Child Attacked by a Lizard in Malaysia

Child Attacked by a Lizard in Malaysia

Imagine this scenario if you will: You leave your eight-month-old baby in the kitchen for just a moment to accomplish some mundane task and then suddenly hear your child start screaming and freaking out. Imagine running back into the kitchen to see a monitor lizard, close to six feet long, inside the kitchen with it’s mouth and claws on your child and attempting to drag it away. Must be one hell of a scary situation.

We here in first world have to worry more about the family dog turning bad and attacking the baby and there’s the occasional dumbass leaving his toddler alone with his pet boa constrictor. Over in Thailand, looks like you also have to worry about a giant ass lizard slinking in through the doggy door and trying to snack on your kid right in front of you. Oh South East Asia, you never cease to amaze.

It does appear to be one of a variety of monitor lizard native to the area but so far it has been uncooperative with authorities in regard to why it broke into the house and assaulted the baby.

Warning shots from Malaysia for this species. Little people are very poor.

8-month-old baby Was a damn (damn it) bites at home. Only a fraction of
the time it took the mother. I think nothing I left the baby alone in
the kitchen while the baby cried (cried unexpectedly) I was alarmed to
see that the guy was rushed to bite and pinch the baby and dragging a
little. Fortunately, my mother ran up to chase a bad guy and it’s sent.
Hospital. Nearby abreast # Malaysia let the boy get better soon.

I love how they refer to it as a “bad guy”.

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      1. I don’t believe it is a komodo dragon, looks more like a bengal monitor (Varanus bengalensis), head is too think to be an asian water monitor.

        Komodos live on a completely different island and are protected.

        No, their saliva isn’t “poisonous” it is “venomous” poison is ingested to be dangerous while venom is injected to be dangerous.

        1. actually they have now discovered that all monitors have poisonous saliva plus the orgy of bacteria hanging out in there.

          But Ewestomper you’re right most definitely not a Komodo. It’s a water monitor.


      1. Not true. Anyone educated in Malaysian media knows Rinca has been pimping their lizards to banana wealthy Malaysians. ~Recently featured in ‘Pimp my Komodo’. Unfortunately this komodo was taught by a 3 foot dominatrix. Nasty lizard whorebags.

      1. It is a good sized lizard. Probably 6 feet, plus. Asian water monitors can get over 7 feet long. They are the closest thing that you can get to a Komodo Dragon. They were popular pets after one played the part of a Komodo in the movie “The Freshman” with Marlon Brando and Mathew Brodrick

    1. The Lizard
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    2. The Komodo Dragon (Varanus Komodensis) is the largest lizard. The Water Monitor (Varanus Salvator) is a whole family, with several subspecies, it is the second largest lizard (family). In that, VS Salvator in Sri Lanka is the largest, commonly over 2 metres and 3 meters is not rare. This is VS Macromaculatus second largest, at up to 2 metres, and this one is a touch longer. It is found everywhere in coastal SE Asia, and very common in Thailand and Malaysia. It is not common for these animals to enter houses, but they do attack dogs and small children … based on their size.

      1. I have congenital progressive scoliosis. Without modern tech in the form of titanium rods holding my spine erect,I would be disfigured by now.

        I also suffer from several mental health issues; most notably bipolar and borderline personality disorder. So yeah…im a prime candidate for “cleansing”.

  1. In Florida, residents have to be aware of alligators, especially if they live near or along a canal. They can snatch pets off the banks and also the occasional toddler if they get big enough (ten feet or more) and are hungry.

    1. my sister has a home in south Carolina on some flossy golf course…anyways they have ponds and shit around on the course so they have to watch for gators when golfing and they cant have any small kids anywhere near the water as they will get gobbled up! I think it must make for a crazy golf game

    2. When I was doing my degree in animal training and behaviour I used to help out looking after all the animals. Our water monitor called Geoff decided to make the most of the fact that some dumb shite hadn’t closed his viv properly and went roaming around the small animals block. He chomped down on one of the Chinchillas. all that was left was a fat Geoff and a small tuft of fur!

  2. Yep that’s a komodo dragon alright. Those biarches are known for eating buffalo. I saw a doco on komodos and there was a buffalo stuck in the mud, the komodos came and waited then finally when the buffalo was totally worn out, they went in for the kill

    1. No this is not a Komodo Dragon, they are distinctive looking and don’t live in Malaysia. They liva

      We have some big lizards as well, the one I see often is the Goanna, which is in the monitor family. Grows to about 5-6 feet long and nasty bite.

      Further north, the Lace Monitor grows bigger and is known for taking chickens, eggs, puppies/ small dogs, possums, turtles and fish. They are good swimmers. Don’t know if they have gone for baby FV ?

      I didn’t know their bite was poisonous per say, but the bacteria that is present in their mouth will transfer in a bite causing a nasty infection. Claws a worry as well

    1. ***I wonder how they cooked it and does it taste like chicken?..

      …the Asian baby I deep fry, while the white and black babies are put in my slow cooker.

      All three taste exceptionally well, marinated in garlic butter!!

