Scooter Rider T-Bones Cow

Scooter Rider T-Bones Cow

Location could not be verified. Whatever country it is, allows cows to freely roam on residential streets.

The scooter rider drives in the middle of a two-lane street. He heads straight towards cows making a passing. The rider must have not seen through his helmet. Why else would he be so stupid?

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video! This is dedicated to @dankton:

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      1. It also shows the weakness of people. he hits an animal and it’s the human who comes off worse. Excellent. i hope he’s dead. Dead and gone to wherever his idiot people go.
        I only wish the whit man hadn’t given these retards his inventions.

    1. Is that music? I thought it was the daily afternoon monsoonal rain on my tin roof again…….

      But back to the video – now I heard about this today – it was all over the news and my favourite show (pornhub) was continually interrupted with ‘breaking news’ about this terrible incident. What happened was, Sateesh, was craving some beef vindaloo, just like when he craves cock meat before visiting the town glory hole, but that silly rule about cows being sacred meant he couldn’t buy beef anywhere in India (despite Indians having no problem whatsoever cooking and eating cow as soon as they leave Indian borders and open their restaurant in some western white country) so his plan was to ‘accidentally’ hit one on his scooter and then strip some rump for his dinner. It didn’t occur to him that riding straight into a cow (that weighs about 8-0kgs more than him and the bike) is pretty much the same as riding directly into a brick wall…….

    1. But you are @HambergerBob,
      So You Cannot Eat Steaks, It Will Have To Be A Couple Burgers Instead Dude.
      Hey i’ll Even (As A Good B G Brother) help you eat some Too Mmmm-K???? πŸ˜‰
      If Not,,, Than We Will Have To Change Your Name To @BeefSteakBob Instead.


    Cuba Has Wild Domestic Cows Roaming Freely All Over The Country chewing Peoples Brown, Dried-Up Grass,,, Gardens, and Such, lol. And you are Not Allowed to Harm, or even Harass them, by shooing them Away (As Too Not Enrage A Bull, or stress them-out), and that’s even if they are eating your Garden, or Grass.

    Instead The Locals are encouraged to build a fence around-it if you want it protected from them. And if You Hit One With A Car,,, or Scooter,, you are in Big Trouble. And Expect A Huge Fine, And Maybe Even Jail Time if you Kill One, or seriously harm One, where like it has a broken leg and has to be put down because of it. And Because these Cows/Bulls Never Run Much (But Walk Super-Slowly) because it’s Just Too Damn Hot, The Government Of Cuba figure that you have Ample Enough Time To Stop If You See One Or a few on the road, Which you do cause i have stopped for them in the middle of the street in broad daylight, and in the middle of the night. nd they are so big, that you see them **Protected Animals** easily a full a mile away on a straight road.

          1. The Guy Sucking That Cows Nipple Looks Like He Was Sucking On An Uncircumcised Cock Instead, lol. It Is A Jews Dream Cum-True! I Would Pass On Sucking A Cows Tit As It Looks Too Much Like A Cock With White Stuff Cumming-Out Of It. Me Cannot Do It πŸ™

          1. Yea you’re right. But i forget the name of them but they are a breed that the females grow horns too brother. And sorry about calling you Sister because with the name Holley, i thought that you were a girl.

            It’s difficult for me to remember the People/Members Sometimes cause my memory is screwed-up, and without a picture of somedy’s face i forget a lot. And you will get to know me better brother @hollyEat and see that i tell stupid jokes all the time so do not take me too seriously my Good B G Brother. πŸ™‚

          2. my memory is shit too. can’t remember what i did 2 days ago lol

            no idea how its named, guess its some kind of buffalo or “gnou” or stuff like that.
            anyway, not gonna move, cows and stuff always like to piss off driver when on road.

            was hoping for the cow to come back and shit on the body of the guy XD… wouldn’t be surprise after all we see in BG.

    1. You know, I really like that they protect the welfare of their livestock over there.
      Texas ranchers also care for their livestock. Yes, I eat meat.

      I’m glad they care for their livestock. Too many assholes abuse animals on this planet, regardless of eating them or not.

        1. .. Idk if you guys are familiar with this one video that was up awhiles back… It was about two muthafckrs that caught a mouse, tied it down and started cutting it up slowly with a scalpel, just reading the caption made me fukn sick… Fukn sonzabitches…!

          1. @asskingforanal I can’t watch it. I fucked myself up recently with that stinkin’ shock gore site with them destroying animals for pleasure. The only thing that came from that was a desire inside of me to hunt these fuckers down and everyone telling me I can’t do it.

            Anyone who calls me a “Pussy” for feeling the way I do about that deserves to stand in front of me and allow me to cut them up with certain items I may or may not have access to.

            Anyone who does that shit must be violently ruined. I truly, with deep seated hatred and furious anger, want to see these people removed.

          2. @Sphincterpiston #59535

            Shit like that really pisses me off, cause whether it is a mouse or a horse,,, they are all God’s Little Creatures and deserve to live. Fucking Assholes Deserve a good hospital beating for torturing, and killing that innocent, and cute little Mouse. πŸ™

          1. .. No shit brother.. I’d definitely join you in that fight and by no means do I think you’re a “pussy” for it… Animals are the noblest beings on this planet and have no malice.. They shouldn’t be subject to torture and/or abuse…


          2. @asskingforanal, I once squeezed a cat so hard out of affection it’s fuckin’ eyes popped out. I felt so bad after πŸ™ … it did live n’ I got em replaced with cybernetic robot eyes. Robokitty has made a full recovery… fully equipped with eye lasers πŸ™‚

          1. There’s my Buddy/Brother @pigsonthewing how you been brother?? Yep,,, i know Angus from AC-DC That little fucker does not stop running, and jumping around while playing guitar for a whole concert of like 2 1/2 hours straight.


            Did he die lately brother, or am i thinking of somebody else???

            Neil Peart going ape-shit on his cow bells,

          2. Awesome Bro @pigs,,, Awesome! πŸ™‚
            Lots of pictures and cool video’s of Angus Young in action. He Must Have Taken Speed before every concert to stay active like that man. And to play guitar as good as he does while jumping, and running around like a flaming retard must be incredibly hard to do right, never missing a cord. A True Legend Through, & Through.

  2. my guess is he just speed up and “beep beep movafuka” the cow expecting them to move (klaxon)…

    but thoses are fucking cow, they well know for not moving fast when you klaxon them to move.

    and so.. surprise movafuka return to him and he get destroy by the cow or bull ( ’cause thoses actually look like male and not female )

    same shit here, sometime they are cow on road or sheep , and its fucking pain in ass as they dont give a fuck and move slowly to let you pass…

    1. dat cow is pretty strong tho…

      a whole scooter (what is it ? like 100kg or something), at that speed, right in the chest…

      and almost nothing, the cow get a chicken legs for a moment, but then, nothing but a scratch.

      other side, scooter almost explode in piece and guy died.

      i wonder what the fuck would happen if that accident happened with the bull we have here… almost a tons of meat and muscles. bet the scooter will litteraly explode and the guy desintegrate with fire XD

  3. That’s how I get all my steaks, the hard part is when you don’t kill them. Then you have to chase them down. It’s exspensive fixing my motorcycle Everytime, but the tenderness of the beef is second to none.

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