CCTV Video of Guy Getting Attacked by Large Dog

CCTV Video of Guy Getting Attacked by Large Dog

I don’t know if the guy was a thief, but he does seem to move around a bit suspiciously. At about 1:03, a large dog enters the scene, and our dude gets a nasty surprise in form of an attack. Two more dogs then join in on the ruckus, but they’re all bark, no bite.

The attacking dog is kind of attacking, but kind of not. It’s not the type of vicious pit bull style attack whereby the dog locks his jaws and tears into flesh by jerking his head from side to side. This one seems somewhere halfway between attacking and playing. He may have been a friendly dog, but someone he didn’t recognize entered his turf so he did what dogs do and defended it.


Apparently this happened in South Africa, and the guy was indeed a thief. Although after being caught, he claimed he was not intending to break into the house, only look around the garden if there was anything out there to steal.

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    1. Yeah that guy was definitely trying to break in. If those were my dogs, they’d be getting extra treats! :3

      I love how there’s two big dogs, and then that one little cutie running around like “oh hai what’s up I wanna bite da big scawy guy too!!!” XD

      1. I was wondering if the owner ordered the dogs to attack. Either way, from what I can see they did good. Little dogs crack me up, they think they’re such hot shit. My pug thinks she’s queen of the world and can boss anyone around lol.

        1. Haha I have a little dog who looks like a dust mop. He thinks he’s cool, but he just looks too ridiculous to take seriously XD His name is Widget. It’s the only name that fits him. You just look at him and think “that animated dust mop looks like he should be named Widget”

          1. Omg I looove that name lmfao!!! What a perfect name! My pug used to run my golden retriever out of the house to go pee biting at his ankles and barking at him and then she’d turn around to try and come back inside the house like she did her job. She’s never thought of herself as a dog. My golden just let her do it. He was so good to her I really miss him.

          2. I love goldens so much. The absolute best dogs IMHO. Beautiful, smart, fun, loving and incredibly sweet and gentle.

            Lol if I could I would bake and send cookies to each one of you, but then you’d have to give me your addresses and you probably wouldn’t want that 😀

          3. my dog use to think she was a cat, she would never stick out her tongue like a dog and she would lick herself to clean like my cats do, she even used her paw to play with her toys like a cat.

          4. That’s so cute @ladybug!!! It’s so funny how animals will pick up other habits like that. At least she kept herself clean lol. My pug is a girl but my golden was a boy and she would see him lift his leg to pee so she tried to do it. Now she hops from one leg to the other as she pees trying to keep a leg up.

        1. No mistake….that dog was playing no games…it got what it wanted though…part of that chiefs left butt cheek to knaw on later. Little pups were his backup but no backup was needed. Thief should’ve known the disengage code…Sit
          Ubu sit..good dog!!

      1. Lmao yes I just baked these bad boys. My coworkers requested them since they were a big hit last year. Of course being the kind person I am I had to taste test one or two or five to make sure they turned out okay…baking ain’t easy 😉

          1. *wipes crumbs off mouth*

            I can attest that they are indeed delicious. I also made mini cherry cheesecakes a couple days ago but I forgot to take a picture and they’re long gone.

          1. My sweet sweet LF…I too, remember the xmas cookies last year. You are the sweetest little foot….I hope you & ALL my BGer’s have the fuckin BEST XMAS EVER! I FUCKIN LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU GUYS & thank you to all for puttin up with my bullshit…Be safe, enjoy you family & I’ll see all of you next year! ??blows a smooch??

          2. Aww thank you @mamason!! I hope yours is just as great! I had read how stressed out you’ve been at work and I can’t imagine the bullshit you have to deal with on a regular basis. But the holiday season is almost over so hopefully things calm down for you. Your fam so we’ll all be here for you 🙂 <3

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  1. Background information. If I were the owner of this dog I wouldnt have called the ambulance. These black thugs break into homes torture and kill occupants. They are systematically killing all whites in South Africa.
    Yesterday, 09:45 AM News24
    An alleged burglar was left worse for wear after a close encounter with a boerboel at a home in Middelburg, Mpumalanga, last week. Watch.

    CCTV camera footage obtained by the Middelburg Observer shows the man jumping over a fence and making his way towards the house.

    The dog confronts the man while he is under an awning where a trailer is parked. It snaps at him as it chases him around the garden, biting him several times.

    The Middelburg Observer reported that when the owner returned home, she found the man standing on a table, screaming while the dog, Boela, tried to bite him. He had a metal rod with which he struck Boela several times.

    He allegedly claimed he had not intended to break into the house, but wanted to see if there was something in the garden he could steal. She called police, who could not immediately come because they were busy with several accidents. An ambulance arrived and took the injured man away.

    “Poor Boela was aching because of the blows [he got from the man], and everyone that was there promised him biltong and bones, but no one brought for him,” the owner said.

    “So I bought mincemeat for R100 and cooked it for him to spoil him.”

    1. @Paix1988, I have read some true crime stories from South Africa, black on white crime which is simply hair-raising. What starts out as a break-in can turn into a nightmare situation where a family is slaughtered, there is no reasoning with them, even very young children are tortured, raped, stabbed in front of their parents. Often the ‘help’ is behind it, leaving doors unlocked or giving security codes to their friends/cousins etc. Quite often these white families have payed for the ‘help’ kids to be schooled along with their own, they treat them like family, and they can be betrayed in the worst possible way.

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  2. Ya this shit happened in South Africa. Had it not been for the dog, this filthy Zulu motherfucker could have done something stupid. 90% of South African blacks are uneducated, lacks innovations, and the only way the earn their living is by attacking the minority educated blacks, foreigners and whites at large.

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  3. I have to say that everyone on here saying that a pitbull would’ve been a better dog is looney. That dog in the video is a Rhodesian ridgeback, and one of the baddest breeds ever bred. Rhodesian ridgebacks are bred to pack hunt lions. I respect a dog that can corner an 800 pound bull but I fear a dog that can communicate with other dogs to kill an 800 pound lion. The owner’s mistake was having 2 little dogs and one Rhodesian. If it were 3 Rhodesians that man would have been beyond mutilated to death.

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