Bullfighter Julio Aparicio Gored Through the Throat

Bullfighter Julio Aparicio Gored Through the Throat

Photo of matador Julio Aparicio impaled by bull’s horn through his chin and out through his mouth is one of the most iconic bullfighting images. We’ve had it posted on Best Gore before but I didn’t publish any backstory with it so I’m gonna remedy it now and include a couple of videos of the incident too.

As was the case with Juan Jose Padilla’s goring, Julio Aparicio’s bull had already been pierced with several banderillas and was ready to be killed when he got his revenge. Julio Aparicio unexpectedly stumbled, bull took fast advantage of it, charged the bullrider and gored him with his pointy horn right through the throat. The bull had the matador nicely hooked on the horn – had the beast flung his head backwards, like an emo kid with hair obstructed vision – Julio Aparicio would have been sent on a swan dive across the Las Ventas bullring where the event, which was part of Madrid’s San Isidro festival was held.

Julio Aparicio had to undergo two operation to save his life. Unfortunately for the bull, he was not so lucky. Props to Nicole for the videos:

One more video:

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152 thoughts on “Bullfighter Julio Aparicio Gored Through the Throat”

    1. That fucking low-life piece of monkey shit got just exactly what he deserved. If I could have had it my way he would have got the horn up his ass!
      Why these human scumbags think they have the right to decide an animals fate in such a heinous way? I for one will never understand what the big draw is to watch an innocent one of God’s creatures be slowly and painfully murdered for the fleshy viruses “entertainment”

        1. It’s a shame when an animal has to be tortured in any way before slaughter. It’s unnecessary. Kosher slaughter is supposed to be more humane and the animal is supposed to not suffer. Some kosher factory farms are royally fucking up with that though. It really is sick and disturbing what goes on in the slaughterhouses. Most people couldn’t handle watching the reality of where their meat, dairy, and eggs come from. It`s not a pretty sight. If people were forced to see it many of them wouldn’t eat it.
          It`s real nice to see the bull win. They should have let him live. That would be fair. Probably not though.

      1. @Sagemoon –

        I totally agree and who gives a fuck if they’ve been doing this ‘sport’ for trillions of years.. fuck that. I wish the bull ripped his face to shreds..

      2. well i kinda get them, after all we do something really similar watching people killing people everyday for our amusement…its like a ppv gay version of best gore for them.

        still, props to the bull…

      1. I heard that. I rather Die as a Bull fighting for his life and chance to destroy my attacker, instead of a Dairy cow who life is spend pent up somewhere and whos life ends by walks down a narrow caged path… and a Bolt shoved though my skull instantly turning me from a miserable cow to juicey delicious steak.

        1. I see what you are saying, but it’s not like the bull is every really given the chance to defend itself. II mean in the end it WILL die. To me it’s like torture rather then a defensive action. Maybe you know more then me about these fights. I personally can’t stomach to warch just one.
          People suck

          1. my ex stopped eating meat and now she looks like a ghost…she’ll argue that she is more healthy than most but my eyes refuse to agree

    1. It pisses my dick off when a zoo keeper gets attacked and then they kill the animal that attacked him/her.
      That’s like killing a rapist for raping someone, Hes a rapist, he’s supposed to rape.
      kidding πŸ™‚

    2. I can’t agree with you more! mother fuckers who play with these animals deserve it. I don’t feel an ounce of pitty for this moron. We take these animal out of there environments, create a sport( if you can call it that), get injured, then kill the animal. We wonder why there are animals attack on humans. That’s what happens when you build sub devisions closer and closer to there environment and take it over. Leave them the fuck alone and we should have no problems, at lease a hell lot less!

      1. The only way to humans from expanding into their woods is to kill more humans then are born in every city around the world. I feel the same as you guys, as I grew up in Alaska, it is the fault every person who has more than two kids, perhaps we should kill all people who have three kids, does that sound fair to you?

  1. Animal kingdom wins again against the foolish humans. Now this guy will be gargling his own blood and eating puree for a while, too bad about the bull though, at least it managed to give him a little taste of his big horn.

  2. The romans would force men to fight in the arena, it’s better then being killed without a fighting chance, I not saying it’s right, it’s just better to fight and the bulls are trained to know when to fight.

    1. I was about to say the same thing Glenn.

      It is better to die in an arena… Then be executed like a dog (or farmyard animal).

      But saying that. All is equal in the arena.

      I hold no pity for either the Matador or the Bull.

      1. @ Phatman & Trooper72

        You both bring “food for thought” to the table in this discussion from the “human point of view”…..although one has to wonder if the “doomed” animals share such highly “intellectual” considerations in regard to their circumstances?

        1. Cheers Marek.

          It is a given that the Animal is going to be extremely scared… Frightened.

          It isn’t going to understand.

          But it will understand that it wants to fuck up the matador…

          Sad really.

          But my view is that this is probably a healthier… More humane alternative then the fate intensively reared Beef cattle face…

          Being cooped up in battery farms.

          Or being pumped full of artificial hormones until they reach freakishly huge proportions.

          I guess some consolation can be taken that these animals are treated relatively well and kept physically and mentally strong for the arena.

