Bull Rips Off Part of Man’s Face at Bullfighting Event in Mexico

Bull Rips Off Part of Mans Face at Bullfighting Event in Mexico

This happened at a bullfighting events in Mexico. Inside an arena, a bull ripped off part of a man’s face. Reportedly, the man died of a broken neck.

If you look at the video, you’ll see that after the bull impaled the man’s face, he dragged him for a bit, and then jerked his head rapidly upward. I’m guessing it was that quick move that snapped the guy’s neck. Nevermind the destroyed face…

Props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig for the video:

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118 thoughts on “Bull Rips Off Part of Man’s Face at Bullfighting Event in Mexico”

  1. That,s what you get when you fuck with a Bull,,,
    You get the Horns.
    I love to see them tight Jumpsuit wearing Fagots get owned by an innocent, mistreated, and tortured animal. This does not happen often as i would like. And these stupid Parents that bring their cheering kids to watch an animal get killed, should be killed themselves! Sick Cocksuckers.

  2. strange bull fighting tournaments they have in Mexico. It seems they just throw random cholos for the bull to gore, instead of a single bullfighter that’s been training since childhood for this shit.
    Anyway, for all I know about that country, life is cheap as fuck over there if you’re not born into the 6.000 or something families that own 99% of the country and treat the rest as manure haha

  3. Ole, mothetfucker. Hats off to the bull for properly eliminating this shitbag, although a horn to the asshole and a prostate massage with the horn would’ve been better. Nothing like a forced orgasm before death to take away his macho pride as he dies

  4. wow just got to say another mad props to our fuhrer mr marek i can be busy with life and come back 24 hours later and there is just loads of fresh new content .. sometimes even after a few hours away theres fresh material our leader has been working hard i tip my hat sir, this site has been on full throttle since he came back from the ashes.

  5. Wtf, was he even human? Where is all his blood? Why does his face looks like spagetti? 😐

    Ohh and for all the bull-fucking/lover retards in here, this is a public bull run, they just release the bull in the arena and the public can tease the bull and run from it, the bull is unharmed during the event.

  6. My Halloween pumpkin is this guy’s doppelganger. You know when you cut into your pumpkin to pull out all the gunk and seeds, those pumpkin guts look like this guy’s face. Happy Halloween bull-squished-my-face guy!

  7. What type of idiot would want to go spend an afternoon, on the floor, in the middle of a FUCKING BULL RING!!!!!

    Then I realized that this incident took place in Mexico. So the idiot would have to be a Mexican. Well that’s not nice to say, that “Mexicans are idiots”. No it’s not nice to say, but who’s the one getting his face ripped off? the Mexican idiot.

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