Woman Killed by Stampeding Cows in India

Woman Killed by Stampeding Cows in India

Paybacks are a bitch, in India a woman holding her child is struck from behind by a stampeding herd of cows.

A herd of horny cows stampede a woman holding her child from behind. The woman is fatally struck and trampled. A nearby mother grabs the fallen woman’s child by the hand roughly.

Don’t blink or you may miss moment of impact.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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      1. I consider this a huge FAIL. I would’ve dumped a large cup of change on the ground, then @ 1:12 released the Stampede. Those that somehow survive, will have to walk around on all fours, like they’ve got Spina-Bifida, which will make the children laugh and be happy.
        Always try to give your Cattle every opportunity, to dish out their best Gore possible. xD

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          1. Ooglyaf24’s comment sounded exactly like a 12 year old British edgelord, go figure. If you wanna contribute something significant, we’re waiting… in the meantime stay in your room n’ let the adults talk.

  5. Ya figure the country might start building some infrastructure by now so this wouldn’t happen? Their politicians are stupid enough to rival those in the u.s.. Gods, and the caste system? I will also never understand how anyone can breed when the standard of living is so sucky. (Not just India, but the whole damn planet.) Especially the Dalits. Misery loves company, I guess.

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  6. Better than be a Islamic. They pray to Maomé, and that’s bad, radicals are bad, ppl who are just trying to live aren’t bad, but terrorists are. The question is… Why have a cow as a divinity? And worse, why leave them free? Accident like that could’ve been avoided.

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