Bullfighter Victor Barrio Dies After Bull Gores Him In The Chest

Bullfighter Victor Barrio Dies After Bull Gores Him In The Chest

Spanish bullfighter VΓ­ctor Barrio was gored to death live in front of spectators in the town of Teruel in Eastern Spain, as his chest was impaled by a bull’s horn. 29 year old Segovia native thus became the first matador to die bullfighting in 31 years.

Víctor Barrio was a decorated bullfighter. His wife, Raquel Sanz, witnessed his tragedy from a seat in the ring. The fight was part of the festival named Feria del Ángel.

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        1. Since the last matador (unfortunately) died over 30 years ago, I doubt you haven’t had to smile much, but i do agree with you. It’s a sick sport. I find it much more disturbing seeing an animal die than I do a human.

          1. It’s always hilarious to watch a spic die, I’d love to watch every last one of them drown in their own blood. Fucking savages don’t deserve to breath my air. I hope Mother Nature releases a disease on them far worse that Ebola. Something that causes them to wish for death long before it comes to take their wreched lives. Only good spic is a dead one.

        1. @GAME4WAR Either that was a joke or a really ignorant remark without any meaning. Perhaps you’ve been reading things from this one site only and could gain a bit more knowledge from reading other things and then you may sound a little more intelligent with your comments.

        2. It all boils down to the grand scheme, not a myopic perspective from one life. Your life is no more valuable than an ant’s…in the grand scheme. Ubiquity and capability of species is completely irrelevant to value…in the grand scheme. Preservation and continuity of life is not an obligation in any way…in the grand scheme.

          I want to survive as much as you, but I know my place in the world and have made peace with it. I’m not insecure and looking for meaning to justify my existence and purpose.

      1. me too, I mean… if it’s ok to stab the bull over and over and slowly kill it mercilessly – fuck that man with his magic flag and sparkly jacket – fuck him right in the chest – you go bull.

      2. Fucking Right, Brother, me too! That skinny little Fag, in his tight Jumpsuit deserved nothing less for torturing, and killing many beautiful, and innocent animals, for the enjoyment, of SHEEPLE ARSEHOLES. Fuck Spain, and ANY country, that still entertain their populace, by killing animals, for fun. πŸ™ πŸ™

        1. He got Best Gored!
          Fuckin Spain,beautiful country and people, but look like stupid fuckin Asians when it comes to playing with Bulls.
          If the bull wins it should be allowed to live and fuck/perform beastiality with the bull fighters wife/girlfriend/sister or mother…or if fighter wins he has to eat Bulls balls with Andrew Zimmerman.

      3. Exactly. Fucking coward got what he deserved.
        I love watching a pussy so-called ‘matador’ get gored to death. They torture the animal in such an inhumane manner.

        Good riddance of a piece of shit coward. And even better his wife had to watch her husband die like the coward he was.

      4. Wow I thought this site was full of evil and sanity but it seems it is full of gays that love animal penises, yeah that bull could have been your best friend or could have saved your life if you were ever in trouble, I will clear something up, all the countries where people look Spanish are all the same race as Latinos and spaniards, the middle east, Italy, Portugal I think, Bangladesh, India, Egypt, Libia, Libia by the way is not neeger country so it might have sounded like a neeger country but is not, oh native Americans as well, and many more countries too, so in the United Arab Emirates the minimum wage is 2700 dollars monthly, while in North America is around 1000 right, I know it is so in Colombia the minimum wage is 640 dollars monthly, north Americans might be thinking oh that is nothing, you get not more than half, while my people in the middle east make almost 3 times more, so if you think a place like Colombia is third world , you are 6 the world to my middle eastern people, and Qatar is the richest country in the world which is also in the middle East, and a lot of other countries around there are wealthier than USA , half of usa now was Mexico, before the war over Texas, instead of facing the Mexican army you cowards snock into the capital and killed all the government officials, and instead of just claiming Texas you took more than half of Mexico,we tan people have always had the richest country, whether it was the Romans, Egyptians Mexican or qatarians we are the best.

