Burglar Mauled to Death by Guard Dogs in Argentina

They Wear Face Masks in Argentina Like COVID-19 Is Actually Dangerous

They Wear Face Masks in Argentina Like COVID-19 Is Actually Dangerous

In Altos de San Lorenzo, a town in La Plata, in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, a burglar reportedly jumped over a wall to break into a house but was jumped by the owner’s guard dogs. The dogs had their fun with the burglar, who ended up dying from the bites.

Best Gore member @kike004 has the backinfo:

A 19-year-old man died yesterday afternoon in the Altos de San Lorenzo neighborhood after he apparently tried to burglarize a house in the area and was attacked by two dogs that belonged to the owners. One of the dogs was a Pitbull breed and would have ended up being shot by one of the agents who responded to the incident.

Neighbors in the area called 911 upon hearing the screams and failing to make the dogs release the suspect. Once police arrived, they deployed loud flash bangs, but since the dogs did not release the burglar, one of the officers was forced to shoot the pit bull.

In order to enter the home, officers had to break the wall because the homeowners were not around. Once the officers gained access, they found the suspect lying on the ground in a pool of blood and with various injuries.

They immediately put him in an ambulance, but he died on the way to the San Martín hospital due to a deep mauling on his neck. In the hospital, he was identified as “Dylan” with an extensive criminal record.

Many thanks for the pics and the backinfo, @kike004. There’s just two pics, no video at this time. Similar case HERE:

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        1. Ha! 🙂

          Yeah, you gotta point there…

          Another category we can place animals in too. The Powers that Be have to be astounded, how easily the Sheeple victimize themselves into their submission.

          If we actually practiced Herd Immunity, we could get rid of a non existent virus, while ridding ourselves of an existent one, that has never given a shit about us to begin with.

          Another reason for Al Sharpton to convince the blacks to vote for Biden.

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          1. I don’t know Pigs. Biden? I can’t see him being any better than trump. It won’t matter which one wins. Either way, we will lose.

          2. @honkeykong

            Oh, by no means will he be any better. Plutocracy prevents this…

            I was simply bringing up the issue of racism/violence. (via the failed system we ALL fall victim too)

            In the midst of any tragedy, there has to be a hero to save us. Whether it be Bush during 911, or the recent murder in Minneapolis with Black Lives Matter.

            It’s Categorization By Design, to keep the people fighting among one another. As long as the system is rigged against ALL, there will be more categories (and tragedies) to follow.

            I know I won’t live long enough to experience the Human Race.

            …quite frankly, I don’t see anyone living long enough to witness this either

          3. Regarding herd immunity, as a 70 year old I’m not going to volunteer for the program. The Lergy would just love to munch on my softened up immune system.

            However for you youngsters, take Swedish-type precautions and enjoy yourselves. After we get the vaccine and an advanced prophylaxis, Kathy and I will set plans for Hawaii. No, not Maui with the rest of the Boomers. Stop it!

    1. yeah, really poor pup, i think its crazy even, why do people have dogs, to have pets, and against burglars, now the dogs were so Lucky to catch one, and what happens, the police arrivés, and killed one of the doggs!!!??? wtf!! and then find out this dude was asking for it with his “extensive criminal record” this dog should have a medal for the work the police failed to do…

          1. If that were a pitbull, it’d be great!

            Does anyone else not see the fatal neck wound? If he had a wound serious enough to be fatal on the side of his neck not visible in the picture, there would have been significant blood loss. His upper torso is spotless. I have never seen a blood-less, fatal neck wound. Pretty impressive!

    2. I have a pit bull. And had one before. The previous one went to take down a horse but I was able to stop him. He was a rescue so I didn’t know his history.
      This time I rescued a puppy.
      I’m really tried of law enforcement shooting dogs when the dogs are doing their jobs or are not threatening.
      I had my hand chewed up by a neighbor’s Rottweiller a few years back. Firecrackers spooked it and it went apeshit. The bight wasn’t too bad – although it felt like someone put my hand in a bench vice and cranked it with a cheater bar.
      But, I got MRSA from the bite, lost 4months of work and had to have a PIC line from my wrist to my heart and pumped full of special antibiotics 6x a day for 3 months.
      Wasn’t the dog’s fault. The owner was a piece of shit and never socialized or even interacted with it.
      Cost the fucker $100K.

    3. Yes. I agree. Poor puppy. S/he didn’t deserve to be shot by stupid citizen (sorry, canine) killers.

      The reason why the property owners have trained pitbulls is because Police are such lazy cunts these says, they are too fat to do their paid jobs.

      This poor puppy in fact deserved a frigging medal for doing its job so well. But it instead took a bullet for its owner. RIP, my dutiful hound.