      I have no idea about the Lizard Mike11111…

  3. This little lizard is a common Goanna variety, found largely in Australia and throughout SE Asia.
    They are short sighted and if frightened will run up the closest “tree” which is commonly the person who scared it. Huge claws and sharp teeth but not poisonous. They are known to grow to around 3m (9 ft )

    1. Use about 10 gallons of Mederma. Seriously Mederma is great at lightening and getting rid of scars. I used it on the kid I keep when his face got burned at his own house. It was so bad he had to go to a burn unit and they scaped his face. It was a bad scar but I put Mederma on it for a long time. Everyone thought his face was ruined. I put Mederma on it when I kept him all of the time. You can’t even tell there was ever a burn. It would Atleast lighten the kids scars.

      1. Not at all, but sound advice all the same. Babies are a long way off for me anyway. I’d just tell any kid, in the unlikely event of a lizard attack, to sit quietly and wait for medical science to advance to the point where it can remove scar tissue. Or immerse themselves in a vat of Mederma and put the kettle on.

  4. This kind of lizard used to be a pest on my father’s chicken farm.. (raising roosters for cockpit fights) They tend to snatch away chicken at night.. hide them somewhere, eat it after several days when the dead chicken is kinda rotten.. They are not poisonous yet their saliva has got alot of bacterias in it..
    Maybe they messed with its natural habitat, i.e they cut trees or build houses around it thats why they tend to go where human resides..

          1. @rayf .
            I love animals.. specially dogs.. ive got a 3years old black labrador now, as far as i can say almost half of my earnings goes to his foods and treats..:)

          2. 1/2 your earnings to the care of your dog. Thor & Bear approve. “My 2 dogs” Now they’re looking at me like I’ve been holding out. 😉

          3. @rayf..
            Hes a survivor.. he survived parvo virus when hes just 2months old.. hes my stress reliever too.. hes very loyal and smart.. i love him all the way,.. don’t mind spending half of my earning for his doggy foods and treats, hes allergic to chicken, thats why i have to settle on buying lambs and beefs which is quite expensive..

          4. @Cheeky same with my Rottweiler scary disease Parvo is almost always fatal. Treated mine myself as the doctors wanted $300 a day. Used real Maple syrup for her sugars, IV fluids that I inserted with an 18 gauge needle in the scruff of her neck and Tamiflu which I had to get with a prescription from the pharmacy. Rotts, Pitbulls and Springer Spaniels are the poster dogs for the virus. I firmly believe the Tamiflu is what saved her life and of course love.

          5. [email protected]! As for me, luckily my friend is a vet.. saved almost half on his medications, he was given utmost care and attention that time.. thats why Im pampering him now.. when he stands up on his hind feet.. hes way bigger and taller than me.. really a monster.. 🙂

    1. True and there is no anti venom for the Komodo and their bacteria / venom filled bites. People used to believe the bacteria in their bites caused death by blood poisoning but they have found compounds in the venom similar to a Tai pans venom.

  5. You can use lizard spit for diabetes mellitus (honeysweet) type 2 and for weight loss (reduces appetite). Its the Byetta (exenatide) drug that is fabricated from the saliva of the Gila Monster (Heloderma suspectum), which is a venomous lizard, native in southwestern US and the mexican Sonora state.

  6. i love cold eyed predators like these and crocodiles,no emotion no mercy just killing machines. and look scary as fuck. id love to somehow get hold of a baby croc raise him as my own just bob out to the pool whenever he needs feeding and keep him as a secret until hes fully grown and a true beast. then il invite people i have a grudge against to come on over for a glass of champagne and lets turn over a new leaf and shake hands . oh and by the way i just had this awesome new swimming pool fitted just out the back please come and see .. and just as you get near to the edge of the pool .. a hefty push and splash you go into the water and my pet crocodile gets a grip and does the death twist and your feeble fleshy virus body is just a croc snack muhaha. richard kuklinski used rats il use my pet croc

      1. I’ve recently read a lot of stuff about him that said he made up most of it. No one corroborated his stories, he even claimed he killed Jimmy Hoffa, much disputed by Mafia members who were believed to have been involved or had inside knowledge.

        1. Well regarding the Hoffa assassination, why did he wait 20 years to confess, considering his infinite ego, or why did his narrative strongly deviate from the official hit details in case of Castellano? Even his rat/cave stories are probably exaggerated, although, one must admit, his marriage with death wasnt of a ordinary nature.

      1. is it murder if one pushes someone into a pool with a croc? we see people push people into pools all the time its just a hoo haa isnt it? its the croc that does the murder lol . no only kidding i dont own any crocs or pools. ive heard that kuklinski did talk alot of bullshit but if you see the interviews theres something in his eyes that tells you half of it at least hes done,thats bad enough i think. and tying someone up in rat infested caves.. well there is a genuine case of a man who got stuck in a sewer pipe and one single rat decided that this stuck man’s face was edible so went for the eyes first then burrowed its way into mthe mans head slowly ate through the brain and eventually came out through the back of the neck at the other side and kuklinski said the rats would go for the soft parts first like ears and eyes and stomach then would just cover the entire body in a feeding frenzy and the caves would be a racket of frenzied rats gnawing and making that high pitched sqeeek they do. so i think there could be something in that story of big hungry brown rats covering a tyed up bloodied man and consuming him. he also would cover the victim in chunks of bloodied mince just to entice the rats. interesting way to dispose of someone let the rats do it for you

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