Bull Gores Portuguese Bullfighter Fernando Quintela to Death

Bull Gores Portuguese Bullfighter Fernando Quintela to Death

Fernando Quintela, Portuguese bullfighter with the Amateur Forcados of Alcochete, was killed this Friday September 15, 2017 in the bullring Moita, Portugal, when he got gore by a bull of the cattle ranch Prudรชncio.

The bullfighter was immediately assisted by the emergency team, and transported to the Sรฃo Josรฉ Hospital, but his injuries and internal bleeding were so severe, he was pronounced dead the following morning (today).

Fernando Reynolds Quintela, was born in Lisbon on August 21, 1991 (he’s 26 years old).

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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95 thoughts on “Bull Gores Portuguese Bullfighter Fernando Quintela to Death”

    1. Indeed. Probably 1000 bulls get tortured to death for every one that gets its licks in on a matador, and if bull fighting is a “sport”, then waterboarding should be considered one too. Sick scumbag got what he so richly deserved, but you know they killed the shite out of the bull for doing it.

  1. A bull is a natural animal, with magnificent features including the attributes of physical strength. The bastards that focus on that singular quality and discard its essence for the New Roman Coliseum should be condemned for this atrocity against nature.

    Should we glorify the death of one animal abuser for the thousands that are tricked into the festival of bloodletting? OK.

  2. I dont see where and how he was killed… The bull’s horns werent even sharp, the impact was slow, and he was just tossed in the air, but i’ll look into it.

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  5. Who put the faggity music over this guy’s hilarious death? Only the moronic neanderthals that enjoy this sport are crying about it. Everybody else in the world is fucking laughing at you. I want the bull to be juiced up on roids and pcp, covered in spikes and razorwire, and landmines to be sprinkled throughout the arena. NOW WE GOT A FUCKING SPORT. ยกOlรฉ!

    1. @Rectifier Remove the landmines (too quick and are just as likely to maim/kill the bull as the matador) and I think you’ve got a winner! Also, any bull that wins gets to spend their remaining days in a retirement pasture, with all the tasty hay and hot young cows they can handle.

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