Compilation of People Gored at Running of the Bulls in Pamplona

Compilation of People Gored at Running of the Bulls in Pamplona

The San Fermín Festival is held in the city of Pamplona in Navarre, Spain each year in July. The seven day festival is attended by over 1 Million people with the adrenaline filled Encierro, or the Running of the Bulls as it is known in English being the festival’s highlight.

As its name suggests, the running of the bulls involves a group of bulls that are let loose as men and boys show off their bravado by running immediately in front of them. Needless to say, a number of people gets gored by bulls at Sanfermines each year. Good riddance.

Since 2013 Festival of Sanfermines is not until next month, here’s a compilation of the most graphic moments from the 2012 San Fermín set to a great Johnny Cash soundtrack. Props to Best Gore member d.i.y. for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. I don’t like the word diesel. I once accidently put diesel in my 6 litre BMW. It didn’t even make it out of the petrol station forecourt. My boyfriend at the time had to rebuild the engine. He WAS NOT happy.

  1. The same thing happened to the indigenous population of London when the out of control bull called multiculturalism was let loose, you should have seen the poor bastards run, it was chaos, sadly the gates are still open and the bulls are still free to roam.

  2. Once when I was really young I went magic mushroom picking in the country. it wasn’t illegal In the UK then. I was there early in the morning looking at the ground for these stupid mushrooms and I was suddenly surrounded by a herd of cows. i’m a city person so I don’t know anything about farm animals, I just saw a load of powerful beasts and ran off screaming and threw myself over a fence. Apparently when I screamed the dispersed but I didn’t wait around long enough to see it.

    1. They were defending their shrooms!
      I was once picking some on the meadow of a farmer, after I had 2 bag full, he came out so fucking upset but about the theft of his holy little sponges. Unbelievebale how many people do them. Hmm, when were they allowed in the UK?

    2. @wicked mama

      I was once surrounded by a herd of cows just because I showed one of them my impressively sized mushroom.

      I just remember seeing a load of powerful beasts and ran off screaming, I was then thrown behind a fence, at least I think it was a fence because it had steel bars on it.

      It was an odd experience, a bit surreal, anyhow it’s an old story and not one I would like to repeat, maybe next time I will tell you about the time I got chased by a vicious dog just because I slapped a sausage across the back of it’s head.

      1. Empty,
        I want to hear the story about the dog being slapped around the back of the head with a sausage. I often want to hit people around the back of the head with a big German frankfurter. Oh, why the euphemism’s, I’d much rather hit them around the back of the neck with a leather cosh.

    1. Animal abusers? I really hope you have a vag that way i can dismiss your weak pussified comment as coming from a dimwitted female that just doesn’t know any better. I hope your not one of those castrated mentally retarded males that believe that the life of an animal is equally important as that of a human being. It drives me up a wall how in the USA people care soo much about animals while they couldn’t care less about the slaughter of 1.5 million babies in satanic jew run abortion mills every year. Its people like you that make me want to kick every cat i see.

      1. Amen to that.

        1, Anyone who elevates animals to the level of humans, or demeans humans by saying the are equal to animals, worships the Beast. Condemned to a deep level of Hell.

        2. Why is it, that the turds in some country, think that everyone is every country should think like a turd does ?

        Those men and women are playing with something that other cultures do not understand. So what. And they don’t worship Beasts like a turd does.

    1. “Moses” was 6’5″ at the hump. Sweetest bull there ever was. My ex would hand feed him as I sat in the truck. I didn’t care how wonderfully gentle he was,he scared the snot out of me because of his size. Big ol’ blank angus bull. To answer your question yes Cows (whether male or female)kick the daylights out of you given the chance.

  3. Sorry, I just don’t get it. I don’t see the point. The only thing I could attribute it to is when I’m in the mood for pain. Even in that mood I wouldn’t let a pack of bulls chase my ass! I was thinking nipple pinches and hard booty spanks! What’s the point of being stabbed by bull horns, dragged or tossed around like a rag doll? Whatever floats your boat I guess.. lol.

    I totally feel for these bulls though. Wish they’d get every one of those abusers! 🙁

    1. This is stupid tradition, like self flagellation or some other shit in some countries. But why? also i dont understand as you. one word-SPANISH. if there were a World Cup, i realy will be for the Bullock’s. Stupid Planet of Apes.

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          1. Ok, I’m going to try this again, I have no idea where this comment will end up, but ‘it’s not my fault I tell you, it’s not my fault’.
            I’ve left comments above.

          2. @juice

            seriously juicy you just have to assume that 98.9% of these british/aussie/Scottish/irish/kiwi terms are basically sexually associated and go from there…so tossing…just think about it…:)

          3. ooops that came off rude! sorry juice! didn’t mean it to – I spend way too much time with the brits….I get sounding too cocky at times

          4. @WM- I responded to your out of place comment right under it! Lol.

            @Ali- well then I should’ve been British because I myself speak 3 languages- English, sarcasmand sexual innuendos! Lol. I’m just not very schooled on all these terms and off the wall positions and styles (ie dirty Sanchezand Cleveland steamers)! Haha. I’ll toss @DMW as long as he says my name continuously in that English accent of his! 😉 Then he can toss me American style like a California Cobb salad! Lol

  4. awesome video! I really enjoyed it!

    shame about the goring….NOT! what a bunch of boneheads….hey lets run in front of a herd of pissed off bulls and hope we catch a horn up our ass…pfft…men and their brilliance

    1. I wouldn’t say this particular video is shitty, I rather enjoyed it and the song. but I agree about the overuse of this song. you see, we have to keep going for the great oldies because musicians today just don’t make worthwhile music.
      we’re still listening to johnny cash and Sabbath and Zeppelin and Maiden thirty, forty years after the fact because it’s great fucking music. nobody Is going to be listening to Niki Minaj or Justin beiber or any of this other disposable pop in thirty years.
      these pop idols nowadays shine bright but burn out quick because they are just figure heads for popular music. but only for the moment because the public gets bored and distracted easily and they have to be constantly fed something new and bright and shiny(even if it’s the same exact thing just in different packaging).
      seriously, I can’t even remember who won the first American Idol. can you? is he still making music? if he is, nobody seems to give a shit. interesting.

  5. The music made this video great. Imagine if thousands of bulls put you in a cage, poked you and made you fucking pissed, then gave you a sword and released you and ran away. Would you not kill as many motherfuckers as you can? This is just retarded as fuck on the humans part…

  6. I come here to see the worst humanity has to offer but reading all these comments cheering for the bulls gives me hope.

    There is nothing worse than humans abusing animals for entertainment.

    More videos of humans getting owned by animals please!!

  7. This is culling the weak of society without a war or great cost. This should be mandatory at every Nascar event. At each basketball game and before church on Sunday. A live bull on each corner in NYC.

  8. What a great and rich tradition,….of stupidity–but that comment fits acts done across all nationalities. This video is NOT the footage they show on television reports however. they just use the sequences where the runners narrowly escape and look so brave….and stupid.

  9. As a Cowboy. We like the running of the bulls.
    Never could understand not wanting a buckle or a check for it. But tip my hat to these brave souls.
    I myself have always been impressed with the man up boys show when a fella is down. Throwing yourself in harms way for somebody is not intellectual at all. Either you have the nut sack to help or you hide from danger.
    This quality is what makes American bull riders awesome heroes. The bull fighters and us Cowboys who will jump a chute gate to save a friend and a competitor.
    This characteristic makes the measure of a Cowboy and we got it in spades. I will watch every one of these and pass them around!

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