9 thoughts on “Monitor Lizard Apprehended”

  1. That’s too bad. Poor monitor lizard just looking for dinner and found a tasty little Asian baby. I married a girl from the Philippines and they taste great! Beautiful monitor got killed by Mr. flip flip for being a monitor. I would have put it in a cage with a rabbit. you would think it might be common sense to keep all the doors closed in a country where several animals include people on their menu.

  2. So, I assume the poor animal will be turned into shoes, or handbags, to be sold to Westerners so the general population are kept in constant supply of flip-flops?

    And why do we not see more Nike trainers? They make them over there, don’t they? Do they get murdered if they steal from their employers?

  3. It’s a hard situation. Of course that it’s a shame that this beautiful animal is now dead, but picture yourselves getting into your house and seeing that grotesque image. You’d probably choose to save your child’s life first.
    I love lizards, specially monitor lizards, but it’s not an easy task to get rid of one of them without hurting it.
    The best choise is to keep the doors properly shut, like @mouthfornuts said.

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