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    1. Yep agreed this fancy pants skinny arse Spanish dude got horned he paid the price…Fuck with the bull and you get the Horn….I get the Horn most nights but I do not want to fuck with the bull

    2. Those assholes deserve to die. They punish the bulls, they gore them, they stick them with spears. Its a sickening spectacle. If nobody has seen a bull fight, then don’t feel pity for this asshole.

    1. Yup poor guys always get bullied to death. However, I am glad this poor guy at least killed one MOTHER FUCKER before he was killed by other MOTHER FUCKERS. Sometimes I wish we could just eliminate all these scum of the earth junkies and live in peace. By the way, I hope you were referring to the Bull for being “poor guy”. The red-pants-douche-bag has nothing “poor” about it.

        1. That is what I was wondering if they actually let the bull live. It’s only fair I think. The matador goes in knowing he could die and by the look’s of thing’s the nut might have lived after being gored the first time if someone would have gotten to the injured dumb ass but maybe they had bet on the bull for the win…either way…congrats to the BULL…OLE!!

    1. It was to the “point” when horn was in his chest knew he fucked up to death, I think at that point he was not thinking at all anymore as you see his eyes rolled back and upper body was deflating like a tire..he was already dead at that point!

  1. Very enjoyable video, nice for the animal kingdom to get one back on their teasing murdering enemy. The only sad thing is the Bull will die anyway as is always the case with this despicable sport. One less animal abuser in the world is a small moral victory, hopefully more to follow. Gored on bestgore has a nice ring to it

  2. You wear red tights and you’re a man, you die. Simple. If you are a man and you don’t want to die, don’t wear red tights. It’s like wearing flip flops while riding a motorcycle in Brazil or being a single male tourist staying on the 27th floor of a hotel in Thailand. Death is gonna git you.

  3. A father bull and his son were standing on a hill. The youngster said “Hey Pop, let’s run down there and fuck one of those cows”. His father replied, “No son, we’ll walk down and fuck ’em all”.

      1. @stagedoor jonny
        Yup the bull rightly declared he is the victor and look at the cunt who had been having too much fun; that SOB Toreador . The Bull signed him off for good .
        No more logins for VΓ­ctor Barrio as he is dead and barred
        I liked that expression of his getting caught unaware napping by the bull . He was simply Bullstruck!

      1. Come on Der, the cow killers usually don’t stab the cows 50 times before they kill them. And when us humans were using spears for our meat gathering, it did take a lot more stabbing and a lot longer for the animals to die. Also, it just kills me when someone cuts off a head of lettuce or chops off an artichoke…;)

        1. And by the way, wich one is the worse way to die? Getting stabbed in the heart with a pike or getting their necks slaughtered and bleed to death?

          All those anti-matador idiots in here dont have a fucking clue how the meat they eat went… their pathetic incompetence would be funny if it wasnt so common… πŸ˜†

          1. Oh my God @der-kopfsammler, have I told you that I love you? This is the best, and most intelligent line of comments here. Stupid Manichaean people who just have no self-made opinion, but they watch a video that includes an animal, they go “That’s animal torture, stop it already!!”…
            Bull fighting is a tradition, and I’m not for killing animals for entertainment either (I’m not), but at least I can accept that some people like it. Life is unfair, boo hoo…
            I did, however, enjoy his death stare…Watched it over and over πŸ™‚

          2. Its not a matter of killing the animal just for killing, they actually eat it afterwards. This is like one of those anual celebrations where the animal is killed on the spot for a family to eat, only that this is made on a larger scale and giving the bull a better purpose to act on its own nature and give its last fight before he dies, its more honorable than people thinks… and certainly more honorable than dying enclosured in a slaughter house…

        1. …now i know why you all “animal lovers” think so oddly of this…
          OBVIOUSLY we eat the fucking animal after they kill it… 😐 The ears will often go the highest member in the audience (the regional president, the association president, etc) as a thanking trophy for the permission to use the arena, and the rest of the bull will go to the local butcher to be distirbuted and sold to the populace… The butchering happens in closed doors obviously.

