Chica Mexicana Tries Rodeo Bullriding, Gets Ragdolled by Bull

Chica Mexicana Tries Rodeo Bullriding, Gets Ragdolled by Bull

If I were the bull, I’d ragdoll that Chica Mexicana too. What the fuck was the woman thinking? Bitches need to stay away from things they just can’t handle – like bullriding or driving and stick with things they’re good at – like washing dishes, beating up Iranian clerics and sleeping with every wigger in town until they become single mothers (special bitches can do that with the first wigger they come across).

Whoever had the idea of strapping the woman to the bull was pure genius – what could possibly go wrong, right? It did carry her over the 8 second mark, though. Few shattered bones – who cares. Paraplegics for the win. But the rope work on behalf of the cowboys to restrain the bull was pretty impressive.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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95 thoughts on “Chica Mexicana Tries Rodeo Bullriding, Gets Ragdolled by Bull”

      1. Oh come on Whorenz. When women take the “Women can do everything men can do” too far its hilarious and we men should beable to make fun of that…
        I mean what would you call a Man wearing a Dress and high heels…. a faggot.

        1. Right I hear ya its just like why a man can’t give birth they would die and squirm like little pigs even if they had a vagina, just when a man gets a cold/flu, they cry like babies and can’t handle it like a woman will just get on with, go to work, see to the kids. We tend to make fun of that, but I’m backing out if this now incase I get in too deep, seen as half of his fans are males, *runs and hides*

          1. @whorenz
            No need to run and hide! 😛
            Everyone’s entitled to put their view out there.
            I typically agre with the idea that men and women are different. (Fuck even just look how we’re built.) But that’s what makes it rad. men, most of the time, are more rugged(I don’t fall into the rugged category. Most women could kick my ass.) And in my opinion this is so that we can protect and care for the ladies. Women are necessary and vital. And our differences should be celebrated and encouraged.

      2. Sexist or sexiest??? Hehe.
        Was that a kiss?? You! Gonna make blush!! :O
        I definitely don’t hate on the ladies though. But I’m one of those guys that finds tasteless or racist jokes(toward any race) hilarious even if I disagree with them. Sorry if that caused any confusion.

          1. Oh no:O growing up with a sexest father and bros would not be enjoyable. Sorry to hear that:\
            But thank you! 🙂 you’re far too sweet and I still enjoy your avatar even if it does make me a little jealous;D

    1. @txxx -it’s ok to be pissed off or otherwise disagree w/something Mark’s written. What a boring place this would be w/out Any disagreement or contraversy! Speak up & be heard (I believe that is encouraged here)! BTW -it Is the weekend & most of us are in our cups, so don’t take it all too seriously. 😉

  1. She’s going to have the worst case of vertigo ever after this, just looking at this makes me feel sorry for what her brain is feeling being rocked back and forth in her skull like that. I wonder if that bull knocked some sense into her when it almost flattened her at the end, probably not though.

    1. @Buffsmom -agreed. I’m also suspicious when a husband (or wife) take their spouse scuba diving, mountain climbing or to any other dangerous activity for the 1st time after many years of marriage. Be careful out there all you marrieds…

      1. I was thinking along similar lines… I can imagine an alcohol induced pep talk before hand… chica had a few tequila muscles and the cholos just fed into it. Next thing you know she’s a flesh sack flippity flopping all over the place.

  2. “Hey she wont last more than 2 sec!”
    “Oh lets just strap her to the bull that way she wont fall off”

    Seriously how does get tied to a bull not ring any alarms in her stupid head…

    1. The cartels have already started using death by cow.. no joke, I’ve heard bout it in Sinaloa and parts of Michoacan… they lay people down and have cows walk all over person.. just imagine a hoove coming down behind your kneecap or elbow.. they need to make video of it…

  3. Do those beaners ever think before doing something ?
    Juan : Hey Paco ! Let’s tie this puta to a bull and let’s see what happens !
    Paco : Si si ! Buen idea Juan ! JajajajajJajajajaja ! Despues chingamosla ! Jijijijiji !

    1. the bull is inside a small pen where it cant really move, and thats where she climbs on, and then the side gate is opened. at least that is how it is done with male bullriders in the u.s. in those rodeo competitions or whatever it is called. she seems to have a blindfold on though

  4. I’ve always wanted to know what shaken baby syndrome looked like in adults. hmmmmm…

    At this point, she’s better off not surviving. With her bones reduced to splinters, and her spinal column shaken into disarray (likely disconnected from the base of the skull), she’s never gonna be able to perform fellatio without assistance. Sad situation all around.

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