          1. In this particular case, I had not paused to consider if he had truly Dieded.
            Anyway he was up to no good. The fucking cunt..
            The Coroner’s Report does show that he indeed, Dieded.
            Cause of Death:
            “Multiple lovebites by feral canine leading to bloodloss, aggravated by poor first response times”.

          2. Mr. Spock.
            Think you already said that the world is a little better for the fact of one less no good thieving scumbag (words to that effect).
            Fuck him, would I have been the driver of the responding ambulance knowing what was to be responded to, then yea I’d have driven around the block a few times, maybe getting held up in traffic going in the opposite direction.
            Shame about the Dog but, the thief had a full body massage by the look of him.
            Gladly prepared the Death certificate for this one, even if we’ve to put up with Kirk’s ahem, antics again so…

        1. Exactly. My neighbor’s Rottweiler chewed up my hand one year. Story above^. The owner never interacted with it. Only gave it food. Never socialized the dog.
          I got my pitbull/Mastiff as a puppy. I take her on walks and to the dog park every day.
          She does eat concrete and 4×4’s though. Very strong dog.

          1. Couldn’t agree more…

            I was a meter reader back in the 90’s. Most of my route was out in the country. 99% of the time, the dog had a personality that reflected it’s owner’s.

          1. I don’t own any blacks so I’m not responsible for the democrats keeping them on the plantation.
            The libtard/dems/socialist want them to stay on the plantation and be dependent on the handouts.
            There’s no incentive to be useful as long as they’re receiving free stuff.
            That’s why obam’allah was their god.
            Racism describes whatever the Left doesn’t agree with.
            Also all the ‘phobes.
            You are some kind of ‘phobe if you don’t believe all 53 genders exist.

        1. @garfrelfff
          Sometimes I go overboard and need someone to catch me when I fall. Thanks for setting me straight! Now I’ll probably have to make an apology tour on the talk shows after I lose a few sponsors. Next I’ll write a tell all book, and have a melt down on Twitter over being blacklisted. I may turn to heroin, and end up dead in a dank motel room outside of Reno, NV.

          1. You’re a dick… but that’s some funny shit.
            Pitbulls, Mastiffs, Presa Carnarios and Rottweillers are just very big and very strong so they will cause a shit ton of damage.
            But, it’s the owner’s responsibility to socialize them and not breed ones from a line of psychos/aggressives.
            I had an American Staffordshire Terrier. Like a very tall pitbull. He looked like Riddick’s hell hound in The Chronicles Of Riddick.
            It was great. I would hear the sound of door locks clunk when I approached cars with people.
            He would eat 4×4’s and chain link fence every day.
            It was like having a 900 lb gorilla as a friend.
            He was a good drinking buddy too.

    1. The dog was in the middle of his treat when the cop shot him.
      Fucking rude. Should have let the dog enjoy his reward and make sure the dog received medical care in case his gums were scratched or the dog got ingestion from eating spoiled meat.

  1. Good boys.
    What they should’ve done was wait for the owner to return. That way they could’ve scraped up what was left of the scum bag, wouldn’t have had to demolish the wall and, most importantly, not have had to shoot the dog, which was only doing his job.

  2. The only good burglar is a dead burglar.
    Some old guy got killed by burglars the other night, wish he had some guard dog so those shitstains would get killed instead of killing the poor old guy

  3. Hope the stupid tyrants repair the wall and pay for the repairings as well as the dogs value. Poor doggie, he got killed for doing the right thing, not suprised cause here in Argentina the burglars have more rights than the victim, piece of shit leftist laws

  4. That breaks my heart that they shot the dog. Why didn’t they shoot the one doing wrong the one doing the burglary??..The dogs were doing what they were supposed to be doing,protecting there home.
    It’s mad if another person brutally murders another person,they usually end up doing time. Why don’t we shoot them on the spot??..
    Yeah I know it’s not that simple,but they should have shot the one doing the burglary.
    Some of these cops are to trigger happy. I have seen a few video’s where police have shot the family dog for no reason.
    I have got a japanese/American Akita,you should see some of the looks I get. You should hear the way some people go on. There people who usually know nothing about the breed. There was this one chap walking to his house making barking noises,I was walking towards him. I had my other Akita at the time. So my baby started to pay attention looking at him barking. Then the bloke started going off his head saying don’t bring that dog by me. I just laughed. I said are you for real??,your the one who started barking..kita took a dislike to him from that day. I do try to be respectful towards people but sometimes there’s no talking to some.
    Anyway I hope everyone is doing good,Have an awesome day & takecare.xoxo..

  5. This is great!
    Not only is a piece of shit criminal dead, a stupid wingless dungbeetle (dog) is dead too!

    A two for one!

    Let’s hope for a video of the fucking poochie poop getting blown to hell surfaces soon!

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