Compilation of Bull Riders Getting Bull Destroyed

Compilation of Bull Riders Getting Bull Destroyed

Bull riding is not the same as bull fighting. In bullfighting, bulls are taunted and eventually killed. In bull riding bulls are not killed, just put through unbearable pain to make them buck, all for the entertainment of fleshy viruses.

Bulls kick about violently because the flank strap creates unbearable pressure on their genitalia and bucking is their attempt to shake it off. You can see in many videos that bulls continue to buck even after rider has been shaken off. Bull fighting is simply not about the bull trying to shake the bull rider off and the bull rider trying to hang on for as long as he can – unlike proponents of rodeo would have you believe. Bull is not bothered by the rider on his back, but by the pain induced by the flank. The bull will keep kicking until the flank loosens up on his genitalia.

I understand that there are long lasting rodeo traditions in many areas of North America (and south western Europe, I guess), hell – my provincial government has considered making rodeo the official sport of Alberta, but I find nothing “sportish” about the activity which stands and falls on an animal being put through pain. If fleshy viruses want to compete for the entertainment of their peers, they should restrict the pain to themselves and not put animals through that shit.

Needless to say, a bull rider getting his skull cracked by a hoof or internal organs crushed by the beast is always a pleasant sight to see. Unfortunately, bull fighting is not going anywhere anytime soon. If anything, we’re gonna see more of it. May the best bull win!

Here’s a compilation of bulls on the winning side. All segments are from Mexico. Some have already been shown on Best Gore, but some are new and it’s nice to have them all together in one continuous piece. Props to Best Gore member Charles_Bronson for the video:

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103 thoughts on “Compilation of Bull Riders Getting Bull Destroyed”

    1. is just an arcaic live action gore…the mental state is close to our mental state, just with bulls, so whatever, if they want to keep on that, their problem, i want the videos…what a bunch of whinny comments…if they want to kill bulls, is their fucking problem! if any whinny new “SOB” has a problem with them, is your fucking problem! why everyone is bitching and whinning over every fucking video here mark? if a russian wants to stab himself, a mexican wants to die/kill a bull or a chinesse runs over a boy, why is everyone complaining? if they stop being like that, we will not have anything to see!, i’m sticking with the videos and contributing with the server, i will not read any whinny loser writting about how they are better people because they don’t do the things that the people in the videos do.

  1. I like a good rodeo!The flank strap isnt tied around their testicals, the flank strap just incourage them to kick high. like when a predator attacks? another animal, the predator all ways seem to go grap them in the flank area and the prey will kick cause heir getting attacked in the flank.just say’n

    1. It doesn’t say “tied around their testicles,” it says “unbearable pressure on their genitals.” The strap is kept slack while the bull is standing in the box & the rider is mounting. The bull is not motivated entirely by the flank strap, it knows what’s coming & what to do – buck & kick. There are a LOT of bulls that do not “perform” & those aren’t used for rodeos. Rodeo bulls (and horses) are picked specifically for their feisty, fighting attitudes.

      When the box door opens, someone in the back yanks the strap tight which causes the bull to leap out & begin bucking. Their balls are nowhere near the strap, it’s actually compressing the bull’s penis which runs almost midway up their belly. It’s not “unbearable pain” so much as an annoying sensation…the strap itself doesn’t cause the bull any physical injury.

      I’m not sticking up for the industry; I think they should ban bull riding, bull running, bull fighting & any other “sport” where bulls are taunted &/or killed for entertainment. Then again, it’s awfully entertaining watching idiots get stomped on.

  2. bull riding is obviosly a big part of mexican and southern american culture and its not going away anytime soon. but ive got a compromise
    how about tightening that strap around the riders balls too. anybody whos willing will after that will have to wrestle the bull into submission with his bare hands upon falling…eventually this little game will ‘die off’

  3. Wow, the power of 2,000 pounds of beast smashing into the bodies – the bodies become like rag dolls. LOL They should require all riders to wear helmet and armor vest so they can better survive. And if too many cowboys get their foot stuck on that rear rope, why don’t they just remove that rear rope?

    1. The ridersone should be naked with the lash around their nads too – then see how long they can hold on!


      By the way, if you get your head stomped on and dragged around the ring without coming loose for eight seconds, does your corpse win the tourney?

  4. This is great! do you know what I would love to see? Some of these idiots who ride thier crotch rocket motorcycles around like they are indesructable. I’d like to see soemone caught on camera in some stupid stunt and it all goes wrong and the rider ends up dacapitated/cut in half/lose amd arm and all his buddies are like “dude!”

  5. While the guys getting their brains stomped on are pretty traumatic, I’d rather get it quickly like that than have my guts ground into the feces-strewn mud. What a bunch of useless wastes of oxygen. Oh well, born in dirt – laid to rest in dirt.

  6. What a great way to start my day! Coffee, juice, pastry and watching a bunch of sadistic beaners literally getting the shit stomped out of their worthless FV bodies. I hope the worthless beaners all suffered tremendously before they expired; and that the bulls went back to the farm and fucked all the cows.

  7. Yee-haa! Let that be a lesson to you kids! Rodeo is bullshit, but if you really have to do it, always wear a helmet. It won’t save your life but it will save others time having to scrape you brains into a dustbin.

  8. Seem like theres two strategies that could save your life when participating in this “sport”.

    1) Dont let go with your hands if your foot is caught
    2) when you hit the dirt, hit it rolling. and probably dont stop til your at the bar.

  9. I have always loved watching rodeos purely for the enjoyment of watching the “cowboys” get
    train wrecked. There is nothing better than the look on the bulls face as he places a proper stomping on a rag doll. Go bulls!

  10. Loved the helicopter action with the first one, and the guy in the maroon shirt and black hat who threw his beer at the bull. Ha, ha, ha. Dang that music is starting to grow on me. Ye ha, Ye ha, arriba, arriba!

  11. Bull riding, Bull fighting.. They should both be banned, but never will be. I can not stand when animals are tortured or killed just to please humans. Same goes for hunting. I don’t agree with it being a SPORT… I was glad to see that fucker get stomped on.

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