          1. @ Trooper72
            Well said! You have succeeded in temporarily soothing my inner “softie” that often has great difficulty accepting the sad reality that the so called “evolved” species has not yet fully absorbed the meaning of the word “humane”.

        1. I once took care of a rodeo bull, it was the meanest, hornyest animal I’ve ever encountered, three times I had to jump the fence on a run, not sure if I was going to get mauled or raped to death. πŸ˜‰

          1. What if ya had balls the size of a bulls, and ya had blue balls, would ya call them bull balls or blue bull balls or bull blue balls??? Not that I have to worry about that. But what do ya think @phat?

          2. I’d say I have buffalo balls, and when they were blue I’d say I’ve got buffalo blue balls, thankfully I don’t have to worry about that either, but if I did I would tie them in a fish net for soccer balls, then I would walk around asking women if they would hold my ball sack.

  3. Poor bull probably died anyway, if the bull fucks the matador everyone runs and helps him, but if the bull is getting fucked, who helps him? I’d support this shit if they’d let the matador kill the bull, or the bull kill the matador

  4. i could hear that song tip toe thru the tulips you know… sung by that ugly long haired fucker…playing in my head as this bull molesting cum slurping faggot gets owned by this bull… but if he had as many horns coming out of him as he has going in to him and we all know its the case he would look like a porcupine…

  5. Awww, poor little fairy prancing around in his little gay girlie suit takes on a bull and gets gored. Wow, surprise surprise. Poor dude,NOT. This is one of the cruelest acts of animal abuse that I’ve witnessed in my lifetime, I love watching these little bastards getting their faces ripped apart, it’s almost a perversion for me. (Wow, I have perversions?!?) Poor bull is more like it, they raise them,only to kill them for sport, well in this case, I hope pansy boy goes back to his chosen sport, and the next time, we’ll get the full taste of his death on the end of a bulls’ horn. Next BG story. πŸ™‚

    1. Yah this is really, really cruel and disgusting but as far as animal cruelty goes this is NOTHING! Look to the slaughterhouses if you wanna see cruel acts of animal abuse. At least the bull got to fight back here.

  6. Someone once told me they tie the bulls bag and when they are ready to release them, they thump them in the balls. I don’t have balls but if this is really true, adding insult to injury by killing the poor beasts then I re-iterate; Looks damn fine on this little pussy.

    1. ROFL!! I laughed so hard at your comment, that was the exact same thing I was thinking myself! =D

      A few people say “at least the bull had a fighting chance,” but not at life. Briefly, for revenge, but once the bull has all those prongs in its back, it’s going to slaughter, whether it got to gore the bullfighter or not. At any rate, I would have loved to have seen him stay connected a bit longer & get tossed around by the jaw like a fish on a hook.

  7. Way to go Bull!!
    There’s no gore in this article but it tells the story about how Bullfighter Alvaro Munera (not the asshat in the above video) has changed his ways and is now an advocate for the bulls. Granted it took him being gored and paralyzed to realize the err of his ways but hey, at least he woke up to the fact that this isn’t right. For anyone that cares to read…

    1. @Ghorewhore
      I could not access your link..kept being told “The page you requested cannot be found” Was able to find the story elsewhere & found the story of one bullfighters journey down the path of enlightenment a most intriguing read. Thank you for sharing & making all of us aware of Bullfighter Alvero Munera’s “change of heart”.
      I am including another link just in case other curious members were also having trouble connecting to your link .


  8. one of my all time favorites along with Juan Padilla goring which is possibly even more gruesome.No mercy for torero torturing scum.Their suffering,my joy.All my sympathy for the innocent animal,abused for this perverted shit of corrida entertainment.

  9. I really love seeing so many comments in favor of this dude getting his jaw tore the fuck up. He deserved a hell of a lot worse. I have no sympathy what so ever. It may be a tradition from so many years ago, but whatever. People tend to pick and choose what traditions should continue this day and age and what shouldn’t. Us (humans) know better.. this is just inhumane and cruel… for the bull.

    Great pic btw.

    1. Animals don’t know they’re animals. The only thoughts of importance that run through their heads are: “I’m hungry.”, ” I have to shit/piss.”, and “Let’s fuck”. Animals are not majestic; they’re savages. I might be the odd one out here, but I place a cognitively aware human before an animal any fucking day of the week. Besides last time I remember bovines don’t have an average life expectancy of 80-82 years.

  10. Why don’t they just get rid of Bull Fighting and bring back Gladiator Combat. I would never pay to see some bull getting killed but would pay big time to see Gladiator Combat.
    If Spain did that the U.S. has plenty of useless (murderers,child molesters, rapist ect.) garbage in prisons that need being cleaned out.

    1. I’d watch that too! As long as it was as you said murderers, pedos, rapists. etc. They’d make money off people paying to see and save a shit load from the losers taking up space in prison on our dime.

    2. I think that`s a great idea! They could make tickets very expensive and the money from tickets and money saved from not having to house and feed a bunch of rapists and murderers could save the economy.

  11. Douche, prancing about in his embroidered jacket, what a ponce, deserves that after killing again and again for no reason, stabbing bulls through the lungs for entertainment, now he got to entertain us all by getting a taste of what was coming to him. Good.

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