          1. Don’t you think the whole idea of torturing a bull for hours just to continue a sick tradition, and have thousands of sickos watching the show and paying a ticket, making a business out of this slaughter is a little bit different than killing a bull in a slaughterhouse , that takes 3 seconds for that? I am a meat eater but still I don’t think that bull fighting is right or abusing animals and make a business out of it is totally wrong..it’s a little different than killing in a slaughterhouse.

          2. Dont you think that torturing chickens and cows in slaughter houses by having them in confined enclosed spaces, force feeding them, getting them fat enough for our own consuption as sick members of the living realm, and beings on the top of the food chain a sick thing? No, didnt think you did either… So how do you care what happens to a bull, when in the end they will be dead either ways, and digesting inside our stomachs for our own satisfaction?

            Anyways, stop being so naive on that matter, you dont understand bull’s nature. Oh and by the way, the “torture” of the bull lasts at least 30 minutes at most, or untill it gets tired. Depending from the size of the event, each has at least 4 to 8 bulls.

            Next up people will start crying that horse riding is “torturing” because you’re literally enslaving the animal, and whipping them and shouting at them so they can run faster for dozens of killometeres while riding his back like a parasite… How is that not banned yet?

      2. Is this a joke??? the bull is not just simply stabbed through the heart. Great, ‘im hungry’ justifies torturing a bull. these bulls get stabbed in the neck and tormented, loses tons of blood and then when weak the ‘hard bastard’ faces the bull alone. these fuckers torment it, if you think ‘well they eat it at the end’ justifies this you’re a first class cunt.

  4. May the guy Rest In Peace.
    I find it extremely sad how many people here are unknowledgeable media brainwashed lemmings. This used to be a cool site full of people “in the know”. Today it is full of Peta animal loving [email protected] To those Americans who have been brainwashed to hate Bullfighting, despite the fact that they know absolutely nothing about it let me inform you.

    Bullfighting is a semi-religious symbolic ceremony. The Bull represents the Devil, the Matador represents Man. When the Bull Fighter kills a Bull it represents Man’s Triumph over evil. In America however the government is run by evil men who worship and serve the Devil himself they are called “Zionist”. These traitors to humanity have promoted a worldwide campaign to end Bull Fighting because in it their “Master” is symbolically being slaughtered.

    Any human being who believes in “animal equality” needs to get their head examined. Think about it, do you actually believe that animals are equal to human beings? Animals exist to be food,to serve or entertain man. We are the superior species. Stop being such mindless brainless lemmings who follow the crowd that believes that Bull Fighting should be banned. You are being manipulated by Media Masters who you do not even know exist. Instead of hating on Bull Fighting try educating yourselves and getting a damn clue before repeating at verbatim pre-arranged Zionist slogans and sayings. Learn to examine issues and think independently and stop being such mindless followers. Try to actually for once in your lives examine the issue from all sides,analyze and develop your own thoughts, instead of thinking and believing what everyone else does.

    1. You’re an idiot here’s why. First off I support hunting when done within ethical rules and fishing to support a humans need to thrive and feed it’s family . You’re talking about symbolism about the devil and man ..WTF? That’s bible shit talk idiot . Any moron who follows the bible should have their head examined. Bullfighting is barbaric and instead of killing the animal for food or survival it’s about torture. Instead of comparing this to the devil and man you should compare it to the Pain and suffering of the animals and the pleasure that man gets from such pain . Re think your stance douche bag.

      1. I can already tell you I have seen animals behave more intelligently and civil in the wild than at least a 1/4 of the halfwits here on bg and that goes double for you game4war get a fucking clue you dirt bag that matador got exactly what he was asking for.

