Cheekbone and Jaw Broken by Racehorse

Shattered Jaw and Cheekbone Make You Drool

Cheekbone and Jaw Broken by Racehorse

Another edition of today’s Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @xsookiex, who got her cheekbone and jaw broken by a racehorse:

On December 17th I got thrown from a racehorse at work who kicked his heels up. I got really unlucky and ended up underneath him, his back hoof came down on my face breaking my cheekbone and jaw in two places..

The surgeons made an incision along the inside of my lower lip to put two plates across the front fracture and an incision under my jawbone on the outside to plate the displaced fracture near the joint.

I’m really lucky that they have pretty much put my face back to normal but I still struggle to keep my mouth shut or open it properly. It should all go back to normal with continued physical therapy..!

My family are all pushing me to change jobs but I’m pretty sure I’ll be back on the racehorses as soon as I get the green light from the docs 😀

Thanks a lot for sharing the pics with us, @xsookiex. I’m with you on going back to doing what you love. There’s inherent danger in most fun activities, but if one is scared that they may get hurt, for one they would deprive themselves of what fulfills their lives, and secondly, an alternative is to stay home and wait until the roof falls and kills you.

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    2. Blood in the semen, also known as hematospermia, be caused by tumors, infections, anatomical abnormalities, kidney stones, or inflammation in many sites throughout the genitourinary system. It usually self resolves. Basically if you really do have blood in your semen, and it doesn’t get better, see a doctor, lad.

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          3. I can pretty much guarantee a “strawberry shortcake” is not a thing and has only been heard of by 3 people – Johnny, Janiel and poor Cindy…….

    3. Lol not the first time i got mistaken for a boy, certainly not gonna cry about that… i had my head shaved for ages so that was even more confusing apparently. Except the tits. Kind of a giveaway. And yeah I was fucking dribbling all afternoon they gave me a blood/dribble catcher, very obliging

      1. Oh no girl… no more horsing around. As much as I enjoy seeing you back here again I don’t enjoy seeing your banged up face making the “BG members rock posts”.
        Save that spot for idiots who lose a digit while clearing out their snowblower’s discharge chute.

          1. I had a similar injury from a pitched baseball that deflected off the bat and crashed into the catcher’s(me) face. Doctor was warning my mom about if the eye socket gets fractured it can affect the way the oculus(eyeball) is positioned in the orbit (eye socket) and thus possibly affect eyesight/vision. It is a potentially serious injury

      2. I’m amazed you hang around and talk with some of these idiots. PS–No one would mistake you for a boy in these photos, you look lovely, my friend…even while injured lol. Dude is just being his naturally confused 14 year old self. Looks like you’re healing awesome. Peace!

    4. I would put real cash on the table that you have never had a girlfriend that pretty. hahaha. Please show a photo of yourself. Don’t give me some white knight bullshit, you sound like a retard. Maybe to you thats what a guy looks like but that says more about you, bro-ski. 500 comments you can make about a nasty injury and right to things barely related haha. Always the dumbest comments from you…you must be like what, 15 or so? Or are u the senior in HS hanging out with the freshman? THese threads could be hilarious but you’re so fucking low-brow it really pulls the site down a bit. Please, for the rest of us, stfu unless you wanna add something useful or funny. Life is too short for nonsense as we see here every day.

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          2. Why thank you ..
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            But …
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            “It is only through Hate, that we can truly show LOve ” (Jonny)

  1. Should be dead really, that animal is trying to tell you something.” Get your ugly ass off Of me And manage to do anything else for giggles and shits sake!”It was your turn to be mounted against your will . Glad your face is uh normal again.

          1. Yeah, this is exactly why I don’t have a current photo of me as my profile pic. Just gonna make everyone think I still look like a really pissed off Asian baby.

      1. See I would never say such a thing that is the horse talking for sure. But I look at magazines and see ugly people ,and I look at her and see an ugly person too I’m not going to lie I think she looks like a squirrel.

          1. Im not a freak that needs to take pictures of themselves for no reason. why do you take pictures of yourself. Are they just for your profile? Are they for you friends To see what you took like. the fuck is the point. I don’t think it was your idea to document your heavenly likeness. I think your doing it because other people are doing it.

