. (the white tree is also visible around this part)

      now… show me how it can be real in the story ? because for me, this story is bullshit fake. no way that dude get killed by this jaguar.

      1. i made a post with pictures to show my opinion.
        pics as proof that this is not normal jaguar attack at all. The dude totally ignore the jaguar even after he see it and fake to be scared. he hold still with his fishing rod in hands, smile and didnt move at all.

        waiting for my post with pictures to pass moderators… its some solid proof imho.

    1. Exactly, it’s not that remote at all if the guy was taken, eaten, then just happened to be found hours later by villagers who just happened to be in a hunting pack with a gun and then were then able to just find it and kill it????

      Also, no need for fisherman to hold the phone up at that exact angle to “magically” catch the cat on video. Why would he do that? Makes no sense to me………

  2. It was at this moment he knew… His fuck up. Ce pauvre con s’est bien fait baiser par le chat.
    Theoritically he had never seen really the cat, he just see virtually on his cell phone. Now he know what is the true “virtual reality” what an incredible experience!

  3. My uninformed opinion is running is the worst thing you can do when stalked by a predator like this. Predators want an easy catch, not a fight. If you stare down and make noise at a big cat they’re a lot less likely to pounce then if you’re looking away or run and their prey drive gets even more active.
    With a cat in this situation that had been stalking a human and got this close I think the only good action is to jump on it, ideally with a good elbow drop or something like that. Being attacked would be unexpected to the cat and might scare it off. A man in Oregon strangled a Mt Lion in a grapple a few years ago.
    Running away with it in pouncing distance is a death sentence.

  4. Id like to think its real, that is how Jaguars hunt, and that cat was looking right up at him.
    I dunno what the issue is with him pointing the camera at that angle……..thats the classic selfie angle .
    He took a selfie at the moment the Jaguar pounced, I would say it crept up on him through that bushy stuff. The cat may even have been drinking at the time that guy stomped up, making shed loads of noise.
    The cat thought, good timing, here’s lunch.
    As far as the amount of damage done to the body, we do not know how long from death to body being found, aforementioned Jaguar could have come back for seconds. Or other wild life have had a nibble…….

    If its fake, where the fuck did he get a tame Jaguar from……

    1. tame jaguar arent rare nor impossible. people with lots of money can easily get one in america/south america.

      the jaguar eyes would have dilated pupil if he was hunting the man, like they did for all prey.

      also, look at what i mentionned (waiting for my comment with pictures tocome out, soo you’ll see better what i mean).. at 0:14 and after, the guy still hold his fishing rod normally, he didnt move at all (white tree still next to him didnt change) and for finish, if you stop at 00:14 exactly, you can catch the guy having a big smile on his face.
      there is absolutly no fucking way a man, whoever he is, will react like this with an wild jaguar behind him.

  5. Where I live, I can’t go for a walk at night. The first time I went for a walk in my new neighbourhood, a 600 pound black bear was coming right at me on the sidewalk. It was midnight, dark out, and I was all alone.

    Luckily, he walked right by me and ignored me. He was going house to house, going into everybody’s trash cans. Scared the living shit out of me. He came within 5 feet of me.

  6. The best way to defend yourself from a man eating cat in the jungle is to wear a realistic mask on the back of your head. That’s how Indian military and police are able to hunt down man eating tigers. Large cats generally only turn to preying on humans if the cats are weak and injured making them unable to hunt larger, faster prey. Almost all man eating cats that have been killed turned out to have missing claws, teeth, old as fuck, etc. They rely almost solely on ambush hunting, and wearing a mask on the back of your head will reduce the risk of being ambushed by a large cat in the jungle almost entirely because the cats don’t bother to go after prey that might put up a fight. We might think that all animals are stupid, but I’m sure large cats are aware that somehow humans are capable of killing any animal with the squeeze of a trigger.

    1. i hear that it didnt worked anymore good in india and people get still caugh and attacked by tiger.

      apparently based on specialist, they say the cat have understood the fact that the eyes didnt moved, soo they understood it was a fake.

      (also, just to point out… looking right in the eyes of a feline is an act of aggression and provocation…. its extremly recommended to NOt look any feline in the eyes directly for a moment)

  7. I guess Covid-19 has affected the wildlife as well. For such a majestic creature go so low to eat a Brazilian he had to be struggling out in the jungle. we should open a GoFundMe for the Jaguar’s cubs.

  8. Fuck ya ! I wish the footage was long enough with explicit details .Atleast for a change this one is a winner hands down ; as those monotonous kills of the past had got us satiated to the bone .

    Best of all the jaguar came on all fours in a stealth through the dense foliage cutting him short of reciting ………………………..

    ‘There once was a jaguar from a creek
    who did whatever he pleased
    they said it was fate
    when he took a mate
    and he mauled him off
    saying ,”its for my dinner plate “

  9. Sir @happy,

    Please do not take my observations as a form of arrogance of my side. That seems real and not a fictitious stunt from a Brazilian. If you look at the jaguar his eye move as he is fix on his Brazilian. Next the vegetation around him well put as of placed to Brazilianize . Last but not the least the Brazilian in the Rippie pic looks very like the Brazilian authoring the video for our enjoyment of his demise like all good Brazilians should. Only my humble opinions good sir. You be the judge. Besides Brazilians are not a smart as to put together such a realistic dummy. Lol

    Your loyal fan,

  10. Its fake. Here is the YT video of the guy explaining how he made the video:
    These jaguars are called “onças” in Brazil. They dont see humans as prey, they are actually afraid of humans and the attacks on humans are extremely rare and motivated by territorial behaviour . I have already visited Mato Grosso , in central western Brazil, where these animals live, and never managed to
    see one of these jaguars, despite days trying to catch a glimpse of one. They are usually afraid of humans and would never approach a group of persons. You have to be very lucky to see one of them.

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