        1. Personal attacks? And what’s wrong with that? I don’t get your point. My argument was against the cruelty of animals not to be a peace nit wit . Where did I defeat my argument? He called us a bunch of animal loving faggots if you recall .Any human being that has no room for compassion for the other creatures of this world might just have some sociopathic ideations. Anyway me calling this guy an idiot or denigrating the bible does not defeat my original message.

      2. You want me to compare the pain and suffering of animals. Really? This website has pictures of actual human being suffering and dying,every day thousands of people suffer and feel pain,every year around 50 million babies worldwide are killed and ripped apart in the womb but you don’t want me to think about that suffering and pain. You want me to stop and think about the “Feelings” of an animal. Are you serious bro? If anyone needs to have their head examined its people like you. You have lost complete understanding of priorities or of the hierarchy pertaining to human beings and animals and plants on this planet.

        The PETA agenda is to push for total equality between humans and animals. By raising the status of animals people are also lowering the status of human beings. These people think less about actual human life and these are the ones more likely to be sociopaths and psychopaths. Just read their comments in here. Some are celebrating the death of an actual human being over 2,000 lbs of beef…… those are the sociopaths and psychopaths.

        You cannot call Bull Fighting “Barbaric” because you are clearly incapable of understanding foreign cultures as you don’t even have a grasp of your own culture, as you said that “the bible is shit talk”, when the Bible and Christianity is the basis of Western civilization. Clearly you have already been “Programmed” and Brainwashed by the Anti-Christian Zionist run media and educational system. Of course you cannot even understand simple symbolism about man and the Devil.

        You spout of the typical PETA propaganda about Bull Fighting being torture and men getting pleasure from seeing animals in pain……that is ridiculous. No one in a Bull Fighting stadium is celebrating the animal being in pain they are celebrating a man defeating the devil which is portrayed by 2,000 lbs of beef. That is what a bull is nothing more and nothing less……2,000 lbs of beef. Its not a human life, it is about as equal to man as a plant or the grass you step on in a park.

        Just because you may want to think that a bull,dog or other animal is worth more than a plant or grass because it might look “cute” or we may grow a certain attachment to it doesn’t make it superior to what it really is. Human beings can even grow feelings and attachments to inanimate objects as well (just ask your mother how much she loves her dildo). Just because humans might want to feel a certain way towards an inanimate object,2,000 lbs of beef or grass doesn’t raise the status of said objects, only in your mind.

        1. @game4war– I actually agree with some of what you are saying. We are becoming a society that cares more for an elephant in the wild than that child next door that needs us.

          That doesn’t mean that I think that we should torture animals for our entertainment or for any type of religious symbolism.

          By the way, as someone who works with wildlife, I can tell you (whether you believe it or not) that most animals do have “feelings”…both neurological and emotional.

        2. You are so full of shit! Just because some of us on this site oppose cruelty and abuse of animals does not make us PETA members!! I just cant stand cruelty of animals for personal pleasure! I have never believed that animals should be equal to humans as you stated in your post. But animals bring a lot of joy to humans and don’t deserve to be tortured for our pleasure!
          Cock fighting, dog fighting, bull fighting and all those sick assholes that love to take all their frustrations on helpless animals!! Michael Vick should have been destroyed the same way he tortured and killed all of those dogs. Instead he went on to play pro football again. SOB!!

          1. Missgoreaddkt, hopefully that pos vick and all those that like cruelty will be torn limb for limb and will die the same horrible death as they commit on innocent animals. It has nothing to do with peta, its called humanity. Animals are companions and not given to us to torture. Their lives may not mean as much as humans, well some humans. But they do matter. Some people are lower than animals though.