          2. @stunningineptitude alaina
            HA! fantastic, looks like @crybaby and @illegalsmile55 dug you out correctly! You are just a pissed female….. pissed because this lass is better looking that you!
            Dont be giving it all that “i know what the horse is thinking” bollocks! blatant virtue signalling towards animal lovers, in your paltry attempt to veil your true agenda.
            You are a fuckin fraud.
            Maybe you are used to playing with folk nearer to you own IQ level, yes?
            And, look at you now!
            I have never seen a facade crumble to quickly!
            And yes , before you ask, i am fairly ugly. Its a very small hindrance to my life. But my character compensates ten fold.
            Im sorry that the fear of your own ugliness is such a massive issue in YOUR life. And im sorry that your venomous character offers no compensation.
            I pity you.
            Best Regards

          3. You are all terrible… stop being mean to poor alaina! She just wants to be loved! It’s ok alaina. It’s ok. I can look past your unappetising looks. Why don’t you come with me to the basement. I’ll give you all the love you could imagine. I believe I kept your husband svarg in there at one point until the little bugger escaped. But don’t worry, I can assure you that there’s nothing to run from in here. You can trust me. 😉

        1. Lol the way you were going on about what I look like kinda sounds like looks are more important to you than they are to me actually! I love taking pictures of everything. This post is about my broken face though, hence the pics of the face. No need to feel so offended by them 😉

          1. Hey you fantastic person, you! I had a Morgan horse (17 hands! Yeah…thankful that they aren’t usually assholes, right? LOL ) growing up…getting older. I’m 55 and still laugh when I hear somebody say, “Duty.” No wonder I’m VERY single. ROTFLMAO.

            Here’s some old fucker (Me) thinking back to 1986 on Vashon Island, WA (Washington state, not Western Australia) when I was working as a stable manager (gotta love titles) for a guy named Steve Young. Sadly he and his wife were killed in 2001(?) by a drunk driver, or so I’ve been told. The sad part isn’t their death; Rather it’s the fact the bastard didn’t have the courtesy to video it and leave instructions to post it to Best Gore. Selfish fuckers.

            Anyway…..(Did I mention the severe PTSD I have and the 4 brain injuries along with 4 corresponding skull fractures?) I tend to follow shiny squirrels down many railroad tracks…

            What I’m going on about is that I worked with the veterinarian to deliver a foal one night. As the mare was delivering, she kicked and caught the vet on her jaw. She looked a lot like you do in you photo. I’ll never un-hear that sound. I’m not pretending to know what you went through, (are going through) but I do have a tonne of appreciation for you. Be well, my BG friend. 🙂 I’m glad you’ve been able to return from this devastating injury.


          1. I’ve had an epiphany: Whilst I was tugging on me little white winkie, I realised, thanks to @honkeykong that it was (probably) wrong of me to have a raging erection and pre cum flowing to the fat white dude with tits. (Screen left). Thank you so much, @honkeykong for saving me from becoming something (almost) as bad as Gay Johnny. You’re a champion, mate. 😉


          1. I’ll do my best to tell you all about life in Sverige, Nems. Or at least about life in Stockholm, since I’ve never lived in any other parts of Sweden.
            -What is the nightlife like?
            Depends on where you are, and whom you are with, of course. There’s a lot of places where you can go clubbing.. but I tend to prefer drinking cheap beer whilst sitting down over going to clubs. Luckily -for me- there’s a lot of pubs with ”cheap” beer too. There’s probably a lot more to Stockholms nightlife than that, but I spend most of my nights either in bed or drunk in the homes of my friends, so I wouldn’t really know.
            -What do people do for fun?
            Whilst some like to waste all their money on drugs; other people meet for coffee, go out for drinks, go to parties, get high and draw, eat tacos on Fridays and cuddle up in sofas to watch Swedish TV-shows such as Melodifestivalen and På Spåret.
            -Does a professional ie tertiary- educated person live well there?
            Yes. I can’t really seem to come up with a better answer than that, at least not for now. Sorry.
            -What are the relations between the sexes like?
            We do have our fair share of feminazis that hate men, and ”sexists” that hate women. Except for that, the relations between the sexes are mostly good. Many of my friends are men, and I like to think that I get along well with the opposite sex. At least up until my friendly intentions get misinterpreted, and I find the man I was just talking to suddenly trying to shove my hand down his pants. They seem to have nothing but sex on their minds, which can get a bit tedious. Although I can see why the might not be very interested in what women actually have to say – most of the (younger) girls I meet come off as extremely dumb and act as if they’re retarded.
            Sweden is a very ”politically correct” country, so when it comes to workplaces the relations between sexes are completely neutral – everyone is treated equally. However, older men can still get away with acting as if they’re superior to younger girls. Which they, in all honesty, probably are.
            -Do hookups happen often or do people go to parties and just drink and take drugs?
            Hookups happen – mostly after meeting someone at a party where you’ve been drinking and doing drugs for several hours. It’s almost insane how common drugs have become amongst younger people here, only over the past few years. Except for hashish and weed, the most commonly used drugs are benzodiazepines, synthetic opioids, ecstasy, psychedelics and -my personal favorite before quitting- amphetamines. There’s some coke, too. But the coke is ridiculously expensive and most of the time it’s nothing more than impure filth.
            -Do you like being there or would you move?
            If I could move, I would. Not because I dislike Sweden – I just want to see something new.
            Keep in mind that my image of Sweden, and everything else, might be nuanced by the fact that I’m an 18 year old female. I’m still quite young and probably more naive than I’d like to admit.

