Camel Is Stuck Inside Car After Crash

Camel Is Stuck Inside Car After Crash

Camel Is Stuck Inside Car After Crash

This camel in Saudi Arabia looks like the one that gave the little girl her first camel toe.

Poor camel. It got involved in a traffic accident and ended up stuck inside the car. Looks very painful and stressful for the animal. I’m not sure what condition the driver’s in.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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148 thoughts on “Camel Is Stuck Inside Car After Crash”

      1. The camel’s leg is clearly broken. The video is backwards. The 2nd half should be first. Someone obviously tried to help and dislodged the camel’s leg that was stuck around the door. Unfortunately, the animal is severely injured (leg dangling and swinging freely at the knee joint and that is just a visible injury) and will have to be put down. I would imagine no one on scene had the means to do so. The other issue is with a large dromedary, like a camel, the position it is in puts undue stress on the internal organs, not to mention the overall stress the animal is in could lead to its inevitable death in and of itself. Poor camel! I never like seeing an animal suffer.

    1. Animal abuse is deplorable, I concur with you on that.

      Traffic accidents like this are hilarious tho. Look at the poor fucker doing the Sponge with his broken vagina’d apendage, while yelling something that sounds like a cross between a cheap motorbike running on stale gas and Chewbacca taking it up the ass by Harrison Ford.

    1. It might still be saved. We don’t know the extent of his damage from this video. The sad thing is, those people probably doesn’t give a fuck about this camel, so they would ‘put it out of it’s misery’ even if it got sprained ankle.

          1. Well I just couldn’t be sure, I wasn’t there and didn’t have my jaws of life kit on hand to cut the animal out of that stupid muslim mobile.
            Carnage is right though, humans and dogs only.. well I like most animals but I don’t have any other pets besides dogs really. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Nah, dude, it’s gone. Even in an animal loving country he would still die, since his leg is never going to heal to a point it’ll sustain the animals body weight anymore.

        And probably shock trauma, these assholes should just give the cigarette mascot the Old Yeller treatment.

          1. Fuck yeah, sooks, but after I eat it, I’m gonna need another Camel. I better hoof it to the store… that’s after we hump, of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. That’s quite a bizzare expression this camel makes. Kinda scary too. Imagine you wake up at night and see this face above your bed screaming like that. That would be even scarier than a humanoid zombie.

  2. 2,018 Arabian nights: Cassim pulls up to the the Casbah…

    *Tire screeches*…

    Cassim:… “Whaddya guys think?…This fukn humpmachine’s gonna get me some magic carpet!… Am I right..?”

    *uproarious laughter*…


    One of the guys:… “Omg, dude.. You’re such a jackass… You can only pull that look off with a hatchBACTRIAN…!”

    Another one of the guys:… “Besides… You’ve got the exhaust pointing the wrong way!… *snickers*… Ya farthuffer..!

    Ackmed:…” Y’know what?.. Fuk you jealous assholes..! ”

    Old wise man:…” How the fuk are we jealous of an asshole, with a camels asshole in his face…? ”

    *more uproarious laughter*…

    *Tires screech as a PISSED OFF Cassim drives away, but he wasn’t mad at all, it’s just that the camel started pissin on the dashboard..! *

    1. I don’t blame you, it’s sad what humans put the poor creatures through. I mean I do eat meat so I can’t really say anything but I don’t drive camels around and put them through possible torment. I don’t abuse animals and I hate with a passion anyone who does. If you hunt that’s cool, I’ll eat dear and stuff just don’t go beating the damn thing before killing it. One shot, one kill. Be a good human not a jerk.

  3. Human suffering horrifies me but animal suffering, like the one we see here, truly pains my heart. Poor camel, they can be pretty smart and are extremely emotional and noble, they can bond with humans like dogs do, also their life span can go up to 50 years, i remember an old documentary of Mongols, one family was mourning their favorite and oldest camel and some couldnยดt stop crying, truly was a family member.

  4. sad. I too wonder if it could be saved.

    needs to be cut out of the car with jaws of life. at least let it die without struggling in that mangled car. I don’t even get how this happened?? how did a camel end up inside a car??

  5. @mr-cunt @persian @nosnerb (Real Narc)

    “How the fuck did they get a camel in that car?”

    I think that this was less of a frat-party, “Hey, let’s find out how many camels fit in a sedan!” and more of an, “Oh shit, a camel just crashed through my windshield at 100MPH because I drive like an idiot and now it’s trying to escape out the sunroof while honking madly with its ass cheeks!” sort of situation.

  6. I imagine thatโ€™s the same kind of call a mother negroid would make calling her kids to dinner in the chicongo ghetto? LeeeeeeRoy its time to eat. Or It also sounded like a Chewbacca ? Torn I tell you………Torn!!!

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