        3. Number one I am not a fucking PETA member . Remember when I called you an idiot? How the hell can you call me a PETA member when I support hunters and gun owners ? Are you daft? I hate those fucking obsessive PETA idiots . I totally agree with you when you’re talking about human suffering not equaling it to animals.I always rail against those stupid extremist animal right activists and vegans that call us meat eaters immoral. However to totally ignore animal suffering because we have to pay attention to human suffering all the time ? WTF? Are you one of those people that can’t pay attention to more than one thing at a time?
          Let me tell you this I would put a bullet in my dog’s head in a second if it was trying to bite a babies leg or throat if that would be the only way to stop the dog from hurting the child. You sound very obsessive and mental …I’m sorry but you do .If you can not empathize with other living creatures and know that they are suffering that is a metal disorder.

      3. I agree bloody! Hunting is a necessity for many and animals do need to be thinned out so they won’t starve to death. Bull fighting is a ritual and they suffer a lot. Like those that “hunt” by feeding large game just to have a head on the mantle or stuffed.

    2. As a portuguese and familiar with bullfighting, i agree completelly with you. Well said. πŸ™‚ Those that claim “boohooo! Poor bulls!! They are being tortured…” they dont know those territorial beasts… At the first chance they get, they WILL kill you once you step into their territory.

      I hate the fact that those idiots are trying to destroy that centuries old tradition… they already did in here unfortunatelly, but at least i was still able to see a bull killing before they did that… and eat from its flesh. πŸ™‚ Killing one in the ring, giving it more purpose than killing them in slaughter houses by the hundreds at the same time is far from barbaric… In the matanΓ§as they stab them in the heart giving them a quick death, while in the slaughter houses they slash their necks and let them bleed to death, so wich one is the most barbaric method after all?

  5. Another great talent lost for understimating those beasts… 😐 At least he died doing what he loved. In here we tend to saw the bull’s horns to avoid this from happening, but without the sense of risk, its just not the same. It looks like he ruptured a lung there.

    1. Agreed…

      That bullfighter died an honorable death…at least he wasn’t a pussy and had the bull’s horns dulled…

      It takes a lot of balls to step in the arena with one of those beasts…

      Nonetheless…the bull is a noble animal…

      They make good eating too… πŸ˜›

          1. @milton61 : You’re right, I was just hungry!
            But boy, do I miss Presunto.
            @der-kopfsammler : I miss the good old days when I went to Portugal ( his homecountry ), each summer, to eat that ham…Yummy!
            Yep, the dryer, the better, I know :p
            Don’t get me wrong: I looove beef too! With some bbq-sauce…Mmmh…

      1. A lots of balls to step in the arena with a beast that was for 2 consecutive days abused and drugged? When the bull enters into the arena is completely confused and weak, its an unfair fight, it’s just torture, you people need to get your facts straight, there is nothing honerable to be a bullfighter..I heard that the last bullfighter that died was more than 30 yrs ago…I wonder why?
        The bull is not an aggressive animal, and the reason he is angry and attempts to charge at the matador whilst in the bullring is mainly because he has been horrendously abused for the previous two days. In fact, what spectators see is not a normal, healthy bull, but a weakened, half-blinded and mentally destroyed version, whose chances of harming his tormentors is virtually nil. The bull has wet newspapers stuffed into his ears; vaseline is rubbed into his eyes to blur his vision; cotton is stuffed up his nostrils to cut off his respiration and a needle is stuck into his genitals. Also, a strong caustic solution is rubbed onto his legs which throws him off balance. This also keeps him from lying down on the ground. In addition to this, drugs are administered to pep him up or slow him down, and strong laxatives are added to his feed to further incapacitate him. He is kept in a dark box for a couple of days before he faces the ring: the purpose of this is to disorientate him. When he is let out of the box, he runs desperately towards the light at the end of the tunnel. He thinks that at last his suffering is over and he is being set free β€” instead, he runs into the bullring to face his killers and a jeering mob.

