Brazilian Man Running from Police Gets Taken Down by Random Guy’s Pit Bull

Brazilian Man Running from Police Gets Taken Down by Random Guys Pit Bull

And the pit be like: “Oh look, pair of balls that wanna play fetch? Fuck yeah I’m in… Got’um… Chomp! Om nom nom nom nom.

The incident happened in Brazil. The man was running from police and ran past a guy walking his pit bull. The pit instinctively reacted to something running and went balls-to-the-wall for the take down. The guy earned himself a complimentary balls chew with permanent effect. Fucking ouch!

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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57 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Running from Police Gets Taken Down by Random Guy’s Pit Bull”

    1. Yeah, because in America the cops actually do their jobs when they need to. Unlike in your third world shit holes, where cops don’t do shit or are involved WITH the criminals. God bless (most of) the US police force!

      The cops shoot when threatened or attacked, which is justifiable. Better than having criminals on the streets and running the cities like in your third world shit holes where cops do nothing.

  1. That dog owner was like… “OH FUCK”.!!!”NOOOO”.!!
    Then he saw the cops running…
    Then… wait for it….
    Penny drops..”OH Thank fuck”.!!!
    I’m not gonna lose my dog.!
    (at least here in the UK, that dog would be on the needle ride to doggie heaven for biting a human).!
    BTW. Did you notice how slow he was to try & get his dog under control.?

    1. Ya i noticed that too. He was really slow to react and just watched his dog chomping on the dudes nut sack for a second. Here in the States they would try to give it the needle, then after a shit storm worth of public outcry on the internet would happen and they would give him a pass, but be on the list for no second chances and if he even pissed on the wrong persons yard he’d get the needle unfortunately.

      I had a 125lb pound monster Doberman when i was younger, he was the sweetest most easy going dog you have ever met and wouldn’t hurt a fly. But people who didn’t know him would always come walking up very gingerly asking if he was nice to pet him and tell me how pretty he was. He was so laid back and sweet that we wondered how he would react in a dangerous situation like that. He would act tough and bark if he even saw someone walk by the house through the window but didn’t have a mean bone in his body.

      Well my mom was walking him one day and was coming up the ally back to our garage and some guy turned the corner at the same time as them, startling them both, and he immediately stuck his hand out towards Jaxx without any introduction, well Jaxx wasn’t having any of it and barked and nipped at his hand just barely. The guy wasn’t doing anything wrong but he was very shady and even mom picked up on that vibe, and dogs are way better at sensing that kind of thing. It startled him like this dog in the video and he was not having it with my mom there. He was always WAY more protective of woman then men. But he stopped and didn’t do more, unlike this one. The guys hand was scratched and not even bleeding but he was a little bitch about it and went to the ER to get a tetanus shot. Even though Jaxx had tags on showing all his shots were current and it just barely broke skin, not even enough to bleed. Next thing we know the city peeps show up at the door and take Jaxx away. He had to stay at their kennel for 2 or 3 days, can’t remember exactly, but it was multiple day for sure. It went on his record and if anything happened again they said he’d be put down. Even though the workers LOVED him and knew it wasn’t a big deal. But it was city policy and that’s what socialism gets you…. The dog did his job, kept her safe and didn’t do anything to seriously injure the dude.

  2. At first I was like “No way the dog actually got his balls…”, then I saw him pulling from behind the dude and I was like “Holy shit, that literally just became the most painful thing I could ever imagine!”

      1. YO.. you don’t know much about dogs do you?,.. Pits jaws DON’T lock..(that is a myth) they just have a lot of strength in them, and if you didn’t know, A pit bull is NOT a breed, it’s a generalization of a type of dog, their jaw structure is what makes them dangerous, they have just as much strength opening their mouth as they do closing it, You can hold a German Shepard’s mouth closed with 2 fingers, but not a bull dogs..

  3. Spanky had dreamed of a life fighting crime, but sadly he was a pitbull, and his police academy application was denied. He tried to live a normal life, but the day came when his dream and fate came together when he chomped down on that sweaty ball sack. Despite his heroic efforts, he wasn’t allowed to join the canine unit, but he did get his 30 seconds of fame and a quick snack.

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