Bullfighter Gets Artery Severed by Horn in Nicaragua

Bullfighter Gets Artery Severed by Horn in Nicaragua

Video from Nicaragua shows an amateur bullfighter getting speared in the arm with a bull’s horn. While the headbutt with the bull didn’t looks as off the chart as they sometimes get, the horn severed the man’s artery, resulting in significant arterial spray.

It looks like people tried to apply tourniquet’s on the bullfighter’s upper arm, but given the volume of blood outflow, I’m not too sure how effective it was. An injury like that may require someone sticking their hand into the cut and pinching the vein shut with their fingers.

Props to Best Gore member @ruzzky for the video:

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        1. Does any one have any info on whether this guy died or not ?? My guess would be yes don’t you die in 10-20 min from an artery cut like that ? From extreme and rapid loss of blood ??? DUMB ASS PEOPL NEVER FAIL TO MAKE DUMB ASS CHOICES!!

          1. Depending on which artery gets pierced, it usually only takes 2-3 minutes, tops for someone to die from blood loss.
            Considering it’s the artery in his arm and not his leg or neck, i would assume that it would take a little bit longer for him to bleed out, but not much longer at all. An artery is an artery and 9 times out of 10, if it gets punctured, you’re a goner.
            So I’d say the chances of this guy surviving are slim to none. Considering he didn’t have the proper medical assistance there to help him and certainly didn’t have a proper tourniqet. Yep, he’s definitely dead.

      1. I love every single time that someone gets hurt from bullfighting, why shouldn’t they get hurt? After all, they’re hurting animals fro amusement. I also agree 100% that it’s their own fault. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. @Der Kopfsammler. That’s a male bull. They raise Brahma bulls there almost exclusively. I never saw any other kind of cow there. Best suited to the environment. You can see the balls just after the guy gets torn when the bull swings his rear to the camera.

      1. I disagree, unless you use the same word “bull” to describe a male cow… The shape of the horns and the head, the size of the hears, the lack of muscular mass… if that is a bull then its one that was born our of shape with birth defects and suffers from anorexia… ๐Ÿ˜†

        1. Ok Der, I know they have a new, special program in Nicaragua for bulls who are gay and wish to take the transgender route. He is probably in the estrogen stage of treatment, and you can tell because he was acting kind of bitchy. PMS bull attitude.

          1. Far out Emilio, you jocks are awesome,I bet you weren’t even a little bit scared of that douche Mr Vernon.
            By the way, did you hear about Judd and Molly? Apparently she stabbed him on their first wedding anniversary when all he got her was a carton of cigarettes.

  1. Fuck,,,, it’s too bad that he did not get his head squashed like a ripe tomato instead! I hate those Bull Molesting Wannabe Tough Guys! A bunch of Small Cock, Animal Abusers, is all they are. Well,,, at least he got injured, that’s a good start. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jesus Christ,,, somebody grab that artery with your thumb, and forefinger, and pinch it, while holding a rag. Because without the rag, the artery would slip out of your fingers, in no time. Then, you ride with him to the Hospital. If not,,, then wrap the rag around the arm where the hole and the artery is, and with two hands grab a hold of his arm, and push with both your thumbs on the bleeder very hard, until you get to the Hospital. With these clowns, I am not sure he will make it anywhere, lol.

        1. That wound was spilling out blood in such intense way that reminded me fountain of trevi in Rome, Italy, it was just the picture that came up in my mind…but I swear to god that only water comes out from that fountain, not blood..

  3. First and foremost….that would be a juvenile bull……
    Then……this particular one should be rachitic, from birth and undernourished……but
    I’m a horse man…….so……Idk shit about bulls……
    Just sayin…..!!!!!!
    Absolutely hilarious when the big boy is asking (like a kid to his
    Grand Ma why??? He’s got to go to the dentist…..) if he is going to the hospital…..!!!!!!
    I’ll bet 10 bucks that if this guy had a giraffe arm……..
    They’ll put a million pressure point on it.!!!!!!!

  4. He could have saved himself if only he had the other side of the red flag showing “white” .
    I swear that’s some fount of blood ; that bull is gonna be too happy about .
    He should have had both his arms fucked up .But one thing is for certain nothing ever will tempt him to return to the arena again .

    That’s what someone gets when a Bull is enraged.

  5. Good for him, I hope he gets a nasty infection and he loses his arm, bullfighting is bullshit, assholes who torture animals deserve this, leave animals alone, he wanted to show how big of a man he would be on front of a scared and confused bull, and took it up to his ass…stupid motherfucker idiot.

  6. Ha. I love the “Oh shit, I fucked up. How could this happen to me?” face. I love when they get gored by the bull and then sit there in shock looking like they’re wondering what could’ve gone wrong, that they’d never get hurt. It’s nice to see this bull’s horns as they are, without any caps. A lot of bull fighting videos I see feature a bull with horns that are either capped or severely filed down. I believe that they should sharpen the hell out of the horns, and rub poison on the tips. Some taipan venom aught to do the trick (as long as the bull doesn’t use its horns to scratch itself). Bullfighting is one of the stupidest fucking traditions ever. I hope they release enough bulls to kill them all and finally end it.

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