  2. @xsookiex

    “But I still struggle to keep my mouth shut“

    Well…………… was never going to change that one. Comes with being a woman.

    Anyway. The doctors did a great job on you. The scars are hardly noticeable and will fade even more over time and as long as you go easy on the sucky sucky, love you long time for a while you should start to regain full muscle control in the mouth area.

    By the way, you’ve got nice eyes. I would. Just saying. So keep your chin up……….and away from hoofs.

    1. Hah, yeah kinda been a running joke, that 😉 at least I have an excuse not to shut my mouth at the moment!
      And thankyou heaps, the scars are already going away, I heal quickly 😀
      And thanks, and I will 😉

        1. Lol only half actually 😉 they might be able to patch it up without removing it. And the hospital was morphine All the way but home was good old tramadol and I’m on paracetamol now, soon be on nothing hehe

          1. There’s nothing better than a fentanyl or morphine IV drip. Had both back in July when my lung collapsed.

            I’m sure your tooth can be repaired with just bonding, so that’s good.

        2. I think I had fentanyl once in the hospital and it made me puke up all the blood I had swallowed! The morphine was great though, like 4 hour long breaks from the aching crunching before the op haha. Eeesh a collapsed lung can’t have been much fun..!!!

          1. That’s another set of pics I’d like to submit to Best Gore, except there’s some major side boob so I’m not sure if I will.

            I had a spontaneous pneumothorax. I just stood up from the couch and out of nowhere, lung collapsed. Like my Achilles, I was up and walking around, working and doing my regular routine for two days before a chest X-ray confirmed it was collapsed. Had a chest tube inserted and was hooked up to a machine for four days. I was eventually diagnosed with COPD after catching pneumonia and having another collapse.

          1. Yeah, that was the worst pain I’ve ever had. On a scale of 1 to 10, it was a 25. No sedative, no pain killers. Just me, a thoracic surgeon, and his assistant in a tiny ER room with a curtain blocking me from about fifty other patients in the hallway. I screamed like I was being murdered, because that’s basically what it felt like. Then I remained attached to the machine for four days. Not fun at all.

          2. @janiel, luckily the pain was so traumatic, that I don’t remember the procedure. My family heard me screaming from the waiting room. Mine was in for over two weeks. I was at Wake Forest medical center which is also a medical school. I had several doctors, and countless med students coming in every day. I had two main doctors who kept changing the configuration of the chest tube pump. One day one of them would tell me it was set up wrong, change it, then the other one would come in and do the same. I probably should have sued them, but I also caught pneumonia in there, so I was too busy trying to live.
            Also, do you have the opposite of Benjamin Button disease? You’ve grown up since last week spoke. 😉

          3. @honkeykong, I was unfortunately lucid the whole time I was in the hospital (no amount of pain killers had any effect on me) and I regrettably forced an early discharge cause I had a trip to Jamaica coming up within a week of my collapse. Long story short, I got on the plane because I wasn’t going to get a refund for the resort, which would’ve been a $3,000 loss. I caught pneumonia down there.

            Yes, I used to be a newborn and now I’m almost 30. Seeing shit on this site makes you age.