  6. i dont know should i feel sorry for him. he s basically doing animal cruelty in here and he was knew all risks what he s done. poor animal just acting instinctive and try to protect itself just like do all wild animals. he s dead it s sucks but i m not sorry for him too much.

  7. They don’t half love a good old bull fight down the east coast of Spain, there are billboards for that shit all over the place.
    Oh well, I suppose this makes the score 1-2000 to the fighters over the last few years.

  8. Good for him, that murdering, and molesting innocent animal killer. I hope that this fagot suffered greatly, like all the Bulls, that he has made suffer, and die a slow agonizing death, over his years of clwning around in that circus fagot, tight Jumpsuit. And for these Retarded SHEEPLE that take their small kids along to see a beautiful, healthy animal, get slaughtered while cheering,,, “”SHAME ON YOU”””! You murdering Loving COCKSUCKERS! πŸ™

  9. As an actual Spaniard, I have personally witnessed this bullfighting events. I remember going with my grandpa who was very keen on this things. However, nowadays, I find this “tradition” extremely distressing. It’s true that you need to have balls of steel to confront a beast of that size and weight, but that doesn’t make it any better. I mean, I relate this tradition to the most conservatist rank of people in Spain, or the most ignorant, maybe. Besides that, I detest people who feel happy when they see a person suffering such tragedy. This message goes to you: “You’re as wrecked as people who think this is culture and art”. Spain still has a lot of way to come before going out of this shit.

    1. I also went to a “corrida” myself, but I was a child, and there was a difference: it was in Portugal, and they didn’t kill the bulls (my dad is Portuguese, they just don’t kill the bulls, except when they get hurt, to end their sufferings, so that we eat them).
      But I love learning about foreign cultures, and, having Spanish people in my family too, I’m not completely against bull-fighting.
      I just understand that it’s an old tradition, it’s cultural, belongs there, and some people just love it.
      I don’t understand, however, when some people try to compare this to dog fighting or stuff like that O.o
      That’s just culture, my friends…You will find some traditions rude / cruel / other…but you have to go further and accept it as a cultural thing. Spain won’t stop, and that’s fine. Period.
      There is no cruelty there. Because if you eat meat, then, what are you, a serial killer? Come on…

  10. I can’t watch this video for fear of seeing any animal abuse prior to this dickhead getting what he deserved. All I can say is that I’m glad he’s dead. That probably makes me a horrible person.

  11. The moment you decide to put yourself in that kind of position,you should expect to reap some kind of consequence sooner or later.I can’t really feel bad for the gent.The bull however was merely trying to survive…and if that makes me an asshole so be it.

    1. No you’re not asshole.

      -Many in Spain wrote petitions for this savageness to be banned forever but blood thirsty part of Spain simply love this SHIT.
      Now, everybody are in bad mood for dead adrenaline junkie but no one gives a shit for tortured animals in those primitive arenas.

      1. Yeah. If I seen a guy kick a dog I would probably go for his neck. Humans, nah I don’t feel no emotion for humans. Little kids yeah, but grown hairless apes, fuck them, no emotions whatsoever.

  12. Adrenaline junkies love to torture scared and disturbed animals.
    The bull just defending himself for fuck’s sake.

    It is time to stop this BS “sport” forever and to be damn civilized instead being primitive savages that enjoying blood and excitement.

  13. This is only sport! Each of you knows what happens in slaughterhouses with chickens and cattle, etc. Have any of you ever killed a chicken to eat? This is a sport in which the animal has a chance to win a man. Like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehw19AdwLS8
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Mg53j45ipw and here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6qFyi0HGe8 type on YT rhino charge hunting, hippo charge hunting. All except elephant. I never would have killed the elephant. Why? here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zj0Yn91Dd0I

  14. Spanish bullfighting is a historical leftover from the roman gladiatorial arenas of old, it’s all an ancient ritual from a savage and violent society meant to entertain it’s bloodthirsty citizens.

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