CCTV – Four Dogs Attack Man Jogging in Argentina

CCTV - Four Dogs Attack Man Jogging in Argentina

Captured on CCTV, a man can be seen jogging into view. He appears to be dressed to run a 5-K, but runs into four K-9s instead.

As the dogs approach, the man doesn’t yet realize their intention, and reaches out to pet them. The dogs were in no mood to sniff butts, and went on the attack.

The info I got said that this took place in Argentina, but as we all know, location info is oftentimes wrong. One thing that does back up this claim is the for dogs involved in the incident appear to be a breed known as the Dogo Argintino. The Dogo was developed in Argentina for use in big game hunting, and from what I hear, they don’t mess around. The dogs had collars, and were obviously someone’s pets.

If there really is such thing as a runner’s high, then this has to be a major buzz-kill.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for backinfo and the video:

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      1. How fucking stupid are you? You think you are weaker than a canine? These animals follow pack mentality, they can smell fear. They know when your a bitch. I used to work at a doggie day care. And they put me in ONE room with 25+ LARGE dogs. They know who can hurt them and who cannot just by looking at you. One day I was walking my 70 pound pitbull around and another dog who happened to be off of his owners leash for a moment ran up and tried to attack my pit. I saw it coming and immediately kicked this dog in the face. You should have seen how quickly this thi ng backed off. No faggot, dont be scared of dogs.

        1. & you missed the fact that this is a fake, tails wagging combined with no effort from the owner I mean victim to get up off his ass & or hurt a dog. pansy shit no dog attack taking place in this video

          1. not fake at all bro. thats real. look at the military dog footage, they are always wagging their tails when they are mauling the shit out of some dothead. this is legit.

      2. so you’re saying that you’re basically fucked if this was to happen to you unless you had a knife or some shit. i guess that makes sense, dogs aren’t exactly pussies, they can take a beating or two before they go down. looks like this dude had a bad day, maybe he didn’t know how to handle the situation or at least that’s what i’m assuming since it only took a few hits from the dogs to make him fall to his back.

      1. I know many strong men over 60!! You cant judge strength by age! There are many weak 20 yr olds ! I dunno what country youre in where men lose their masculinity and strength by age 60+. Where Im from men look great for their age and are very much more than capable of breaking that mutts neck!!! Plus 60 isnt old to the point one is “weak”. Nowhere near it

      2. You know how easy it is to snap a dog’s foreleg? He was scared, and the dog’s knew it! He didn’t even accept that he WAS GOING TO GET BIT, and therefore decide to attack the first dog straight away. He went down straight away and was probably yelling to the dogs “Please don’t hurt me!!” The guy was prey and he acted like it from the word go. A big dog will back off if you shove your arm down it’s throat with full force. Dogs don’t gag well at all. One dog you MAY reason with. A pack is going to take you down. You don’t fight, you’re prey. You can’t fight, you should stay the hell away.

        1. You are on the money there, and that’s no hypothetical…

          The leg break offspinner first, then if they get you down, shove that hand Belladonna magic hand style down its neck. The confusion on their face when they start to chomp and then remember they need to breathe is priceless.

          Not that I would ever have done this to a rottweiler personally, just a theory

          1. I work at an animal hospital and we have a chiweenie that comes in that has an over bite and had all his upper and most of his upper left premolars removed, the little dude looked like a retarded vampire.

      1. killing a dog with my bare hands is so easy, i just did killed dog before, just dont be a pussy just like this guy in the video he let him self bitten, just grab the dog’s troat and squish so hard and lift, smash it into the ground

        1. Are you dumb? Theres 4 dogs here and they look like they are at least 80 pounds each. What size and breed of dog did you kill where you could pick it up by the throat and throw it at the ground? Are you really trying to brag about killing a small to medium sized dog?

      2. I believe you. The guy was a deer. he acted like it and the dogs simply got in touch with their inner wolves. He didn’t even yell, punch or be aggressive. A large man can get most dogs to back off and question simply by being LOUDLY aggressive. I think this guy ‘discusses’ aggression while sipping ‘latte’ and thought he could ‘talk’ the dogs down. Life simply taught him a hard lesson.

    1. He is a retarded faggot, he should at least kick the shit out of those dogs, I am from that country and if that happens to me I would fight for my life against those fucking hell hounds

        1. LOL, I rather be attacked by dogs than humans, dogs only attack with their mouth, if you can destroy or block their mouth, it will be a nice start. I have a friend that has a big dog (german shepperd) but that one is very friendly, actually most dogs are lovely and friendly, I hope the owner of those fucking hounds goes to jail

          1. Beautiful, smart, loyal breed the German Shepherd is. I’ve never owned a dog but if I do eventually, that is the breed I want. Raise a dog the right way n’ you have a friend for life, pull a Michael Vick and this is what you get.

