Chewed Up Remains of Young Man Extracted from Slain Crocodile

Chewed Up Remains of Young Boy Extracted from Slain Crocodile

Chewed Up Remains of Young Man Extracted from Slain Crocodile

I don’t have any backinfo, but the chants suggest this happened in a Muslim country. And whereas we’ve seen similar cases of crocs eating people in South East Asia, my guess is the video could be either from Indonesia or Malaysia.

The video shows the recovery of chewed up remains of a young man from a large, slain croc. Not sure about the bagged human remains, but as far as the animal goes, it looks like the community is gonna have a feast for a few days.

Props to Best Gore members @rampagingnegro and @african-angel for the video:

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90 thoughts on “Chewed Up Remains of Young Man Extracted from Slain Crocodile”

  1. Cruel fuckers, that Croc should’ve been aloud to live, the little shit shouldn’t have been swimming where there are Crocs, he would’ve known the dangers so why go swimming in there the fucking moron. DON’T kill an animal just because it killed a human.

    1. Agreed. We need more Crocs in the world and less people. Especially “those” types of people. I feel bad for the croc in so many ways… especially the diet of “mud” people it has to eat. At least let it feast on some good Nordic or Celtic meat once in a while.

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    1. Yep I saw it looked like the back was facing upwards with the camera pointing at you , lets hope he had it on record when he got eaten , he might end up winning wildlife photographer of the year for his close up shots

      1. I could appreciate the fact some of them would be out of focus or at weird angles, with the last of the photos darker and darker. Add a few video screen shots, and Voila, full capacity showings on the international circuit.

        I’d pay $100. That would be cool.

  2. Yeah it seems like indonesia or Malaysia, i distinguished some expressions in bahasa indonesia.
    Now them being muslims, it is important to retreive the corpse so that it is cleaned the islamic “Ghusl”, then so that they can do the funeral prayer and all that.

    and btw, eating crocodile meat is forbidden in islam, and using the skin for clothing and other utilities is also forbidden, although the latter being not agreed upon.

    So am guessing, all this toil is so they can pray for their brother, and do him his funeral and then to be buried in the muslim’s cemetery. So god bless them. and may God have mercy on the lost brother.

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