  3. i think this must be Marks cock jock as hes been respectful to the OP…. as soon as i saw the pic i though to myself ere we go, lets see what degrading and sexist shit he has to say about the female kind riding a horse

    So maybe his homosexuality does give way to some heterosexual feelings afterall….. but wonder if his comments would be as polite if he found out she was a cock carousell of the jewish type

    1. Ha, ha, ha.

      To be fair on Mark though he very rarely ever attacks “Best Gore Members Rock” contributors.

      He was even fair and welcoming towards that guy who shatters glass objects in his rectum for fun which says a lot really.

      I have been here for quite a few years now I think. I have been constantly too drunk on a daily basis for too many years to put an actual number to it but in all these years I don’t actually ever remember Mark ever attacking a Best Gore Members Rock contributor.

      All the rest is fair game though. As it should be.

      To address your last points. I disagree with Mark on a number of subjects, including MGTOW somewhat. But get fucking real. Women do indeed have the best of it nowadays in modern society and it is not sexist or “homosexual” to point that out.

      Unless you are born rich, in this world of “diversity”, being born straight white and male is the worst combination one can be in these modern times because it puts you right at the back of the queue/line for pretty much anything and everything in first world white western society.

      No wonder the “rightwing” is gaining then throughout white western society. Who could guess that by focusing on the tiny minority it would irritate and fuck with the majority………………Everyone but snowflake libtards it would seem.

  4. Poor sook. Did something spook the horse? I dunno much about horses other than they can spook at the most bizarre things. I once saw one on tv losing it’s shit at the sight of a chip packet on the floor.

    1. He didn’t spook he is young and very happy… and not castrated so very muscular… when he jumps around sometimes he goes a bit far lol. We all canter in a group, about 10 horses together and sometimes at the start they get super keen to get going… he still did his tour of the track. I didnt.

      1. Sprained my wrist tossing 100lb. bags of mail around for 12 hours every night. It got so bad I couldn’t even tie the mail bags shut. They fired me as soon as I mentioned I was injured (of course). It was a relief to get fired from that shitty job even though the pay was really good, but the pain sucked so much just from when I put my vehicle in park after driving home, it hurt that bad. I’m glad it happened like it did because I was trying to tough it out, but in the long run it would have been way worse if I kept using an injured wrist. I worked mostly left handed for awhile to keep it a secret before I had to say something. It’s pretty much healed now.

          1. I wouldn’t say over protected. Just sounds like they are protected. I’ll get something new soon. It’s been a bit dicey the last year and a half since I pissed off a local military commander and his wife. I wasn’t willing to look the other way anymore on some contracts, office politics, improper payments (and a lot of other things.) I had a couple of good interviews this week and I know something will come up. Thanks, I need the luck.

  5. Well fuck me. Gone a day and the fun posts come out to play!

    The horse has bolted but you need to stop riding -with galloping heart-those French Trotters and racehorses and start mounting those pretty horses , like Friesians.

    Nevermind, you are in the home straight now and like all good Equestriennes you will not be out of the saddle for long and will be head down arse-up in no time.
    **winky face**


      1. I’m doing good, H, just sat here waiting for the economy to collapse. Should be some juicy pickings in the aftermath. Who knows, I might even buy a racehorse! 😀
        Nah, cancel that idea. A wise man once told me, “Never have a hobby that eats.” Words of pure wisdom, they were. @xsookiex

  6. Fucking hell lol I have been kicked by a horse ..that is no joke …I’m surprised your skull didnt get cracked..I used to work milking cows and I’ve been kicked many times always had a fear of getting kicked in the head …now I know why easy rider you’ll be back soon enough

  7. Damn! Glad to see that you’re making a good recovery, and that the horse didn’t stomp your face all the way in. At least you were doing something you love. I probably wouldn’t switch jobs/careers either. Accidents happen. What would suck is getting into an accident on your way to a desk job or Getting injured while at a desk job lol.

  8. I had a similar injury from a pitched baseball that deflected off the bat and crashed into the catcher’s(me) face. Doctor was warning my mom about if the infraorbital bone or maxilla gets fractured it can affect the way the oculus(eyeball) is positioned in the orbit (eye socket) and thus possibly affect eyesight/vision. It is a potentially serious injury

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