        2. @carnage those dogs are just beautiful, they have a strong stance and they are very loyal, I know another guy that has a mexican pitbull, the face of the dog is scary as fuck but it’s a very peaceful animal, I like more the wolf-like dogs. I remember that he also had a belgian shepperd, I am not sure about the differences between the german and belgian shepperd

      1. Those dogs weren’t ‘hell hounds’ at any time. In fact, as large aggressive dogs they were quite well behaved. He was a rabbit and the dogs acted accordingly. Hell hounds would have drawn and quartered him. He NEVER showed aggression to those dogs because I don’t think he had any ‘fight’ in him in the first place. You TRAIN dogs on how to treat you by YOUR behaviour! This guy was a rabbit, when he hopped into THEIR territory! He should consider himself lucky he’s not dead.

      1. A weapon MAY help, but a grown man should have enough aggression to make a predatory dog back off, bites or no bites. He should have concentrated on ONE dog and grabbed it up by a leg and thrown it, possibly breaking the leg. The ‘pack’ would get the message. He behaved like the sort of guy who wouldn’t even be quick enough or able to use a weapon, even if he had it. Because ‘weapons’ are bad, mkay! as he sips his latte.

    2. Seriously! I would have broken its neck, gouged it’s eyes out, broken some legs like twigs! I get pissed off when I encounter dogs when I skate & someday am going to end up kicking one when they run at me, but nooo, I try to be nice & think about kicking the owner instead!

        1. No Dil, never doubt or compare yer, uh, talent to sanity.

          Diggity diggity damn,
          yer a funny, funny,,,
          er, dang, guy!

          ‘sides, it’s always better to just lose yer grip.

    1. Hey fred !your hot diggity , parody sounds great ! btw what that Perry Como guy was up to in the video singing solo wanting every now and then ,a chair or a cushion to lean on to.

  1. He didn’t even try to stay on his feet, he just folded over like a limp noodle. If you get attacked by dogs, you have to stay on your feet and ball your fists up, more so to protect your fingers than as weapons. You don’t want to expend too much energy attacking them with your fists, you want your focus and energy on staying on your feet and getting to safety, whatever it may be. If you can help it, do not do what this guy did, he didn’t even try. If you are down, you will be in much greater danger than being on your feet.

  2. I can imagine what that fucker was going trough. Remember the post of that Chinese bitch who had her face torn off and had steam coming out of her mouth.
    I think @thedre has the link in his “all time favorites” forum.

          1. @SeraphimSerenata
            **YOU ROCK BROTHER** Cause you saved me hours upon hours searching through all of my (downloaded on my hard drive) looking for this page for our good Bro @DilDoe.

            All of my Thousands, upon Thousands of mixed-up, & unsorted F-E,, &,, B-G Stuff. 🙂 Thanks @SeraphimSerenata

          1. @SeraphimSerenata
            Actually after seeing how quickly you can pull stuff-up,,, nope. Because years ago we used to utilize many different providers, & hosts.

            But since most we don’t use anymore, or are associated with we cannot use them because of trade mark issues cause they are full of watermarks from (the sites in question) that B G sometimes used.

            So since getting fucked more than once & B G Getting Attacked, that i still think to this day that a portion was for sure (from pure jealousy) of Mark’s incredible success. But the large portion was Jew-Related Scum that we found-out later,were associated with many of the sites that we used to get content from.

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            But Now,,, i feel like a useless old man, as nobody needs Andre anymore, he is passer, and old-stuff that’s behind the times. Maybe i’ll start posting video’s of myself jerking-off and blowing loads of powder, cause i,m so old, and dried-up, lol, lol. 😉

      1. What, they are resistant on it?
        I wanted to visit NY before towers were fcked up with controlled demolition but i saw what satanic gov. did it i quit.
        However, time pass…
        Now i don’t want to go because don’t know who’s male and who’s female anymore because all mainstream is filled with transgenders.

        (no female on TV at all. Scary)

  3. all those saying he takes it like a pussy, i agree! i have never been afraid of dogs. i once had a big dog attack me cos he was attacking a cat and i interfered. dog bit me in the arm and i slapped him in the face and dog immediately backed off.

    this is not a fairy tale, dogs can literally smell fear. it’s been scientifically proven.

  4. You are on the money there, and that’s no hypothetical…

    The leg break offspinner first, then if they get you down, shove that hand Belladonna magic hand style down its neck. The confusion on their face when they start to chomp and then remember they need to breathe is priceless.

    Not that I would ever have done this to a rottweiler personally, just a theory

  5. 这些狗太机智可爱了,咬住小腿肉就把人拽倒,看这它们这里咬一口,在另一个地方咬一口,它们一定特别有自豪感和胜利占有的的感觉,真的好可爱的一群小狗

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